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Dear Mommy – Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday, so I have decided to write her a letter on my blog. Remember when I wrote one to my Future Mini Luvvie some time back? Wells, I did. Check it out if you haven’t read it. So here’s to my Mom, O.B.A.

Dear Mommy,

On this your birthday, I want you to know that you are appreciated… (why did I just start hearing Tupac?). No but, really. You are. Everyone thinks their mom is the best, and I’m no different. This is why I thank you for so much that you’ve done for me.

Thanks for being the prototype of awesome. You taught me what integrity and selflessness look like. Your strength of character is bar none and it has given me a blueprint to what a good person should be. You’re a true Libra, holding those scales of justice so close to you. You also taught me that no matter how small your frame, those shoulders can carry the weight of the world without buckling. You showed me that despite how tough the world can be and how terrible people can be, it is important to never let anyone change your character. Your spirit is golden.

Thanks for having a beauty that is timeless. With age, you’ve only got more beautiful. Folks usually can’t guess how old you are. The greatest compliment I can get is that I look like you (although my older sis has that on lock since y’all apparently look like twins). But I do see that I got my big smile from you. That and my love of shoes. Your shoe game is also quite sick.

Thanks for passing down your high metabolism to me. I know I yearn to be thick but I digs this body I got. I do enjoy being able to eat like a cow and not worrying about having muffin top. Even at your age, you’re still relatively small, although you are thick now so I have that to look forward to. In fact, the booty you got now. Does that mean I’mo have it too? Because if so, then YESSSSS!!!! iCan’t wait.

Me & Mom on my 3rd birthday. Not sure why I had an attitude. Peep the heart-shaped cake. Oh, and don’t hate on my zebra outfit. I slayed other babies effortlessly.

Thanks for introducing “classless wonder” and “nonentity” into my insult vocabulary. As if my mouth wasn’t already sharp enough. The day you called someone those, it pretty much changed the roast game for me. I use them AT LEAST once a week.

Lastly, thanks for You. I say my prayers every night and you’re included in it for these things and soooo many more. How many “thanks” could be enough for the person who gave me life? There could never be too many thanks said to the person who laid the bricks I currently walk on, and made sure every brick was in place so I wouldn’t trip and fall. Your sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed. I give you (and God) all the credit for my successes. You deserve the world on a platinum platter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be blessed with many many more.

Yours in love, respect and admiration,

God’s Love

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