100 Acts of Kindness That My Readers Have Received (Because There’s Still Light in the World)

Last month, after the nine people were killed in Charleston’s Emanuel AME church, and after we were all wading in a river of despair about the state of affairs, I needed to find something good in the world. So I got on my Facebook fan page and asked my readers to share something nice that someone has done for them lately. I did it for my own selfish reasons, because I needed to find light in so much darkness.

What ensued was a 600+ comment thread that had me in tears. At one point, I was sitting outside reading them and my thug was obliterated. I was trapped in a glass case of emotions and I was thankful for it because I needed that more than even I imagined. I needed to read them all that day, and I figured that I’d need to come back to them sometime.

So this post is a reminder that even in the darkest times, simple good will always exist. Even when you can’t see your own hands in front of your face, there’s light somewhere, waiting to illuminate the depths. Here is the full thread with 655 comments. Below are just 100 of them. Thank you to my community for sharing themselves like this. Y’all are the bombest of all the diggities.

100 Acts of Kindness

* My 11 year old son put on deodorant… Without me asking!!! – DH

* I haven’t had a job in almost 3 months but today a lady at my church gave me some money to pay some bills this month – ZJ

* My in-laws stopped talking to me. The nicest thing everrrrrr. – MS

* Me and my 3 children are going to surprise my husband with an end of the day dance party at his office. We decided to bring balloons and maybe some chicken wings. We’re kicking off Father’s Day early. They’re obsessed with their dad. It’s gonna be fun!!! – RW

* Someone sent me a video link she wanted to share and she even took the time to transcribe the whole thing because it wasn’t captioned and I’m hard-of-hearing. What’s even more sweet about this is this is a person with a very busy life. – SA

* I discovered your blog and then you gave me a shout out on twitter and I fell out of my chair – TT

* My doc wrote me a Rx for percocet for my cramps. – JL

* This is really minor in the grand scheme of the universe, but it’s the little things: my partner bought me a large red velvet cake when I was having back problems, was stoned on Ultram and wanted something sweet. – JC

* As of late, I’ve been down due to a drastic change of lifestyle beyond my control. (Motorcycle accident) Last night, I got this call from this awesome woman. She’s a great friend and we had an amazing talk. She knows my situation, and always seems to have the right words to say to make me feel better. Actually, even before my accident she’s had this same affect on me. She truly is an amazing spirit. She is a joy to know and I’m thankful to call her my friend. I love her. Ok. I’m done being sappy. Lol – IO

Cry Onions gif

* My job paid for me to go home for my grandma’s funeral. I do have to go into my old office for 2 days, but they didn’t have to do that. – BF

* My 12yr old daughter and her friends danced with me and didn’t laugh at my awkward moves .LOL! – VD

* I’m surprising Zoey with a trip to Disney World on her fifth birthday. I can’t wait to see her face when she finds out. – CL

* I lost my job over 18 months ago and I am currently living in a shelter. Just received news that housing may be available for me. This has been a long road but I thank God for his mercy and kindness seen thru others! – MC

* My mother just committed suicide on Wednesday. My best friend rallied and raised over $2000 to get my family of 7 up to New York from Florida for her funeral. That’s what I am grateful for…her and all my friends online who donated. I am blessed. – CR

* Yesterday was my birthday & my coworkers decorated my desk, brought me cake, ice cream, & a fif of 1800.. they knows my heart – MM

* My ex husband is sending me and our sons (aged 20 and 21) on a trip to Orlano (hotel and theme park tickets) on his dime…he also purchased me 3 boxes of 150 Blood Glucose Test Strips since I’m newly diabetic. (that might sound trivial to some, but those things are expensive and the insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs) No matter what we’ve been through, this man STILL has my back. Still calls me to check up on me once a week and I’m forever grateful for that!, especially considering we don’t have any underaged kids so technically, he doesnt have to do anything for me! – CH

