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Even The Devil Deserves a Second Chance: Scandal Episode 507 Recap

I was gone last week so I’m just getting a chance to catch up with Scandal. Here’s the recap. Better late than never!

Scandal Season 5 logo

Victory Short Lived – President Ghost does a press conference to apologize to parents about his personal business during this whole impeachment ordeal. He tells America he gon do better. Afterwards, he takes a toast with the White house staff and Abby sees Olivia and asks how she blackmailed the entire Senate Judiciary Committee. What voodoo did she do? Chile, Liv tells her friend she ain’t tryna tell her no lies so she’s just gon plead the fif.

VP Susan offers David Rosen a ride to their speaking engagement the next day and I think she has a crush because she’s giggling like a little schoolgirl. Right then, Cyrus shows up talmbout SOS to Fitz. In front of Abby, Cyrus tells Fitz that Papa Pope and SSA Tom have been sprung free, legally. Abby gets an epiphany and knows her friend gotta be behind this. Acting ass Liv walks up right then and uses puppy dog eyes and quivering lips, as if she has no idea. As POTUS hugs her, she locks eyes with Red who looks horrified.

Rowan’s Achievement – Liv gets home and Jake is sitting in the dark waiting for her because he knows her father is out. How? His wife is dead. He tells her that he’s killed his legal bae but since she’s the one who freed him, Elise’s blood is on her hands. She’s sitting there looking all sad. He made some good ass points. She’s talmbout she didn’t think he’d do that. Girl, bye. “How does someone as brilliant and accomplished as you not know what you are? Who you are?… You are Rowan’s greatest achievement. You have become exactly the woman he raised you to be… the beauty of it is you don’t even know it.”

Jake Ballard

She ain’t even sorry. She kicks him out her place because the truth hurts like a bitch. He kisses her before he walks out. Because Jake from State Farm can’t win no matter what he does.

Medal of Freedom – Liv is in the Oval Office day-drinking and rocking a chevron black and white blazer. This pattern definitely shows she’s in some turmoil. All those zig zags. Cy walks in and tells Fitz they need to reset his image. Sure they do but instead of Beene’s suggestions, he takes Olivia’s and the Chief of Staff realizes that he ain’t running shit. Small victories to make him look good, including giving someone the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Olivia is called to OPA offices and told they have a client but when she shows up, she sees the scowling Gladiators who are pissed that she let Rowan Pope free. Huck is pissed because B613 is gonna be back but Liv insists that will not happen. HOW YOU KNOW? Anywho, the client is Hannah Taylor, a lady who was raped 2 years before. She wants POTUS to know about her rape because her rapist is Frank Holland, the man who is about to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. AND the kicker is he is a prolific writer who focuses on feminism and the empowerment of women. Ain’t that about a hypocritical bitch???

hate everyone gif

The Gladiators take on Hannah’s case and dig into her background and Holland’s. The guy is admired by millions and his writing is beloved. Even Abby says it gave her the courage to leave her abusive husband. Hannah was one of his students and she went to his home and passed out. When she woke up, he was on top of her. When she reported it to her school, she was basically kicked out.

Abby meets up with Liz North and gives her a signed copy of one of Holland’s books. Women swoon over the guy. She cuts to the chase, though. TMZ Sally Langston wants interview Liz to get tea about when she worked at the White House. Liz tells Abby in exchange for her rejecting the opportunity, she wants a job back in the President’s inner circle. She’d even go for “Head Bitch in Charge.”

Oval in Circles – Liv tells Fitz that his new Medal of Freedom honoree is an accused rapist. In walks Jake Ballard, though. He’s been put on the job of finding Rowan Pope. LAWDDDD. This tangled ass web. Jake said he ain’t got no leads, and he asks President Ghost what gave Command the chance to get free.

Jake 1 Jake 2

FriendZoned Jake faces her and says when he finds Papa Pope, he will shoot him SO HARD. Oop.

Abby tells Cyrus about Liz’s ultimatum and he is unbothered because he says he got dirt on her too. He calls David Rosen and the next thing we know, Liz is being escorted into the Attorney General’s office. He tells her to “take a damn seat” and I’m all “has he been reading my blog?” If only. She was picked up because they told him that she might be discussing some Top Flight National Security shit with Sally the Gossip so here she is being detained.

