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Elsewhere This Week: Buy Your Custom URL and The Fire Challenge is STUPID

Hey folks! My weekly roundup of where else I’ve written every week. I’m a columnist for TheGrio, where I have a section called “Luvvie’s Lane” to talk about race, culture, politics and other things. I also have my tech blog Awesomely Techie where I talk about technology, tools, resources and general geekery.

So on to what I’ve written this week.

Why You Should Own Your Name’s Custom URL and How To Buy It

Do you own your I lay out why it’s important for you to grab (like the fact that it can be used against you if you do not own it), and I tell you where to go buy yours.

P.S. Buy your kids’ URLs too. They’ll thank you later.

Read the post on Awesomely Techie.

Buy Your custom URL 2

These fire and fainting challenges are stupid and dangerous

Why is lighting yourself on fire and inducing fainting spells all the rave with young and dumb America right now? Are toys busy? Did the iPad get boring? Did summertime spent outside lose its appeal? What is happening, and why are these kids literally set ablaze with stupidity? Who do we blame for this? I just have a lot of questions.

I know teenagers are wired to do stupid things, but this might take the cake. I didn’t necessarily subscribe to the fact that this generation might be more reckless than others, but it’s hard to debate that now, because I don’t think anything we did could touch this.

Read the rest on TheGrio.

Newest Instagram Account: @MustLuvvShoes

Y’all know my love of shoes is real. Shoes of all kinds are my vice and I usually share my shoes of the day. Now, I have an Instagram account dedicated to this addiction. I’ll be posting my daily footwork, with other shoes I’m ogling.

MustLuvvShoes IG

Getchu a piece at!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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  1. Chele
    August 4, 2014 at 9:56 am…/whats-up-with-these-d...

    I any to your grit article and read it. Then searched for the fainting game on google so I could see what stupidity that actually was. And then I read the article at the link above. It bears a very story resemblance to your article. Looks like someone may have plagiarized large chunks of your article for theirs.

    • August 4, 2014 at 10:01 am

      I just looked at it. WOWWWWW!!! Whoever this Richard is really took chunks of my piece. Wow.