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Madonna Kissed Drake and No One Has Chill

By now, you’ve probably seen the kiss that made the entire internet cringe: Madonna sucked Drake’s face at Coachella the other night. All I know is she Madonna gotta stop using her tongue like it’s a Purell Wet Wipe. Drake is in my thoughts, y’all. We gotta lift bruh up …

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Dear Madonna, NOPE! You Cannot Use That Word

Social media keeps showing us that some of our favorite celebrities should really make use of their publicists 24/7 for all things. Also, they need to hire community managers to handle their accounts because when left to their own devices, they blow shit up so properly and so quickly. Madonna …


Dear Angelina And Madonna (and Other African Kid Adopters)

This has been on my mind for a minute but I haven’t written about it. Then I found out that Madonna is going to Malawi to adopt yet another child. Dear Madonna & Angelina (and other African Kid Adopters), I would temper this with “No Offense” but I know it …