Meeting with Holland – Olivia and Quinn go to Frank Holland’s home and hand him a pic of Hannah Taylor. He doesn’t really remember her until his wife says she came over one night after she plagiarized an essay. Liv says what Hannah told her and he, of course, says that’s nuts. Back at OPA office, they tell Hannah that unless they find other women who Frank has raped, there’s no weight to her story.

Quinn and Marcus talk to different women he’s mentored who he used his power to groom. His technique with all of them was the same. They were invited to his house. He offered them a drink (coffee, iced tea, wine). And then next thing they remember is waking up with him on top of them. Each one reported to the school and they were diagnosed with some sort of illness (anxiety disorder, eating disorder) and they failed the class. Whatever drug he used to have them faint has to be prescription, though so the Gladiators set out to find a trail.

Can’t Stop This – David tells Liz that she gotta STFU and he can make her, but she doesn’t take that shit easily. She figures out that Cyrus put him up to this. “You’re just doing the bidding of that sweaty, red-faced monster who stole my job.” You are correct! She takes her bag and walks out, ready to give Sally the interview. Nobody shows David any respect.

David rolls into Beene’s office and says he is not gon be his lackey on this mission because that would be an unconstitutional detainment. I SEE YOU GETTING A BACKBONE, ROSEN! Hey now!

Protector – At OPA, Liv is in black when Huck says Janice Holland, Frank’s wife has a prescription under her name for oxycodone. She summons the couple to her office and tells them that Frank’s been stealing her pills to rape his students but seeing the woman shut her husband up lets Liv know that she has known all along. Janice tells Liv that Frank is saver of women and he was able to see her for the intellectual being she was back in 1973 when women couldn’t even get a credit card if they were single. GIRL AND?? In 2015, he’s raping women. “My husband has created quite a legacy and it is my job to protect it.”

Liv is sitting on Fitz’s desk telling him all this when Cyrus walks in to tell him about Liz North about to squawk to Sally. He recommends that President Ghost call her and try to charm her. Fitz looks at Liv to see what she thinks before dismissing Beene. who looks irritated as hell because the person making the decisions is not the person behind the desk. When the door closes, Olivia tells Fitz to just let Liz do the interview.

Fitz 1 Fitz 2

Liberty Liz – Sally is geeked to have Liz North on her show. But the interview goes awry immediately as the ex-Chief of Staff condemns the impeachment proceedings and says they tried to drag a “good man’s name through the mud.” Afterwards, Fitz tells Cyrus that he did it by giving Liz a job as the Chief of Staff of VP Susan. Olivia is sitting right next to him and Cy is looking like WTF. Yeah, man. She’s laying with him every night and she got all the pull she needs.

I Don’t Like You – Liz goes to David’s office to pick up her laptop which was confiscated when she was picked up and he goes IN on her. She sold her soul to go tell lies on TV because she got a job with Susan Ross, an actual white hat. “Everything about you feels alpine and pointy and wrong.” The 2 get all close and he admits that he likes her and they kiss and I’m all EW EW EWWWW. She demands he take a seat and whispers that she ain’t got no panny drawls on as she straddles him. LAWDT.

Susan Ross shows up holding a 4-pack of wine coolers, and David’s secretary says he’s in a meeting. Our girl parks herself there and says she’ll wait for him to finish. OH GIRL. ARE YOU SURE?? No, she isn’t. She decides she doesn’t wanna wait and leaves the coolers for him. Aawww she totally has a crush.

Speaking Truth – Olivia is in the OPA conference room when Marcus walks in. He thinks Hannah should tell her story but she makes the very valid point that it’s her word against the word of an icon. She will get re-victimized by a media that will destroy her. “The system is set up to silence women like Hannah and protect men like Holland.”

Preach knope gif


Liv tells Marcus to find out where Frank Holland is at that moment. He is on a stage reading to an audience from one of his books. Women start entering the auditorium, led by Hannah Taylor. They are all of his victims from the past. They stand in front of the stage, all 22 of them, ready to speak their truth.

The media picks it up, and the college cut ties with the professor. Abby throws his book into the trashcan.

