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These Are Walt’s Confessions: Breaking Bad 511 Recap

I don’t know about you but watching every new episode of Breaking Bad gives me heart palpitations. I just feel like doom is round every corner so I can’t e’em chillax when it’s on. I’m expecting some sort of boogeyman to come and eat Walt or something. Chile…

Anywho, in this latest episode, Walt shows how much he doesn’t deserve nice things. Dude is EVEEL. Let’s get into it.

Breaking Bad Family Showdown

Todd’s Scheming – Todd calls Walt and leaves him a voicemail talmbout how there’s new management. MMHMM, AFTER YOU KILLED THE LAST ONE! He then enters the diner and chats with 2 terrible looking dudes about that methylamine train robbery. Well, it’s more like he’s bragging. They ask him if he can cook and he says he can.

So it’s obvious that Todd is the new Heisenberg in every way. Dude is about to start cooking too? Lawd. The only thing is that he seems to be more bite than bark, which could mean trouble for, well, everyone.

Jesse’s Undone – Hank enters the interrogation room to find a catatonic Jesse sitting there looking like the Little Engine That Couldn’t Cause He’s Traumatized. He shuts off the camera that’s in the room and tells him that he knows Heisenberg is his bro-in-law. This gets Jesse out his trance and he looks like hell, but at least he’s paying attention. Schrader presses him for info and Pinkman tells him “Eat me.”

jesse pinkman eat me

WELP! After Hank says “He really did a number on you, didn’t he?” Saul Goodman the Don comes into the room and shuts it down. When alone with Jesse, he tries and fails to get him to talk about what is going on with him.

We then see Walt at home, on the phone with Saul, who seems even more antsy than usual. Referencing Jesse, Heisenberg tells him “Just make it happen.” I don’t know what “it” is but it doesn’t look or sound good.

So here’s the thing. Did Hank really think Jesse was gonna sing like a bird to him? Loose lips sink ships, Schrader! Dude ain’t got NO strategy here still. Also, Jesse looks like he has nothing to lose right now. He is fresh out of dambs to give. AND Walt ain’t shit. Remember that.

Walt’s Tangled Web – Walt is in his bathroom putting concealer on his eyes where Hank administered that proper black eye when Walt Jr. says he’s headed to the Schraders for dinner. Walt decides to tell him he’s back on chemo then, and just as he thought, Junior says he isn’t going to dinner then.

Then, he goes in the bedroom where Skyler is waiting with a camera. Walt sits on the bed and says “My name is Walter Hartwell White… This is my confession.”

Walter White Confession Walter White confession 2

OH SHIT! Ok so first of all, he knew that Junior going to the Schraders would be a mess because they might tell him bout his daddy’s druglord-ness. Using his cancer to get what he wants it predictable of Walt. But this confession?!?! WHOO! And as the internet has pointed out, this recording begins JUST like the beginning of the series. What an awesome parallel.

Walter White Confession Season 1 Walter White Confession Season 1-2


Whites vs. Schraders – Walt and Skyler are at some restaurant waiting, and it’s for Hank and Marie. They show up and the tension in the air is STRONGER than Skyler’s ice stare. Hank wants Walt to confess, and he utters them words like he even half expected it. Instead, he appeals to them not to try to ruin the lives of Walt Jr. and Molly on some “accusations.” Marie then asks Walt to kill himself. Clearly, she’s been hanging on Twitter lately. WAY HARSH! And Skyler then spews some nonsense about how whatever they think happened was in the past. GIRL, BYE!

Walter cuts this meeting short and slides a DVD to Hank. Ut OH. Trouble. I smell it.

These are Walt’s Confessions – Hank and Marie get home and pop in the DVD, which is of Walt’s confessions. BUT the only thing true in the whole thing is his name and address. Heisenberg says “If you’re watching this, I am dead, murdered by my brother-in-law Hank Schrader.“ And then proceeds to throw Hank so far under the bus that he’s proverbial street meat. He says that Hank has coerced him to cook for him in the past year to run his meth ring. He blamed Hank for everything and everyone’s death and then said the money made was used to pay for his treatment: $177,000. GAHTDAMB DAWG!

