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The Makeup Show, BWB, BlogHer Etc: Where I’m Speaking This Summer

My peoples! As you may know, I sometimes work (because these shoes won’t buy themselves). I’m a digital strategist and I teach people and organizations on social media, communications, blogging, technology, branding and online advocacy/activism and more.

This summer (which I consider June 1st and on because reasons), I’m speaking at a couple of conferences I’m excited to share with ya!

Last week Monday, I was on a panel with Afrobella and Nil of Beautylish at The Makeup Show Chicago. It was called “The Beauty of Social Media” and we talked about branding and playing this online game well. I had a GREAT time with that.

Afrobella Nils Luvvie at the Makeup Show Chicago

Also, as much as me and Patrice travel together and speak at the same conferences, we’ve never been on the same panel. Until then. So that was pretty cool.

This weekend, I’m headed to New York for the Blogging While Brown Conference, which I haven’t missed in 4 years. I’m speaking for the 3rd time and it’s with the homie (and co-host of Ratchet and the Geek) Scott Hanselman. We’re presenting on the topic “Turning your brand up to 11 with a Podcast.” We’re gonna be talmbout how to start a podcast and why it can rock.

Blogging While Brown 2013 Speakers

In great company

I’m looking forward to BWB as always because I’ll get to catch up with a lot of my web homies. Plus, there’s an all-white pordee (just in case the conference wasn’t Black enough). Celebrate good times!

A couple of days when I get back from BWB, I’m presenting a half-day workshop at the GlobalGirl Media World Summit for teens. It’s a social media bootcamp and I’ll be covering how to maintain a good online reputation, branding, blogging 101. I’m excited because teaching teenagers about playing this web game right rocks so they can lay a solid foundation. And they can do better than their peers who think selfies = winning. NAWL! Plus, GlobalGirl Media is a great org that teaches girls from around the world how to tell their stories.

That weekend, I’m teaching a Social Media for Business workshop at The Riverbank Social Media Conference. Another presenter is my friend (and dope photographer) Tunji Sangoleye of D2D Photos so it should be good things popping.

I’m kicking off July at the HOBY World Leadership Congress and I’m on a panel called Using Social Media for a Cause. I’lmm be talmbout my work as co-founder of The Red Pump Project, and how folks can use social media for social good.

I end July at the BlogHer Conference! I’m presenting two WordPress Plugin Essentials workshops! This is like my 4th time attending BlogHer, and the 3rd one I’m speaking at so *fist pump* to that. And it’s on my home turf (Chicago)! Last year’s was a blast, and they never disappoint so I expect the same this year. Since I’m speaking, I’ve been given a code for my readers who want to attend the Conference. Register and use BH13SPKR to get 20% off!

Luvvie Franchesca Issa Rae BlogHer 2012

Franchesca, Issa Rae and I before our panel with Dr. Goddess at last year’s BlogHer

Whooo. So yeah. That’s my June and July. This list is also on my speaking page.

I LOVE teaching folks how to effectively use social media and technology to further their goals. If you’re having an event that needs a knowledgeable (and awesome) speaker on all things digital and tech, I’m your girl. I cover a range of topics from the technical to social to activism to branding. They’re my passions and I know what I’m talmbout.  To book me, send an email to Luvvie at aweluv dot com and let’s talk!

Oh yeah, and my PowerPoint presentations aren’t gonna make you fall asleep. I use GIFs.

Youre Welcome gif

Anyone gonna be at BWB this weekend and BlogHer in July? Say hi! And try not to take a picture of me as I hit my dougie during the all-white party (or take a really awesome one). Kthx!

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  1. June 21, 2013 at 9:19 am

    I wish I could attend (I’m going to be out of town this weekend.) But good to know and I’m already planning on scheduling this in for next year! I’m in the process of amping up my blog (i.e., doing it for real), spending the summer getting a game plan going and just reading the topics covered this year is an inspiration.

  2. June 21, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Looking forward to the fun at the Riverbank Social Media Conference.

  3. June 24, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Is there a certain site where we can go to find all of these workshops? I would love to start attending some. I’m trying to build my blog. It has been running for about seven months. It’s a humor blog, and I know that you will enjoy it. Anyways, hope that I can attend one of these seminars very soon.

    • June 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

      There isn’t a master list of blog conferences, I don’t think. It’s just by paying attention to your network and Twitter. FYI, it’s bad practice to come in someone else’s comment section to advertise your own blog.

  4. Kirby
    June 24, 2013 at 10:30 am

    *Noted* I apologize for being intrusive. Now I know. You can definitely delete the comment if you like, didn’t mean any disrespect.

  5. July 1, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Still mad I took on a fake shy persona at BlogHer last year and didn’t speak when I saw you after the VOTY program. BUT! I’m there again this year, this time speaking too, so I will find you (said as stalkerishly as I can possibly muster).