Olivia is leaving the Oval Office and Cyrus confronts her. Why didn’t she give him a heads up about Liz North’s new job as Chief of Staff of the VP? “I’m the guy behind the girl. Fitz isn’t even in the picture. He’s happy. He’s content. He was never meant to be happy. Happy, content men don’t run the world. Which is why he is not running the world… You have pulled off a clean, bloodless coup in the United States and no one is the wiser… He’s not the President anymore, Olivia. You are.”

Cyrus 1 Cyrus 2

She walks into the Oval Office and Fitz gives her a rundown of all he’s working on. Then says her father is probably never gonna be found. She takes a swig of her scotch and then tells him what to do about all the conflict on his plate. YUP. She is clearly embracing the fact that she has the power and is running the free world.

As the camera pans out, Olivia is standing in the middle of the Oval Office, on the official seal of the United States of America. You MINUSWELL call her Madame President. Meanwhile, Fitz is over there taking notes as she tells him what to do. Ok den.

President Pope

President Pope

The READ that Jake gave Liv was true because she has absolutely become power hungry, and she is very comfortable wearing navy and black lately. She can no longer insist on even trying on a white hat, let alone wearing it and although she is still a Good Guy, she has allowed a lot of bad to alter her judgment.

Fitz has just given up any semblance of control, which is fine. Ain’t no point in fighting against something he never had, anyway. He’s just “Yes, Dear”ing his way to glory. The less decisions he has to make, the better for him. I just wonder what he’s going to do once he finds out that Liv is behind the release of Papa Pope, with a signature from ex-wife Mellie. He is going to blow a gasket, and Cyrus will use it to get back in Fitz’s ears. He might even be the one who ends up spilling that tea once he finds out.

Meanwhile, Frank Holland is clearly the white, professor version of Bill Cosby. What you did there, Shondaland. I see it. Esteemed, beloved by millions, awarded for decades for it. Protected by public praise. But also a serial rapist and the strength of one woman’s story won’t bring him down. It takes over 20 (or 40) for people to stop defending him with everything they got. Shonda went there and back, y’all. And Janice? Well, she’s Camille, standing by her man through it. Whew. I was watching it like:

dumbledore welp gif

Man… so much to pull from the headlines.

Anywho, so the devil who deserves the second chance is who? Is it Liz North? IDK. I can’t figure that out. Let me know whatcha think, Gladiators! ROAR in the comments!

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  1. November 9, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Cyrus was so happy to be back in the Oval, he forgot to read the fine print. When you have the upper hand, which he did with Fitz and the Angola tape, you need to keep it. Because Fitz is not loyal. Plus, this isn’t the first time Fitz put Cyrus in cold storage.

    Can someone remind Liz that the job she said Cy stole from her was his from jump? How soon they forget.

    I’m glad Jake was finally able to get a read in there. Bless his heart! How soon before Liv calls him again?

    Susan and Bartles & Jaymes? Ha!

    Fitz will need to find out how Papa Pope got out of the hoosegow. But he will probably blame Mellie not Liv.

    If Scandal was Hogwarts, no one is Gryffindor worthy.

    • November 9, 2015 at 5:51 am

      You gotsta read the fine print. Poor Cyrus, thought he was getting the whole meal for free….no sir, you coupon is only good for an entree, you gon have to work for that side & drink.

      It’s time Olivia embraced her power. Her thinking she’s the only good person left on earth when she’s been making all of these grossly bad decisions (“I’ll help you by screwing over her,” or “I’ll secure Americas safety by killing them”) is getting old. You’re not naive ma’am, you’re just as complicated and your past is as muddied as everyone else, stop playing Stacey SadFace when you’re called out over it.

    • CMC
      November 10, 2015 at 1:12 pm

      “If Scandal was Hogwarts, no one is Gryffindor worthy.” LMAO!

      That and the gif of Dumbledore made my day!

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  3. MH
    November 9, 2015 at 5:56 am

    Was it just me or did Liz look so awkward straddling a man?
    Also, Liv’s navy jacket was so beautiful

    • Naomi
      November 10, 2015 at 10:58 am

      Is that because you know she’s married to Ellen in real life?

