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How I Fired Myself and Got My Unread Emails to Zero

One of the things I did in the last year and a half, that has allowed me to become a better leader, is I’ve let go of my control on emails. My Chief of Staff runs through my inbox every day and triages, answers, and lets me know what requires …


Sorority Girl Sends Her Sisters the Rudest (But Hilarious) Email Ever

One time while I was in undergrad, someone asked me “Is your roommate Greek?” And my dumbass replied with “No, she’s Puerto Rican.” I really didn’t know what they meant til they laughed at me. I’m slow. I never joined a sorority in college. Not because I didn’t like them …

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Dear GMail, Never Crash Again

So I was minding my own bitness at work yesterday when I refreshed my GMail inbox and saw that it was down. Life got real dark right then and there. This is why this week’s sternly-worded email is to GMail. For playing all these bald-headed games with me and my …