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Are Aliens Real? I Believe So and Here’s Why

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but do I believe in aliens? I do. Lemme tell you why. There is no way that human beings were God’s best work. The God that I serve, the great God that I serve…. the Alpha and the Omega. The King of Kings. The Lord …

Black Jesus

God is Probably Tired Of Our Shenanigans Right Now

The world is a mess and I wonder what the conversation between God and Jesus would be like. Because they gotta be tired of our tomfoolery down here. We do not know how to act as a species. God: *sees the Amazon on fire, Donald Trump is running amok, the …

Jesus Flips Table gif

God is Probably Sick of All these “Thoughts and Prayers”

*another mass shooting happens in the United States* People: We are sending up prayers for the victims. God: …. Archangel St. Michael: Hey God. People are on the mainline. God: *files nails* Oh yeah? I’m busy. St. Mike: You… don’t seem that busy. God: *booming voice* I SAID I AM …

LettersMy Life

Dear God, Thank You.

I’ve written many letters here on AweLuv but I haven’t written one to the ONE who deserves it the most. Until now. Dear God, It’s me, Luvvie. I just wanted to say that I’m thankful for everything. I look around at all my blessings and I take credit for none …