Women in binders

Phenomenal Binder, That’s Me: A Poem

When I try to explain to people that I’m not the most ratchet of my friends, they always give me the side-eye. But for realsies. I have some type of foolery magnet and it brings fellow senseless people into my life and I love it. My girl Kellee (@KHough09), decided …

Tyrese Book Cover
Famous folks

iCan’t With Tyrese’s Father’s Day Poem. Nawl.

Oh Tyrese. I gotta start this post like this because the man just makes me hit my facepalm often. I mean, first it’s because of his love-hate relationship with the English language. He loves to hate on rules of grammar and syntax. So much so that he has his own …


The Road Not Ratchet: A Poem

I’d like to think of myself as versatile, n’ah mean? I ain’t just a writer. I’m also a poetress. Yes, poetress. I can be deeper than the Kat Stacks’ parents’ Fail list. So here I’m is. I’d like to bless y’all with a poem. I’m a fan of the classics. …