Glass Case of Emotion gif

* My friend brought over an entire bottle of Amaretto after I accidentally flooded my own basement. Didn’t help the basement but I was way less edgy about it afterwards – WR

* Another kid’s mom introduced herself at camp drop-off this morning to tell me how kind my daughter has been to hers. It meant so much that she made a point to tell me that. – LL

* I just got a promotion at a job that I have only been on for 2 months. – FL

* I put out a call at church that I was paying helpers to assist in cleaning our home for our move-out inspection. Families came and refused payment because they just wanted to be loving. AND THEY BROUGHT PIZZA. – JG

* My baby spelled M-o-o-n from her book about planets and said, “Moooon mama. Mooon.” She is only two. – JM

* The person in front of me in the drive thru at McDonald’s paid for my food! I’ve heard of things like that happening, but I was still completely speechless. Thanks, stranger! – AB

* My teenage son told me yesterday that he’s grateful to have such a good relationship with his moms. Most of his friends don’t get along with their parents. – KG

* I asked my 6 year old son to take the clothes out the dryer and put them on the couch for I can fold them I walked past the living room and my baby boy was folding them I said what you doing? He said “Mama I got this so you don’t have to do nothing else” my heart just melted – MM

Oprah cry GIF 4

* My daughter had a minor fender bender yesterday, I was trailing about 15 minutes behind her. As I pulled up…nerves shot…a volunteer fireman was standing out there with her. He made sure she, my son, and the car was OK and stayed until I got there. Thanks Ryan!!! – GJ

* Been homeless with 2 special needs kids for a year and a half..been blessed with a place an agency has paid my deposit first month and last month…just received new free beds and will be receiving free furniture – ES

* Random strangers helped me get what I needed from upper shelves at the grocery store yesterday. It’s a big deal as I have cerebral palsy and an incomplete spinal cord injury. Those kind strangers are the difference in being able to buy what I want without a huge hassle and utter frustration. P.S. People offered and it was unnecessary to ask for an assist. That’s huge. – MM

* I went to pay my cell phone bill and it was at $0 balance. I called my mom to tell her and she said, I don’t care how old you get, for as long as you’re here, you’re my baby! Aww, thanks mom. – MW

* Ever since I was born, one of my mom’s friends from college has sent birthday cards to me and my sister every year. Just got my 40th card in the mail a few days ago. She’s never missed a single one, even though she’s often in ill health, and requires a lot of daily assistance. My mother passed away quite a few years ago, and it means so much to me that this woman remembers her, and me, and goes out of her way to brighten my day. She’s a blessing. – Bl

* I was having a really bad week last week. My ex called out of the blue and could hear the tension in my voice. He invited me to dinner and I agreed. All throughout dinner he sat there with a sweet smile on his face as I vented all night. At the end of dinner, he drove me home, kissed me on my forehead and told me everything would be okay. As I watched him drive away, I thought for a second that maybe he and I could try again…then I remembered that he’s the devil and quickly returned to my senses! But it was a sweet thing he did. – AG

* We were part of a “Random Act Of Kindness” to pass on thing, so I bought all the kids that were at the ice cream truck their ice cream today. It’s amazing how happy a $1 popsicle can make a kid! – EW

* I ALWAYS wear a smile on my face. I recently saw a lady getting gas with a dour look on her face. I smiled at her. She began to inquire if she knew me since i shared such a bright smile. I told her no we arent acquainted. I told her i just smile at folks, it may brighten their day. She said it had and that she will ‘pay it forward’ with more smiles for others! – KG

* My husband kisses me goodbye every morning outside of our office building. This morning, our security staff gave us a standing ovation. – DP

* I had a really good BM this morning. Ruffage is good for you. Do you hear me? Good I tell ya. – AJ

highest of fives gif

* My co-worker left for vacation for 2.5 weeks. She left me this box of animal crackers to get me through the hard times in her absence. – LL

