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Help Us Bring Little Troublemaker Books to Students

Books have the power to help us dream, give us an escape and teach us valuable lessons. That is especially true for children’s books, which can instill a love of reading and learning for young’uns. Unfortunately, not all children have access to quality books that reflect their own experiences and identities.

As you know, I like to create the work that I wish I had. That’s why I wrote my first children’s book (and 3rd addition to the Troublemaker family), LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS, which is out on May 2, 2023.

Perfect for children ages 4–8, Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess shows kids that it’s okay to make mistakes, because when they learn and grow from it, they’ll be better for it. These are lessons that are important to share with kids and the adults who love them. The book has some colorful illustrations from Joey Spiotto.

“This adorable tale will resonate with children who recognize feelings of impatience, being too small, and wanting to be helpful. The playful and brightly colored illustrations match the book’s cheerful mood. Ideal for story time, this one will also help kids develop social-emotional skills.”
Kirkus Review

I wrote Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess – featuring a little brown girl, with short hair, who is overconfident, thoughtful and funny –– because I was that girl. And I want kids like her to feel seen. You know the kid who has great intentions but got in trouble when they didn’t always translate to the actions they take? Yes. I wrote this for them.

And I am on a mission to get this book in the hands of 5,000 kids across the country, so they can SEE themselves. That’s why I’m doing a sponsorship kindness train!

I believe that deeply in the value of the book.

That’s where I need your help. By joining our Little Troublemaker Train, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of kids across the country

Here are just a few reasons why this book and kindness train are important:

  • Representation Matters – It’s important for children to see themselves represented in the media they consume, including and especially books. By sponsoring copies of this book, you are not only providing access to quality literature, but you are also affirming the importance of representation and visibility.
  • Early Literacy Skills – The ages of 4-8 are a critical time for developing literacy skills. I certainly fell in love with reading and books at that age. I want to help foster and enable another child’s love of learning, early.
  • Equality in Education – Access to quality books should not be a privilege reserved for a select few. Unfortunately, children in underfunded communities often lack resources. By sponsoring copies of Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess, you can help us provide this fun, and learning-filled story to children.

How to Join Our Sponsorship Train


If you are a teacher or educator who would like to get LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER to your students, but don’t have the budget for it, you can request books. Fill out the Educator Request Form, and we will do our best to match you with a sponsor who will cover the cost of the books for your classroom.



Sponsor Books (Buying books for us to donate directly to underfunded classrooms.)

We deeply believe in how valuable this book will be for young people! You can fill out the Sponsor Books for Students Form to let us know your budget or how many books you’d like to sponsor. Then Team Awe Luv will match you with a classroom or educator in need and ensure that the books get to little ones all across the country! You will be blessing a classroom or two (or 10) with this book, in time for graduation.


Whether you’re a parent of one, a mentor to twelve, or the president of a community group that needs 20 books for their youth program participants, your support of LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS will be invaluable to those children you are stewarding.

By providing access to quality books, promoting representation and visibility, and instilling a love for reading, we can help set children on a path towards academic success and a love for learning. I hope to empower the next generation of readers and leaders.

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P.S. If you have any questions, please reach out to Team Awe Luv at

I am touched and honored that so many people have already offered or pledged to sponsor a certain amount of books. I am so excited for you all to read my book Little Troublemaker with a little one or your own Inner Child.

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