Hank Walt Marie Confession

The Schraders are stunned into silence and then Hank asks Marie what the $177K is about. She then confesses that Walt is who paid for his rehab. This news is terrible news for our favorite DEA agent, who realizes that Walt just played the Big Joker and all he has is a 2 of Hearts.

Walter White is a devious summabitch for that confessions video. He ain’t about that life at all and he WILL protect himself at all costs. Hank should have listened when he was told to “tread lightly” because he surely didn’t know who the hell he was messing with. WHOOO!!!

Desert Dealing – Saul worked his magic to get Jesse released and they’re standing in the desert waiting. Walt pulls up and Jesse tells him that Hank definitely knows he’s Heisenberg but that’s it. He suggests that his former sidekick go get a fresh start using Saul’s reset button dude and Jesse flips out and tells him not to try to control him, because he knows he killed Mike. Walt responds by hugging the sobbing Pinkman tight.

Sobbing Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman is about to throw himself off something real soon and this scene is where he shows how few dambs he gives. And Walt, even in his huggy huggy move is still a manipulative shrew because he knows he needs Jesse to disappear to feel more stable. I’ont trust him ONE BIT. I was half expecting him to actually shank him when he got close.

It’s Not All Goodman – Hank’s partner asks him why he has DEA agents at Saul’s office and instead of giving him a real answer, he tells him to just remove them. Meanwhile, back at the Goodman office, Jesse is ready for that reset button and Saul makes the call and tells him there are no takebacks. He pulls out a blunt and crooked lawyer shuts him down and says he can’t be high or Mysterious Reset Man won’t take him.

After being dropped off for pick up by Huell next to a random road, Jesse gets his cigarette pack out looking for his joint. Right then, a burgundy van pulls up. However, Jesse can’t find his blunt and has the biggest A-HA moment. He picks up his bag, runs away from the van and ends up back at Saul’s office.

Jesse punches Saul

He then uses Saul as a punching bag, having realized that Huell picked his pocket to get the blunt, which means he picked his pocket to get the cigarette pack with ricin in it. Think back to season 4, about the kid Brock, son of his girlfriend.. Now Jesse has realized Walt is the one who poisoned the little boy he loved.

Jesse takes Saul’s gun with him and flees. Goodman calls Hank and tells him the shit done hit the fan. AW SHIT!

But honestly, how much Jesse knows about this ricin still confuses me because Brock wasn’t poisoned with it. It was the Lily of the Valley plant. We shall see.

All Shook Up – Walter hurriedly drives to the car wash and enters looking all frazzled. He tries to play it cool when he sees Skyler. He then goes to the vending machine and inside of it is a dusty gun. He puts it in his pocket and exits. Yeah, he’s probably gonna need that sooner than later.

Jesse hurriedly drives to the White house and hits their mailbox without care. He’s crying with rage and holding a gas can. He kicks in the door and starts pouring gasoline all over the house.



Walt can’t even play this manipulative game with Jesse anymore because ONE of the major things he’s done behind his back is now known. He poisoned Brock and blamed it on Gus Fring so Jesse could help him in the scheme to off him. But with this fact being known, not only does it show his former protege that he’s evil, it also shows that he has no loyalties. It’s officially ugly.

I just hope the White kids aren’t in the house as Jesse attempts to burn it down. Based on the flash forward, we know the house doesn’t burn to the ground. It’s just charred on the inside. I wonder if anyone gets burnt up with it. WHOOOO!!!

Your move, Walter.

Also, this is the third episode in a row that one character slaps or punches another, and each time it’s because the hitter feels betrayed by the hittee by new information. Episode 509, Hank punches Walt after finding out he’s Heisenberg. Episode 510, Marie slaps Skyler after knowing she went along with Walt on this criminal road. And now Jesse punched Saul for stealing the ricin cigarette from him for Walt. What/who’s next?

So what do y’all think happens next? I am PRETTY sure Jesse is gonna die, at this point. I was rooting for him but I just don’t see how it’s possible for him to survive all of this. Lemme know your thoughts!

Some of these GIFs were from IBTimes, Panda Whale and Vulture.

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  1. August 29, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Aaron Paul has been acting his fool head off, especially in these last few episodes. Catatonic Jesse breaks my heart, though. I hope he makes it.