* I got my kidney transplant and now my family is helping me buy a car – FL

* I met Brandy Norwood and she hugged me. YAWL SHE HUGGED ME. – KP

* My supervisor took the day off. That’s the nicest thing anyone has done for me all week!!!!!!! – MA

* My 15 year old came last in her event (800 metres) at school sports day today. She came last because the event before hers was for year 7’s (12 year olds) and the girl who came last was waaay behind and was crying. Instead of laughing like so many others in the school my daughter went and ran the last half a lap with her before running back to start her own race…. where a girl fell over mid race and my boo stopped to help her up and off the track. She may have lost her race this afternoon, but in my eyes she won at life! – MM

* Our community came together to pay tuition and my little chocolate ballerina is going to Joffrey NYC summer intensive for 5 weeks!! (Only a little bit left to go but we claiming it! ) – LM

* My co worker came into my classroom and with no explanation gave me a big hug and said you will do great things!! It was unexpected and I needed that hug!! – ML

* My nephew helped me in my garden yesterday. As I was showing him the proper way to hoe the weeds, he turned to me and told me he would have me on his apocalypse team because I can grow the food. it made me smile for the first time yesterday. it also made me think maybe I should try watching this walking dead everyone talks so much about…lol – KS

* My son and my daughter 10 and 12 saved their allowance each month and brought me several beautiful things for my birthday, flowers, gummy bears my favorite lol, green tea ginger ale, hair brush and a mirror. The best was that they thought of me and that they love me. – BL

Aawww shrek gif

* I got some difficult news about a family member over the phone. I was in the cab at the time. The cab driver got out helped me with my bags, cried with me, hugged me and said I’m praying for you. It meant a lot. – DR

* I am fighting breast cancer have completed my chemo but still do not have hair. My boyfriend bought me a pair of diamond and topaz earrings. He said they belonged on someone beautiful. – KW

* My best friend lent me money to pay my rent because I was about to be evicted. She reminded me that 7 years ago I did the same for her and I didn’t even remember it. She said she had been waiting for the moment to help me through a tough time because I have always been there for her. I never do things expecting anything in return – AN

* I am going to visit my friend who is dying of cancer. When I was at my lowest point he sat and drank coffee for hours and let me cry, and then helped me get into AA and turn my life around. He is truly an angel, and I get to return the favour and visit him in Hospice this weekend. – SM

* A random customer bought me some baby clothes cause she seen this big basketball in front of me lol. I hugged her so hard i think she stopped breathing for 2 seconds lol – TM

* My best friend and I had a huge knock-down, drag-out fight about 7 months ago….he reached out last week and we’ve managed to reconcile. I still have a bag uh nickels in my purse in case he act up, but things are going good. – KK

* I am almost 59 years old and considering my second foray at returning to school… One of my church members, a 67 year old woman, recently received her masters degree…she called me today and truly spoke life to me…told me to not give up on myself and to do my best! I had stopped attending school due to the unrelated brutal murders of my brother-in-law and his daughter, 7 months apart; it wore me out, spiritually. As an ordained deacon, I stepped in and ministered to my husband and his family…and had no one ministering to me…and I just couldn’t go on. This elder made my day today, and I am so grateful for her spirit and her encouragement! – DH

* My 6 year old said that I looked tired and that I needed a treat and brought me a pickle (one of my favorite snacks). Of course, my hubby had to help her get it out the jar and fridge but the fact that she thought about me made me smile. – ML

* My dog ran up the stairs in stealth mode, ran in my office, jumped in my lap and wagged his tail like “SURPRISE!!!!, It’s me!” He gave me a brief moment of laughter. – NE

* One of my little preschoolers I give speech therapy to made me a bookmark covered in Elsa stickers because “I warmed her heart”!!!! aaaahhh :Sobbing: – KM

aawww boo

* Someone gave me a groupon so I could take my daughter to a kids’ museum. I payed it forward and shared it with a woman who was coming in at the same time since there were only two of us and the groupon was for 4 – KO

