Brandy Yoyo Queen Latifah MC Lyte
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Brandy, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo Performing “I Wanna Be Down” Was Everything!

I did not watch the BET Hip Hop Awards last night because I forgot and nobody reminds me of anything anymore (*side-eyes everyone*). Plus I had work to do. I’m catching up with some of what I missed (amen, YouTube) and I got my entire LIFE with the performance that …

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Aretha Franklin Performed on David Letterman and Cissy Houston Can’t Be Bothered

Last night, Aretha Franklin went on the David Letterman show to perform her cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. When the recording dropped, many said she breathed new life into the song but that autotune was not what life was about. I couldn’t even finish it. But her singing …

Kanye West Concert
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Kanye West Calls Out Fan in Wheelchair For Not Standing Up at Concert. Ugh.

Kanye West is a giant douchecanoe. So many antics, so little accountability and people got so many excuses for him (he’s a genius. He’s misunderstood. He lost his mother). The latest in a long list of “WTF, Kanye?” is what happened at a concert he had on Friday in Sydney, …

Lil Kim Beyonce Flawless
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Lil Kim RSVPs to the Flawless Remix Party She Wasn’t Invited To

Beyonce dropped the FLAWLESS remix featuring Nicki Minaj late on Saturday night and the internet went nuts for it. The Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyonce Event was recycled, proving to be forever accurate and the stans got a fresh wave of life. Me? Well I thought it was just …

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Robin Thicke’s Album “Paula” Flops and Goes Toothpick in the UK and Paper Towel in the US

Robin Thicke released his newest album Paula last week and this week, we find out that it only sold 530 copies in the UK. That album went toothpick. Or tinfoil. And in the US, it sold 25,000 copies. At least it went a bit better, going paper towel. I haven’t …

Michelle Willliams Say Yes

Michelle Williams Covers an African Gospel Song with “Say Yes” and I’m Jamming!

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame and shade came out with a new song yesterday. It’s featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland but I don’t think they’re necessary. She needed their name for the boost, doe. I listened to it and it was familiar as hell. It’s because it’s a …

lion king circle of life gif

The Cast of Lion King Australia Sing “Circle of Life” on a Plane and I Love It!

Y’all know how much I (and everyone else) loves the Lion King. 20 years later, it’s still one of my favorite films (animated or not) EVER. I also love the music from Disney films and I still listen to soundtracks of my faves often. Needless to say, the entire discography …

grammy awards 2014
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I Have Many Questions About the 2014 GRAMMY Awards

The 2014 GRAMMY Awards were so long that when they started, gas prices were $1.56. Why? WHY WAS IT SO LONG?!? This is my first question but I have many more. And check out BuzzFeed’s 34 Best Moments From This Year’s Grammys post. I got most of these GIFs from …

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I’m Live-Streaming the 2014 GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet

My peoples! Tonight is the 56th annual GRAMMY Awards, music’s SuperBowl. I’ll be watching and live-tweeting (at @Luvvie), starting with the Red Carpet. For those not by a TV, you can watch the red carpet with me right here! I’m live-streaming it right from Awesomely Luvvie, thanks to the Associated …

bound 3 james franco seth rogen
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James Franco and Seth Rogen Win for Recreating Bound 2

Kanye West released the Bound 2 video last week and everyone realized that Old Kanye’s dead, our diva’s gone. The video was just awful. However, diamonds can come from coal and James Franco and Seth Rogen have blessed us all. They recreated the video shot by shot and it’s nothing …