    • August 30, 2013 at 8:15 am

      Hasn’t he??? Aaron Paul might have said a total of 3 lines this past 3 eps but his demeanor and facial expressions are killing the game!

  2. Em
    August 29, 2013 at 11:57 am

    I love this show! I might have a heart attack watching these final episodes. Remember when Jesse confronted Walt about poisoning Brock? He suspected Heull picked it off him for Walt. Walt convinces Jesse that Gus took it and Jesse believes him. Gus gets murked and Jesse learned that it was not the ricin that poisoned Brock. He was shook because that meant the Gus did not take it (he died for nothing). Walt later found it in the vacuum. When Jesse has his epiphany, he’s certain that Heull took it meaning Walt had it all along.

    • August 30, 2013 at 8:14 am

      Yeah Walt SAID he found it in the vacuum but he had it all along. I guess realizing that Huell is such a gifted pick pocket had his mind open up to allllll the crap that Walt has been doing. Jesse has truly come undone and he will try to kill Walt now, I think.

      • Milaxx
        August 30, 2013 at 1:56 pm

        What was pulled out the room a was a fake ricin that Walt planted there. Jesse was having a fit that the ricin was out there somewhere and an innocent bystander would accidentally get it. Walt made a fake one with salt and then went to Jesse’s house & pretended to help him look then slipped it in the roomba. Walt used the lily of the valley plant for three reasons; one the symptoms would appear similar to ricin poisoning, two there would be a fairly reasonable excuse to how a child would invest it, and three, it would break up the happy family thing Jesse had going with Andrea & Brock and turn Jesse against Gus if Walt could convince Jesse that Gus had poisened Brock. Once Gus was killed it didn’t matter that Brock “accidentally” was poisened. All that mattered to Walt was having Jesse back on his side and Gus out of the picture.

  3. TJ
    August 29, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    The crazy thing is that, yes, Walt poisoned Brock, but not with the Ricin. He used the berries from the plant in his back yard. Jesse only THINKS that Walt used the Risin. I think that Walt is going to reel Jesse back in, as he always does, talking about how the berries poisoned Brock. Also, if I recall, during the season opener, someone was watching Walt’s house when Walt went in to retrieve the Ricin after the house was burned. I think that was Mike…But Mike’s dead, right? (I also could have made that up in my head lol) I don’t think Todd is going to last very long; he invariably will piss off Walt.

    • Milaxx
      August 30, 2013 at 1:58 pm

      No one was watching Walt in the opener & Mike is truly dead. Walt & Todd got rid of the body in a barrel of acid

  4. August 30, 2013 at 12:02 am

    AHHHHH this episode left me with my mouth hanging wide open!! WALT IS SO DAMN EVIL! That “confession” video? I was STUNNED. He is ruthless and couthless.

    And poor Jesse. This kid can’t catch a break. I was almost praying that he would just skip town and be out of Walt’s clutches for good but NOPE. Not that easy. Jesse needs Olivia Pope and Jesus ASAP. PLEASE GOD DON’T LET HIM DIE!!

    I can’t believe there are only five episodes left. Each one is going to be jam packed for sure.

    • August 30, 2013 at 8:12 am

      Yeah that video had my mouth on the floor. Dude is conniving as hell. And Jesse is so unable to deal right now.

  5. Rabbie
    August 30, 2013 at 6:08 am

    Jesse’s realization wasn’t about Brock this time- it was about his junkie girlfriend with the bangs.

    • August 30, 2013 at 8:11 am

      Nah. How could Jesse have figured out what happened to his girlfriend who Walt watched die?

    • milaxx
      August 30, 2013 at 7:51 pm

      Nope. That’s why he went back to Saul first to confirm his suspicions.

  6. ChicaNica
    August 30, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Hello all! this is actually my first post! I have, however been reading all the articles and comments for a while now and, many a time have ,I been left in a state of mental weakness from laughter….
    Luvvie + comments= Great Calorie Burner!….anyyywhooo…I’m just catching up on Breaking Bad (currently on Season 5 episode 6, I believe) and my heart can’t take it!!!!!!!!!! I have to pause, take a coffee break, smoke a cigarette and do 2 push-ups before I can hit play again. I also just read Luvvies re-cap and I swear to Baby Jesus I will suffer from a nervous tick for the rest of my life!!!! I will continue watching it though, at my own risk.