* I bought my neighbor a fan. My bill will be $17 short. But her and her babies will stay cool on the third floor. – RG

* My 3 year old told me last night “you make me so happy.” I bawled like a baby. – BL

* Silly, but a guy returned my shopping cart after he saw me unload it. When you have a 2 yr old on your hip, that little kindness goes a long way. – MA

* My friends have donated over $700 to a go fund me to help save my house from an evil mortgage man. Trying to foreclose over less than $4000!!! – JB

* My cat didn’t vomit this morning. But the day is still young so I’m not going to get my hopes up. – SR

* Went to lunch with my girls. They provided jokes, gossip, advice, cussing, and hugs – all within an hour. – AC

* My 9yr old son woke up early for school today, showered, and got dressed before 7 am this morning. The nicest thing he’s ever done for me – AB

* Received a really nice email from a higher up coworker about my locs. I work in a professional and very conservative environment so I thought that was nice of her to go out of her way and say that – TW

* I returned to osaka after 6 mths abroad. I was supposed to crash on my friends couch while I looked for a new apt but he didn’t clean so he booked me a nice hotel, all paid for. I really appreciated it after flying for 16 hours. – KP

* Got a feel-good thank you letter from a student’s mom to say thanks for making a difference in her child’s life. – AE

* Going to the DMV, which is always a really looong process. I was dreading spending several hours there. On the way in a stranger gave me his ticket as he forgot something and was leaving. I took it and said thanks. I go in, and it was the third one called. In and out in 15 minutes. – GJ

* We recently moved into a new apartment and our new landlords left a nice bottle of wine for us as a welcome gift. That has never happened in my 12-year history of renting! – JP

* My neighbor offered to be tested to see if she is a match to give me a kidney! – JB

ugly cry dawson gif

* I recently started wearing my natural hair out (wore a lot of protective styles) and my 3 year old said “mommy I like your beautiful hair.” And he began to give me a scalp massage – SS

* I am going to Disney in about two weeks to take pictures for a friend. She let me know today that she is making a room change and is working to put us in the resort I have dreamed of staying in since I was a kid. As a lifelong Disney freak, this act of kindness is overwhelming. – TK

* Someone I had a falling out with almost twenty years ago, and have not seen or spoken to since, gave me a glowing reference for a job. I got hired. – JL

* Today my son had to have his physical done for when he goes off to college in the fall (<<<those are thug tears dammit). His physician paid for EVERYTHING. She didn’t have to. She came out to chat with me for a few. I got up to go settle my bill and she just winked and said, “we’re done, he’s all ready to go”. <<<thug tears I say! – TB

* Well my mom knows my friends and I are strapped for cash (one just had a baby, one is saving for a wedding, jobs suck, working 3 jobs, ect) and she knows we all love Janet and she got us tickets to Janet new tour – KA

* I found out my only (and favorite) aunt doesn’t have long to live. When my coworkers heard, they came into my office, held hands, formed a circle and prayed for her and my family. I am so devastated. And that was so comforting . – NG

* An older woman hugged me for 10 minutes yesterday because I turned her hazard lights off. She got a new car and couldn’t figure out why her lights kept blinking even after she turned it off. Made me feel good about helping. Plus who doesn’t love a hug – CP

* My husband spent the last 2 years kindly & lovingly seeing me through a terrible bout with depression. Now that I’m feeling better (a little at a time) and have a new job he’s still my biggest fan. He’s amazing. – MH

* I work with children on the Autism spectrum, some of which never look you in the eye or speak…today my client looked me in the eyes and ran to me. – NJ