    • Kierah
      November 11, 2015 at 11:59 am

      That was the least sexy love scene I’ve witnessed in a good while. Part of the problem is that there was no build-up, no anticipation. They went from 0-60. I kept thinking this has to be a dream sequence – or a set-up. Even Shonda didn’t make me believe this mess. Just YUCKY!!

  4. Can't Keep Up
    November 9, 2015 at 7:16 am

    The most logical “second chance” is Liz North, but that really doesn’t fit the “devil” image. Or is it Fitz, ’cause the impeachement hearings went away? Except he’s on his ninety-leventh chance already.

  5. MsDrema
    November 9, 2015 at 8:34 am

    I don’t know what devil got a second chance, but I DO know Liv and that brown liquor won’t end well!

    • MarvyMDS
      November 9, 2015 at 10:18 am

      Okay? Because brown liquor is the Devil. For real.

  6. Sondra D.
    November 9, 2015 at 8:55 am

    It was strange that no one said the title, like they usually do. That would let us know something about ‘ Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance.’

    Not sure if Fitz will forgive Olivia when he finds out what she did but maybe he will understand about the ‘sacrifices’ that Olivia and Mellie are always spewing. That would be a tough one to forgive though.
    I do hope Olitz takes a breaks up and Fitz can at least try to be a good President with one 18 months left.

    • Sondra D.
      November 9, 2015 at 8:56 am

      * oops. I hope Olitz breaks up and Fitz can …..

  7. Poof
    November 9, 2015 at 9:55 am

    I thought the devil with the second chance was Papa Pope. I’m sure Liv hopes he can get out and behave behave but we all know that’s untrue. She probably didn’t expect him to start killing so quickly (Jake’s wife). Maybe she hoped he’d have several seats somewhere and sit quietly.

  8. Kay
    November 9, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Am I the only one thinking the devil getting the second chance is Papa Pope, or is that too obvious?

  9. Pat
    November 9, 2015 at 10:10 am

    No one mentioned “THE SNAP” yet. Had me wondering the how of it all? Perfect action and reaction.

    • Lala
      November 9, 2015 at 10:43 pm

      I saw that. Let you know who was really in control.

    • sarah
      November 10, 2015 at 3:40 pm

      This! That snap gave me life and made me think that there was something more perverse at work in that house. Woulda made for an interesting plot twist if he was drugging the women for her. Alas, that snap made me sit up straight on some PTSD: I Was Raised by African Women.

  10. Sands
    November 9, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I thought maybe it was Eli/Rowan/Big Papa Pope as ‘the devil who deserved a second chance.’ I fist-pumped when Jake read Olivia – long-time coming. And was anyone else unimpressed by her Bambi-eyes act? How did everyone not see through that? She’s never played the Damsel in Distress before? She’s usually the one pacing the floor and doing the College Football Coach clap to rally when sh*t gets real when most of us would run and hide. I’m kind of tired of Liv, but that navy jacket?! Never tired of that wardrobe.

  11. Natasha
    November 9, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Am I the only person who is finding Liv utterly unlikeable at the moment? And I never thought I would say that. Shondaland have made her SO ugly. The way she treats people, even the ones she supposedly loves and likes! How did she think she was going to have a proper relationship and new start with Fitz by starting off with lies AGAIN. Ain’t them two fed up of lying to each other? They lie to protect each other, then they find out about the lie and say not to lie and then lie again. They do not learn! The more the show goes on, the more you see their relationship isn’t worth a second chance. Neither one of them can be normal at the same time. And they can’t just blame it on the circumstances any more. Liv let her dad out of prison to save her boyfriend, just tell him! He’s going to find out sooner or later. For someone who was the number one Olitz fan, I’m kind of looking forward to Fitz ditching Olivia, and letting her go and sit in a corner and pull herself together. She needs some therapy, like now. And the way she keeps clinging on to Jake and calling him up for advice, er hello??? You love your boyfriend but your ex boyfriend is who you turn to for advice? Bye, bye.

