Oyin handmade the Bennus
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Celebrating Oyin Handmade Being at Target Was Fantawesome!

I’ve been using Oyin Handmade stuff before I even knew who Jamyla Bennu was, and it started with the “Juices and Berries” spray. I can’t remember who told me about it but I know I smelled their hair one day and I was like “WHAT IS THAT??? I NEED IT!” …

2012 BWIHLuncheon
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I’m in LA for the 2014 ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon!

Hey folks! I’m super excited to be in Los Angeles right now because I’ll be covering the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon tomorrow (Thursday, February 27)! It’s such an amazing event and I was at the 2012 luncheon where Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Paula Patton and Pam Grier were …

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Target Got Hacked But Our Love For Them Did Not

You know about my love for Target, cuz I wrote a post wondering what voodoo Target does to keep us in their store for hours. Or the fact that you go in for a hair clip and come out with a new closet system. Well, it’s been all in the …

Target shopping cartoon

My Readers’ Target Shopping Confessions

Last week, I wrote about how there’s voodoo at Target because you walk in for some toothpaste and come out with everything BUT. I had no clue so many folks would feel my pain like that. And the comments had me CACKLING. So I decided to post some of the …

Target takes all your money
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There’s Voodoo at Target Stores to Make You Spend All Your Money

Seriously. There has GOT to be some sort of voodoo at Target. That is the only explanation for how that place traps the most innocent people into these marathon shopping excursions that result in overdrawn bank accounts and hurting feet. First of all, going to Target on a Sunday is …