* I teach kids with special needs, and a couple of years ago, one of my students unexpectedly passed away. The entire campus banded together and raised over 2,000 bucks for funeral costs. And these were kids that were struggling, themselves, every day just to make it. I’ll never forget that, for as long as I live. – LG

crying windshield wipers gif

* Ok so it’s been a long crazy day. I promised my daughter I would take her to the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday (yesterday) but of course when I get home, I really don’t feel like it. But being the good mommy that I am, I suck it up and head out to the car. And discovered I was out of gas. It’s late, I’m tired and at this point (with no gas) I see no choice but to pack it in. My neighbors son whom I’ve never spoken to was sitting on his porch like he usually is. He saw the look on my kids face and without hesitation, offered to run to the gas station for me AND pay for the gas. My daughters bday night was saved and we are now sitting in the cheesecake factory with me trying not to go to sleep. But I really appreciate what he did…thanks neighbor guy! – JO

* I discovered your Facebook page….and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. During a time when I really needed it. Thank you. – JL

* The other day I was in a drive-thru line at Wendy’s and the person ahead of me paid for my meal. I wanted to keep it going so I paid for the person behind me. – GG

* My dad just stocked up on all my favourite seafoods for my visit with him in Miami tomorrow. Even at my age, he still thinks I’m his little girl (with a horribly large appetite). smile emoticon – BD

* Debated with a kitchen manager at my favorite restaurant over which one of us would pay for a homeless man’s meal. I’m glad I am a customer. #goodpeople – KW

* My kid confessed he now has hair on his balls. You know Imma cry in the car. – PW

dead jfnnfofmfkmf

* My son took my order (like a waiter) I woke up to breakfast that my daughter made… cooked to perfection…eggs bacon grits with buttered toast with OJ to drink. – SP

* My cousin went on and on yesterday, telling me all the things that she thinks are awesome about me. This was amazing because it was unprompted and she is not always fluid with her feelings, out loud. I am so grateful for her and the words she said are still ringing in my head. – GB

* My therapist gave me something that she knew makes me happy: my pillow pet frog. (She knows how much I loved that frog and she gave it to me as a parting gift. I cried.) – TA

* A lady in our neighborhood that we don’t even know was at a grocery store that threw away a lot of near expiration potatoes. She got more than she needed and brought them to my mom and her neighbor because when she drove by there were always kids in their yards, so she’d hoped they could be used. So sweet! – KB

* When I graduated with my master’s degree last week and my 21 year old son called and told me how much I inspire him (and my 4 month old g-baby lol) and how proud he is of me. Me and that kid have been through some rough times and to hear him say that meant so much… – NB

* I was missing my grandma so bad and a new patient walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug. She said God told her I needed it. I’m not even all that religious. It made me cry it was so darn nice – SW

Liv Mama hug 1

* I got a flat tire on the freeway, i was super pregnant had my kids with me, managed to make it off the freeway, some lady followed me took me to the tireshop. I was $15 short on s new tire and another lady that was waiting for her car paid for my tire. Angels are everywhere – SA

* A co-worker bought 2 beautiful plants for me…..they are both “abuse tolerant” lol and I love her for the gift. I’m about to enter the breast cancer journey and all little things are soooo appreciated. – FS

* My 6yr old got his bike stole and landlord bought him another one – DG

* After keeping them for 4 days, my mama washed and folded my kids clothes so when we got home all I had to do was unpack and put them up. – EM

* My job finally realized how valuable I am in my department. 7.4% raise. *dancing like James Brown while yelling “Thank You, Jesus!!!”* – LG

* My friends planned a gathering that was small and just 3 of us– laughing, giggling, talking for hours and bonding. I immediately felt better after this week. They. Are. The. Best. – SW

* Today’s my bday, So my boyfriend decided to cook and bake…BAKE a cheesecake y’all!!!! With a glass of wine on the side! He’s a keepah! – TD

* My dad sent me a birthday card and he had written that he was proud of me and that I am a good mother. Brought me to tears, our relationship hasn’t been easy. – SD

* Here’s a quote from my 9 year old baby boy. “You know what mama. Life is awesome! You get to look at God’s creations, play video games and eat candy!” If that doesn’t make u feel good.. Nothing will! Lol – TT