    • Colah
      November 9, 2015 at 1:03 pm

      It’s so bad in my house that I had to watch Scandal ALONE because hubby was like “I’m sick of Olivia’s shit. So I’m just gone watch First 48”. Lmao! We have watched every episode together too. By 3/4 through the show I saw what hubby was mad about when I realized how right Jake was about Liv’s power hungry ways. I find it impossible to like her anymore as well. Everything is clearly about Liv and her specific fuckboy-esque whims. You (Liv) talked all that shit about making jam in Vermont with bearskin rug burns on your back and then refused to marry Fitz!! People have DIED. The man went to war for you and risked losing all his power by divorcing Mellie. I’m holding back from reading her like Crissle at the end of the podcast lol. At this point I’m team Mellie. I’m talmbout Mellie buttons, hoodies, flasks and engraved hooch jars.

      I say alllll that to say: I fully agree with you Natasha.

      • Natasha
        November 9, 2015 at 2:39 pm

        Your speech may have just turned me team Mellie, too! Just, maybe!

        • phillygirl
          November 10, 2015 at 11:03 am

          Well, wait just a minute…. Mellie cosigned setting Papa Pope free and that was AFTER she found out he killed her first born. Everybody’s so busy trying to protect Fitz, when he ain’t even worth protecting. He shouldn’t even have the nerve to get mad a Liv for Papa Pope’s release when his arse went to war for her and let people die, but you know he’ll get his righteous indignation on for sure. I’ll be glad to see the end of Olitz myself; because I don’t understand why they couldn’t just wait another 18 mos to be together. There love is not all that, as we’ve now come to realize.

      • Cat Luster
        November 11, 2015 at 2:07 pm

        “Fuckboy-esque whims”?? I’m dead! LOL!

        And your hubby and mine should start a “We Hate Liv” Club because he was like, I can’t deal with her triflin ass, anymore, I’m going to play Madden. Lol

      • Camille
        November 11, 2015 at 4:31 pm

        I been tired of Liv and Fitz. He’s not worth it, and she can’t make up her mind. At this point, I just wanna know where I can get a Team Mellie engraved hooch jar.

    • Robert
      November 10, 2015 at 1:48 am

      I really, TRULY hate Olivia this season. The whole show actually. It’s been a growing hate for awhile now but it has finally reached it’s peak with this episode. Olivia was read by Jake, Cyrus, and even Mellie. Jesus, I hated the Mellie scene. Just when it looked like Mellie’s words were penetrating, she replies back with “My father killed your son”. I mean, why tell her that? To get it off your chest? Because she deserved to know the truth? Heck no! She didn’t like Mellie’s truth so she hit as hard under the belt as possible. And whenever she’s read, it’s always GET OUT, THIS IS OVER, or THIS IS DONE. I sooooooo wanted Jake to say NO, WHORE, THIS IS NOT DONE. I mean, it was a great feeling when Jake finally saw the light but I wanted him to give her a DEEEEEEEP read. I wanted him to break her down so bad, she runs to a corner, curls into a ball, and cries out for a whole minute like that crackhead dad from that Intervention TV show. Like she just repented of her sins and caught the Holy Ghost. Snot, boogers, and all and I’d enjoy every second of it. Now, the show. It’s one big Deus ex Machina. Having the President and black ops in your back pocket is like having a genie with limitless wishes. You can get your father (deadliest man in the world) out of prison and avoid being questioned by a Senate committee or not get married if you’re just not in the mood. You can get kidnapped and have the President go to war for you or your black ops bid on you in an auction. HATE this show because everytime she’s painted into a corner, it’s magically fixed. So why do I still watch? COMMAND. My wife and I both agreed that episode 2 would be our last but then at the end of the episode, they showed Command. If they gave him his own show, I’d never watch Scandal again.

  12. MarvyMDS
    November 9, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Jake from State Farm has me nervous because he is becoming unhinged, and when he tried to kiss her I flinched. Seriously? Talking about the woman he loves killed the woman he used to love. No sir, check yourself into a psych ward someplace and get your mind right before you call yourself coming after the Devil’s prized pupil.

    Liv has got to know that Fitz is going to find out that she arranged for Daddy Pope to be released in cahoots with Mellie, and that is not going to end well for either one of them. He is going to toss her out of the White House too – watch.

    And how is Mrs. Ellen going to go all Basic Instinct in the attorney general’s office like that? Do you mean to tell me she is just going about her work day all breezy and free like that? Fitz and them best get some plastic seat covers for when she comes in for meetings. Ick.

    All of Liv’s exes are telling her off this season. First Edison and now Jake, and she couldn’t even do anything but sit there and take it – and turn to the bottle afterwards.

