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Clint Eastwood Talks to an Invisible Obama and Barack’s Team Shades Him

The Republican National Convention that’s going on right now has had so many foolish moments that even the Onion couldn’t have made this stuff up. There’s no reason to write satirical stories about the RNC because the GOP is acting enough of a fool for life to be funnier than …


Celebration Playlist

I am loving the positivity that is omnipresent with our new President-Elect Barack Obama. I swear I woke up on November 5th and the world was clearer and sunnier. My allergies miraculously cleared up and my terrible cold seemed to have subsided. Birds were singing, and I think people were …


Celebrate Good Times for Obama!

I was on a couple of days ago, and she put a list up of ways for Black folks to celebrate if Obama wins to keep folks from getting nervous, at least for the first few days. I already broke ALL them rules and it has only been an …