*  My baby brother (33) flew home from New York to Birmingham to see me, take me to lunch, and give me a house-warming gift (I bought my home September 2015). He said he felt that we were drifting apart. I don’t think he knows how much it meant to me. That’s love. – KE

* I had a baby about 2 months ago. Although my husband and I had been trying for quite some time, when I actually got pregnant we were in dire financial straits. I am SUPER chatty and I tend to dump my brain chatter into FB posts, so my FB friends knew how happy but terrified I was. My beautiful FB village gifted me maternity clothes, baby clothes, stacks of cloth diapers and covers, strollers, play pens, baby swings, every dang thang!! There were several deliveries of food! When I went into the hospital early and ended up hospitalized for a week, my husband’s job have him all the time off we needed for him to take care of me and our older boy, no questions asked, then his boss and co-worker showed up later with gifts and food! We have been so very LOVED!! And I get to hang out with this beautiful boy! – RBS

While you’re here and I have your attention, I wanna talk about the Light for Light initiative I’m supporting. The ONE Campaign is currently working on something called the Electrify Africa Act, and on June 23, it was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is a bill that could bring electricity to 50 million people in Africa, at no cost to US taxpayers. This is free.99 to you and me.

Too long, didn’t read version: Fewer than 1 in 10 people (9%) in Malawi have access to electricity, and that number shrinks to 1 in 100 (1%) in rural areas, where 85% of the country’s population lives. The Electrify Africa Act of 2015 would prioritize U.S. government resources in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020, partly by promoting access to electricity for at least 50 million people, particularly those who are poor.

So, I’m joining 30 other bloggers in the month of July with #LightforLight to ask you to sign the petition to ask lawmakers to pass the Electrify Africa bill. You don’t have to donate a dime or show up to a rally or travel to a remote village. All you have to do is lend your name. Fill out the form below and hit enter and VOILA! Petition signed.

If you want to get in on the campaign yourself, share your own favorite light-filled image on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and tag it #ElectrifyAfrica and #LightforLight. I feel like we need to find joy now more than ever.

I took this pic this weekend while in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. It is peace.

I took this pic this weekend while in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. It is peace.

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  1. July 28, 2015 at 8:38 am

    I didn’t finish reading this. Because I’m out of tissues and it’s not even 10 am yet. I’ll return when this sweaty eyeball situation is under control. I loved this!!!!!

  2. LA
    July 28, 2015 at 9:20 am

    I had a job where I was required to travel weekly. I had scheduled with my team a week where I would work remotely. I wanted to use that week to stay home and go with my mom to her doctors because I didn’t believe she was being honest about her condition. The week prior to my scheduled remote week, I had to rush my mom to the hospital. My company was kind enough to let me work remote that week and review it week by week. It turned into 3 months. I was able to be with my mother in the hospital everyday until the day she died.

    • LeA
      July 28, 2015 at 12:38 pm

      I’m so sorry about your Mom but I’m so glad you were able to be with her! The kindness in this post just sent me over…full crying now.

  3. Courtney H
    July 28, 2015 at 9:41 am

    This really made my day. Most often it is the little things that will go a very long way. Thanks for sharing Luvvie.

  4. Kelly
    July 28, 2015 at 10:10 am

    i’m not crying….you’re crying……… this brought me joy. i’m bookmarking for times when i feel low and “drop kick me jesus through the goal posts of life” isn’t quite the picker-upper that i need. thank you, luvvie, thank you.

  5. Tracy
    July 28, 2015 at 10:14 am

    WHY did I make the mistake of reading this at work?! *waterworks over here*

    These gave me some very good ideas, Luvvie. Love you…and your blog.

  6. Cleojonz
    July 28, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    I swear every other item had me in tears. It’s really nice to hear about the goodness of people. There has just been too many things that cause pain lately.