    They need to let Baby Ella air her grievances too because Liv has not been much a Godmother either.

    • Andrea Plaid
      November 12, 2015 at 4:17 pm

      Baby Ella is just about the only character with an actual case on this show.

  13. Devra
    November 9, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Susie Q ain’t HARDLY READY to deal with Rosen. Bringing wine coolers and you’re VP? Chile siddown somewhere. I thought I heard Hannibal Burress cackling madly going to commercial.

  14. November 9, 2015 at 10:35 am

    The devil that deserves a second chance is: Eli Pope, Cyrus Beene and Liz North but mainly Pspa Pope and we’ll find out for the season fanale! I bet this title is a trick by Shondaland for this week’s episode.

  15. Darius
    November 9, 2015 at 11:35 am

    New reader of your blog and I must say I enjoy the content!!!! Your scandal reviews are great!

  16. toni
    November 9, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Amen Natasha – Liv has been an major Azzhole to those around her. Also, I need them to start making the Gladiator’s smart again and giving Olivia back her “gut” instinct. Lately, they’ve been in Reno911 and Jake has been Inspector Clouseau. Liv should have a huge gut cuz it’s been on strike.

    I think the devil is Poppa Pope

    Jake’s kiss = Kiss of Judas – watch out he’s out for blood

    • Natasha Johnson
      November 9, 2015 at 2:50 pm

      Gladiators need to gladiate indeed and sort out their boss. She should be their number client!

  17. Lola
    November 9, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    For all of the talk (esp in S1) about how foolproof Liv’s gut is, it’s never really been that way. Remember, her gut (plus that on-tv look from Fitz) convinced her that he was telling the truth and Amanda Tanner was lying. It wasn’t until after Liv destroyed Amanda that she figured out the truth. For someone who is supposed to be strong and fearless, Liv doesn’t really act that way. She bails at the first sign of conflict when she’s involved, and she doesn’t own her own isn at all. She is not a white hat, from rigging the election to every other manipulative, self-centered thing she’s done with huge consequences for others. I so wanted to root for her, was so happy when this show came out, thought Shondaland would show us a strong woman hero, but Liv ain’t it. So disappointing. This whole show is a rogues gallery with no one worth rooting for anymore.

    • Natasha
      November 9, 2015 at 2:48 pm

      Lola, said it right there, even better than I could. Liv just ain’t worth rooting for no more! She takes two steps forwards with her doogoodery and twenty back with her manipulations/lies/selfishness and other badmashi. I’m actually looking forward to the day she is found crying in the corner, snot dripping down her nose, begging her friends and her loves to come for her because she’s so sorry, because she’s fubared and because she needs help! Shonda (because I truly believe you read these comments, seriously!) please make me like Liv again, thank you. x

      • toni
        November 9, 2015 at 4:12 pm

        agree with you ladies. Fitz peen game must be strong to have Liv trippin like that. She was so torn about Defiance but isn’t what she did now the same to keep Fitz from being impeach?

        She’s only a gladiator for her and Fitz

        Shonda make Liv my shero again

  18. Lolly
    November 9, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Seasons 1 and 2, I loved Olivia. Season 3, she became a shell of a woman and Mellie was the star of the show. Scandal became “The White House Chronicles” which is not what I signed up for. I wanted to see a powerful, Black woman, a crisis manager who’s gut, glam and genius was so fierce that ONLY The President of the United States was good enough to step to her. But since Kerry was pregnant and everyone said things would go back to normal after she had the baby, I stayed with it.

    Season 4, there were some sparks of the old Olivia and I enjoyed much of it. Ok, you sort of won me back. The Brandon episode cemented my love for her again even as I could see she was trying to find her new way.

    But now, in Season 5, the writers seem to be doing the exact opposite with her character as they did in Season 3. In 3, she was a punk b***h, weak and kind of stupid. Now they’ve removed the punk and she’s pretty much just a well dress b***h. Star of “The Real Mistresses of Pennsylvania Avenue.” And I’m not here for that. That ain’t what I signed up for.

