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Pink and Sisqo Serving Colored Hair Realness: Throwback Thursday

Remember the days when MTV was one of like two channels we loved? And being in the audience at TRL was a goal? And we used to legit have arguments about NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys (NSYNC always. If you disagree, you’re dead ass wrong). MMHMM. You remember. That was also …

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The 2009 VMAs Rocked

That may be the first time I’ve ever titled an awards show recap with anything good. This, my folks, is such a rarity. But yes, the VMAs was indeed entertaining. Here’s my recap. I live-tweeted the entire thing, and my running commentary makes everything better. It’s true. Ask somebody. Before …

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The 2009 MTV Movie Awards was a Fail

Y’all already know what time it is. AWARDS SHOW REVIEW TIME!! *crowd goes wild* (and by “crowd”, I mean “no one”). The victim is the MTV Movie Awards, which isn’t known to be the best, despite MTV’s lax standards of etiquette. Anywho, I live-tweeted the show, and my followers were …