Tell People To Have a Seat With Your Chest!

My peoples! I’m back with my latest tshirt because sometimes you just need to let folks know that they should HAVE a SEAT! Now you can do it with your chest with the “No. Have a Seat \___” Tshirt on teespring.

have-a-seat-tshirt 2

These navy blue shirts come in a fitted tshirt for women and a regular fit shirt that’s unisex/men. For my plus-size ladies and folks, order the unisex one (the Hanes tagless tee). They go up to 3XL! I gotchu covered. The sizing info of each type of shirt is available on the page too so check it out to see how they will fit.

These tshirts are $20, so they won’t break the bank too much. I don’t touch any of the shirts, so they’ll be coming straight from Teespring when the campaign ends (in 6 days).

Yes, Teespring delivers to other countries besides the U.S. so my international readers, yall can also getchu a piece of these tees. Folks have had tees delivered to Kenya, South Africa etc.

Order your No. Have a Seat shirt now!

And when you get it, Instagram a picture of you in it and tag me. Or post to the Awesomely Luvvie FB fan page so I can high five you!

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