    Shonda, you lucky Luvvie is so friggin awesome with these recaps and shade or I would have sent Cyrus to deliver my divorce papers to your butt! Bring Back Olivia Pope, Glamorous Genius Amazon Queen. Please!
    (do I need to get Mrs. Obama to hold up a sign?) :o\

  19. Gray's mom
    November 9, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    Is anyone else bothered by the way Liv chills/sleeps in White House like she lives there? And what about Fitz with his damb wedding ring on when he gives Liv the ring in bed…. Too shady-boots for me

    • Smokeystar
      November 9, 2015 at 8:28 pm

      Yes! It is tacky and obnoxious, she’s made herself at home. probably wearing Mellies new pair of La Perla draws she found in the dresser. Fitz is so dim, he was on one knee proposing while wearing his wedding ring. She has become insufferable. I didn’t think it was possible to hate her, I was wrong.

  20. Lala
    November 9, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    I’d be curious to see how they can continue to flip this narrative. I see bits and pieces surfacing, but they still stick to Woods’ pathology.

  21. Yvette
    November 9, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    Hmmm, this show felt like a set up to the mid-season finale. But first of all, Luvvie, I must say, your ‘better late than never’ comment? Yeah, that one? Could you PLEASE recap episode 505? Pretty pretty please? Cause I like to died waiting for that recap, checking your blog constantly, tryin to be patient while you gallivanted all over the world..truly happy for you, knowing you would recap such a juicy episode. But you didn’t, and I’m feelin a part of me is missing the good time Luvvie brings. Please????

    Now this episode…just odd. I’m thinking that even though Liv got her dad out to save Fitz by making the impeachment threat go away, Fitz might get her for the same reason he put Mellie out…for not being a team player. She shoulda told him when the release opportunity first presented itself-her error of omission she will pay for.

    Liv practically living at the White house…I’m enjoying seeing Fitz and Olivia have a public relationship and no longer having to hide and lie about it. She claimed him and their relationship and it’s good to see that negative energy go away. Oh, and OLIVIA would NEVER wear Mellie’s LaPerla-remember Liv does designer only and does it well. I don’t find her being wishy-washy about marrying Fitz. It wasn’t right for them at that time. They need to enjoy being a couple for awhile first. In this day and age, folk don’t do things conventionally, and I guess that on a television show, ‘folk’ can include the President of the United States.

    Cyrus’ nose is out of joint. Although he knew of and used Liv’s knowledge in the past, even to knowing when something had Liv’s stamp on it, he’s a little outdone that Fitz’s world has become happy. He’s not feeling needed and that’s not a good thing. But Fitz got rid of him not just for helping Mellie, but also for arresting Liv, so he’ll need to be really careful if he turns on Liv.

    Poor Susan. She’s going to get her heart broken when her new Chief of Staff publicly claims David. And another broke face will be Abby’s when she finds out. Liz and David-I guess the writers had to add sex somewhere, but I wasn’t feelin those two, it was a yawn moment.

    Jake is now dangerous. Since I don’t believe that Liv knew anything about Elise other than that she was Jake’s wife, she couldn’t have put it together that Elise was sent to kill Eli Pope and therefore would be killed by his crew. But she does know her dad’s brand of cra-cra should not be loose…although I remember his ‘power’ speech to Jake while in prison, and fully believe he was/is capable of anything from anywhere, including prison. Which was why Jake felt he did Lazarus 1 (the Louve burining). It will be a showdown between Jake and Eli, with Jake turning into the Huck of season 4 as he hunts Eli down.

    I must say I didn’t make the Cosby connection until reading your blog. A friend mentioned it to me earlier but we didn’t have time to discuss the show. I really ‘get’ those Shondaland moments of bringing the headlines to Scandal-even when the lightbulb comes on a little late.

    Luvvie, please, please, PLEASE change your mind regarding a recap of episode 505 from a ‘never’ to a ‘better late’.

    November 9, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    I know you guys are upset with Olivia Carolyn, but I don’t think she is lost forever just temporarily lost her way. I expect her to find her way back it just might be too late for her relationship with Fitz Grant. As I have previously stated don’t care for the character so from my point of view not a great loss; although I suspect more of a loss for Olivia Carolyn. As much as the old Olivia was admirable and formidable, she was also emotionally stunted “We don’t cry” I think Huck said to Quinn in one of the early episodes and she debated “getting some normal” at one point. She will find her way and the result (except for the Fitz fall out) will be better than ever. . . . Or she could turn into one of her psychopathic parents it could go either way.
    That said I have to be impressed with Liv being able to do in a few weeks to months (not clear on the timeline) what Mellie tried for more than fourteen years to do but couldn’t: Be the actual power behind the throne or the actual neck that turns the head. Hail to your V Olivia, Hail to your V!

