Keep Going (with Cari Champion) – Episode 52 of Rants & Randomness

On this episode of Rants & Randomness, we’ve got a fantastic conversation that will inspire you to keep going when resistance rises up to meet you.

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Today I’m talking with the amazing Cari Champion. She’s a journalist, an amazing host, and someone who is out in front leading the way wherever she goes.

Cari Champion is a veteran TV journalist covering network news, entertainment, and sports for ABC, CBS, NBC, and other cable networks. She worked for nearly a decade at ESPN, where she served as a SportsCenter anchor and host of ESPN Two’s First Take.

Most recently, Cari made history with her move to VICE TV, working alongside co-host and former guest of this podcast, Jemele Hill, as the first Black women to host a late-night cable show – Cari & Jemele: Stick to Sports

Cari is also the founder of a non-profit mentoring organization called Brown Girls Dream, the co-host for NBC’s The Titan Games, an athletic competition show with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and she just launched a podcast called The Brownprint in partnership with Estee Lauder.

In this episode, Cari joined me to talk about growing up in downtown LA and moving up to Pasadena in high school and how she learned to be who she needed to be in both environments, how she slogged through the small TV markets and learned the things she needed to learn to step up to the bigger networks, and how she moved up the ranks at ESPN – even though it was a hard place to work. We also talked about the pain of going first and how she shows up as a Black woman who embraces other Black women in a world that doesn’t often do that.

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