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West Coast (Seattle-SF-LA), I’m Here To Sign Some Books!

My peeps. This week, I continue my book tour by being in the West Coast! I gotta show love to LuvvNation and sign some copies of I’m Judging You! Yesterday, I spoke at Amazon Seattle to their internal team about my book, my career and how I use my voice for service.


That was incredible and they catered with cajun food from Jamil’s Big Easy. Jambalaya, red beans and rice, fish. It’s like they know my spirit. It was such a cool way to kick off my pacific standard time.

Tonight, I’ll be in conversation with the dope Lindy West, NYTimes best-selling author of the book Shrill. Lindy and I will be at the Seattle Public Library from 7-9pm, and Elliott Bay Books will be on hand to sell our books! It is guaranteed to be a good time.

The time me, Samantha Irby and Lindy went to dinner. It was as awesome as you might have imagined.

The time me, Samantha Irby and Lindy went to dinner. It was as awesome as you might have imagined.

Then tomorrow, I head to San Francisco for a whirlwind two days! I’ll be speaking at the illustrious Commonwealth Club, as part of the INFORUM series. And I’ll be sharing a stage with business and marketing expert, Richelle Parham, who is basically a mentor to me. After we chat, I’ll sign some books. THAT event is now sold out. But if you are on my newsletter list, you had ample time to get your tics! Is this shade, YES IT IS. Subscribe to get my LuvvLetter in your inbox.

I’ll be riding around town with my friend, Lisa Stone, who has ensured that I am kissing all the babies and shaking all the hands. I’ll also be doing a talk at Twitter, Google and Logitech while in SF.

I hop to Boston and Atlanta for the weekend. On Saturday, I’m at the Boston Book Festival on a panel at 12:30pm ET. And Sunday, I’m at AFROPUNK ATL. More deets to come on where to find me there. I’ll post on social media.

Then I hop back to the West Coast to hit up Los Angeles for a pordee and book signing in partnership with BSIDE Agency.


I will be in conversation with my writing shero, Angela Nissel. Y’all know how bae she is. She’s the reason I even thought humor writing was a possibility for me. Angela has been such an inspiration to me, from her book The Broke Diaries, to how she became a writer on one of my favorite shows ever (Scrubs). So now to share a stage with her? CHILE LEMME LAY HERE BECAUSE FULL CIRCLE MOMENT. Also fun fact: I designed her website once upon a time, years ago.

Anywho, so join me next week on October 18 from 7-10pm at the Sofitel Luxury Hotels in Beverly Hills for this good time. Food, drinks, and great people. I’ll be signing books and taking selfies. I’m so excited to come to LA, y’all. This is overdue.

Get your tickets for the I’m Judging You LA stop now.


So yup. Catch me in these streets! I’m looking forward to all of it, even as I’m sleeping on planes and eating on the go.

Buy I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do-Better Manual if you still haven’t! Amazon. Barnes & Nobles. iBooks. Audible (I narrated the audiobook myself). Kobo. Books-A-Million.

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  1. October 11, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Go Sis! So proud

  2. October 14, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Thanks for stopping by Amazon Doppler! Fantastic talk and can’t wait to read your next book!