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Team NO CHILL: Rep Your Set With These

There are many of us who are chill-deficient and I think it’s time for us to claim what we are: members of Team NO CHILL! My blog readers (aka LuvvNation) are especially executive board members of this club so I thought it was only right that I allow us to all represent our clique with my latest tshirts!


Yes. You need this.

These shirts are available in black, blue and red in all versions it: ladies fit tshirt, unisex/men tshirt and long-sleeve (because it’s getting cold out). For my plus-size peoples, order the unisex one because it goes up to 3XL! The sizing info of each type of shirt is available on the teespring page so check it out to see how they will fit.

The tshirts are $20 and the long sleeves are $25, so they won’t break the bank. I don’t touch any of the shirts, so they’ll be coming straight from Teespring when the campaign ends.

Yes, Teespring delivers to other countries besides the U.S. so my international readers, y’all can also getchu a piece of these tees.

Order your shirts now, my peoples! Team NO CHILL.


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