  23. Natasha
    November 10, 2015 at 4:29 am

    Now Shonda needs to cast us all as extras so we can do these reads on Liv.

  24. November 10, 2015 at 9:56 am

    There’s one thing that’s been bothering me about the Louvre, Lazarus 1, and Elise storyline.

    L1 broke at the same time Olitz became national news. Command said L1 was Liv’s fault. Who would have hired someone to kill Command? Who has that kind of pull to hire someone to kill him? And someone hired Elise to kill him when she was on Paris and he was in a Virginia prison? Jake was right down the street and round the corner? Remember she only had a fresh wound.

    I believe Elise was working with Command. Maybe she was killed because she was gonna tell Jake? And how did Charlie know where Elise was? I believe the Sugar Assassin is still on Team Command. I could be wrong but….

    We are so focused on the Liv & Fitz Unsung, we aren’t watching Command. Is he just out of prison to go fishing? Can’t be when he got Tom out. Is it a shell game?

    • Lala
      November 10, 2015 at 6:17 pm

      What if Liv has been “working” for her father the whole time? Jake said, “How does someone as brilliant and accomplished as you not know what you are? Who you are?… You are Rowan’s greatest achievement. You have become exactly the woman he raised you to be… the beauty of it is you don’t even know it.”

      Yup. She does know it. Did anyone else catch her smirk after Jake went in? Or, after Cyrus’ epiphany, “I’m the guy behind the girl. Fitz isn’t even in the picture. He’s happy. He’s content. He was never meant to be happy. Happy, content men don’t run the world. Which is why he is not running the world… You have pulled off a clean, bloodless coup in the United States and no one is the wiser… He’s not the President anymore, Olivia. You are.”

      I think that this is a pretty big reveal. She’s been working toward this her entire life. Olivia don’t give a damb about anyone but Olivia. The face that launched a thousand ships? Helena? Maybe? But, I see more of a resemblance to Cleopatra. The coochie made errrrybody go cray in both situations. But, Cleo…she ruled.

  25. SIPort
    November 10, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    I really have been enjoying this season of Scandal. Olivia….eh.

    Fitz gets what he gets after letting her back in after the non-wedding. What did he expect.

    Cyrus cracks me up….

    Jake is bitter and broken…and Olivia better watch out.

    I thought the Devil with the Second Chance was Rowan – hands down.

    David…you can’t handle one woman, let alone two. He needs to leave well enough alone.

  26. Lala
    November 10, 2015 at 6:02 pm


    • Lala
      November 10, 2015 at 6:05 pm

      She will bring some sort of assemblance of balance to this whole situation.

      • Cat Luster
        November 11, 2015 at 2:04 pm

        She’ll either balance it out, or spin it entirely out of control lol Either way, it’ll be amazing and I totally agree with you… #freemamapope

        • Yvette
          November 11, 2015 at 9:38 pm

          I think Mama Pope was behind Lazarus 1. I think Mama Pope hired Elise. Daddy Pope held her prisoner for a reason.

  27. Asia
    November 11, 2015 at 7:52 am

    Yes, Lala! #FreeMamaPope

    That’s all I kept thinking during the last two episodes. With both of her savage parents free, America is NOT safe. And I love it!

  28. Kierah
    November 11, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    This season has got Liv’s edges on life support. Everybody is reading her ass for days – and she deserves every last bit of it.

  29. Cat Luster
    November 11, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    First of all….Top Flight National Security shit? I’m done. Completely. I cackled so hard, I ended up with crumbs on the keyboard! LOL!

    Second of all…THANK YOU. I thought, for one millisecond, that you weren’t going to go ahead and connect those Cosby dots, but as usual you did not disappoint! You didn’t waste time ranting, but you did give me what I wanted and showed exactly what I was doing while watching….


  30. November 11, 2015 at 7:04 pm

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