  7. Shay DeShade
    July 28, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    “I am fighting breast cancer have completed my chemo but still do not have hair. My boyfriend bought me a pair of diamond and topaz earrings. He said they belonged on someone beautiful. – KW”

    A bish had to STAND UP AND APPLAUD for that one. That man, right there.

    I’mma go get more tissues now, y’all have me spent.

  8. Cherie in the D
    July 28, 2015 at 2:39 pm


    This post is life giving! The only social media I am on is Tumblr but I am seriously considering joining FB just so that I can be part of the Luv nation!
    I want to sit with the cool kids.

    SN: Luvvie can you consider doing a recap of the show POWER?

  9. notconvincedgranny
    July 28, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    Years ago, when my dad had only a few months to live, all I did was go to the hospital, go to work, go back to the hospital, spend time with my son, go to bed, repeat. I kept stomping in to work, but I didn’t want to tell everyone. I couldn’t take the sorrowful stares. I supported 4 attorneys, one of whom was a newbie jackass who thought I was a mule and I was 1/2 inch from kicking him when he complained to the office manager. Well, she was the only one who knew what was going on – and she told him:
    1. She (meaning me) has other things to do;
    2. She will do them with my blessings;
    3. You are going to leave her alone about it
    4. You wanna fight? Go get in her face, because she will snap your limb off your family tree (at least that’s what I told her to tell him).
    She stayed in my corner until I returned from bereavement leave (which my #1 boss extended to “as long as I needed it”). To this day I would walk through hell in kerosene drawers for those people.

    • mobaygurl
      July 31, 2015 at 10:40 am

      good for you Granny!
      one Friday morning my grandfather died suddenly and after I got the call I kept my composure, and started getting myself together to be out of the office. the partner I support made a reservation and paid my airfare (NY-FL). when he called me in his office to tell me, THAT’S when I started crying. attys `aint easy, but when they show their humanity and that they appreciate you, it is everything!

  10. Chiquita
    July 29, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    These had me in tears….my friend’s cousin just left her abusive husband and she is trying to figure out her life. Not only have we taken in her teenage son (so she can rest easier) but yesterday she moved into a tiny room with no resources and I took her to the store for toiletries, cleaning products and food. She insists on paying me back but I don’t want to hear that ’cause as I told her all I want her to do is have a life filled with joy, love and happiness so she can pay it forward. I love hearing about all the kindness in the world amidst the darkness we keep hearing about. I’m keeping these stories handy just in case I need a good cry lol (not at work though ’cause you know my inner thug and all)

  11. Dee
    July 30, 2015 at 5:18 am

    Thanks, Luvvie. Kindness is such a seemingly small thing, sometimes, but, oh, it means so very much.

    I’m not at home – out in public – so curtailed the reading as I could feel those moist eyes wanting to coming on strong!

    This is just so appreciated; there’ll be trying times in the future for certain, and it’s good to know I can return to these for some more nourishing food for the soul. This truly fed my Spirit this morning….

  12. Denise
    July 30, 2015 at 8:00 am

    My church had this random acts of kindness thing going for a minute. This makes me want to ask them to bring it back.

  13. Melissa
    July 30, 2015 at 10:25 am

    My 45th Birthday is coming up and now expect you to gift me a Sam’s Club size box of Kleenex. You owe me Luvvie! Geeesh, might I suggest you start adding disclaimers for your female readers: Warning, do not read the following if you are within a 3-6 day range of your pms feels. Contents contained withing may invoke stronger than usual feelings if done so. Continue at your own emotional risk.

    I’m a firm believer that the world needs more kindness. It needn’t be over the top displays because life is made up of all the little moving parts. The things I read, they’re the little moving parts. The moments were one person acts from the heart and is kind to another. I’ve been so lucky in life to be have been the giver and the receiver of such acts (getting that oyxcodone rx for cramps -YESS! and paying for someone’s McD behind me) every bit of me hope that this inspires at least one person to be kind today. Even if it’s to themselves.