The LuvvJones Wedding (with Akeshi Akinseye) – Episode 33 of Rants & Randomness

I’m back, and I’m a wife!

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In this episode, I’m talking about how I married my favorite person in two ceremonies in one day. It was a whole production, and I’m finally answering all of the questions people have about how me and Mr. Jones were able to pull all that off.

Rants & Randomness - Episode 33: The LuvvJones Wedding with wedding planner Akeshi Akinseye

My guest is the wedding planner extraordinaire, Akeshi Akinseye, CEO and Creative Director of Kesh Events. We take a deep dive into the process, discussing budget, realistic planning and how Akeshi makes magic happen, like she did for the #LuvvJones wedding.

Make sure to follow Akeshi on Instagram at @keshevents. Shout out to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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Download Episode 33 Transcript
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