  7. Carm
    August 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    I watched “Talking Bad” (11pm AMC) and one thing they mentioned is that it often looks like there is no way out for one of the characters and then something happens no one saw coming. Mr. Gilligan shocks the hell out of me on a regular basis so maybe there’s hope for Jesse after all. I hope so. I always thought he would be the one to survive.

  8. milaxx
    August 30, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    For those confused about Jesse’s realization at the end, Alan Sepinwall has a quick and easy recap/refresher on his blog. They even made it easy for people to see Huell pick-pocketing Jesse as he brushes past him out the door.

    1)In “End Times,” to get Jesse back on his side in the war against Gus, Walt arranges for Huell to steal the cigarette pack with the ricin cigarette out of Jesse’s pocket and replace it with a different pack. Saul calls Jesse to his office on shaky reasons, and Huell pats him down in a way that gets Jesse’s attention. Walt doesn’t use the ricin to poison Brock, but rather a lily of the valley plant that will have a similar but less dangerous effect on the boy.

    2)When Jesse hears that Brock has been poisoned, he realizes that the ricin cigarette is missing, then (correctly) puts two and two together that Huell stole it, on Walt’s orders. He storms into Walt’s house and threatens to kill him for poisoning Brock; Walt convinces Jesse that it was Gus, not him, who wanted to hurt the boy — specifically so Jesse would come to this conclusion and murder Walt for him — and that Tyrus must have lifted the cigarettes from Jesse’s locker at the Super Lab. Jesse accepts that Mr. White would never hurt a child, whereas Gus has a history of hurting children, and lets go of the theory about Huell.

    3)Doctors later figure out that Brock was poisoned by a lily of the valley, not ricin, making Jesse doubt Walt’s theory about Gus manipulating Jesse into shooting Walt, and leaving him to wonder what really happened to the ricin cigarette. Walt stages a phony search of Jesse’s house and plants a fake cigarette (containing salt, not ricin) inside Jesse’s Roomba. None of this sits well with Jesse, but he once again believes Mr. White.

    4)Over the course of season 5, starting around the murder of Drew Sharp, Jesse has begun to realize that he shouldn’t believe anything Walt says. Walt claims to be broken up over Drew’s death, then whistles while he works. Walt claims that Mike left town alive, when Jesse knows that Walt would’ve never taken out Mike’s guys unless Mike was dead. Walt gives Jesse a whole song and dance about how leaving town will be good for Jesse, when Jesse knows that it will be even better for Walt.

    5)Having been primed to disbelieve any word out of Walt’s mouth, Jesse goes to Saul’s office, lights up a joint and gets scolded by Saul, who knows his relocation expert won’t pick up anyone who’s high. Saul orders Huell to again pick Jesse’s pocket to get rid of the marijuana.

    6)At the pick-up spot, a nervous Jesse reaches for his pot, and can’t find it. He frantically checks all his pockets, but all he finds is a cigarette pack. Staring at the cigarette pack, and realizing Huell dipped into his pocket without him noticing, Jesse realizes that his first suspicions about the ricin cigarette were correct, and that Mr. White was manipulating him into turning against Gus, endangering Brock’s life in the process.

    That the ricin wasn’t actually used on Brock is beside the point. Jesse knew from the beginning that Huell had picked his pocket, and that he must have done it on Mr. White’s orders. He has been thinking about this often in the months since it happened — far more often and more intensely than those of us watching the show have, and in a more compressed time period. When he realizes Huell picked his pocket, and stares at another crumpled cigarette pack, everything clicks into place about the events of “End Times” — including how convenient it was that this terrible thing happened to Brock, which turned Jesse back into Walt’s ally, at the exact moment Walt needed an ally against Gus — and he goes on the warpath against Saul, Huell and that asshole Mr. White.


  9. Tisha
    September 2, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    This show is the greatest thing on TV after The Wire I think!
    I don’t have AMC but if its not projectfreetv its to save the day lol 🙂

  10. September 2, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Luvvie, your recaps for Breaking Bad are the best. Keep them coming!