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Buried: Breaking Bad Episode 510 Recap

Breaking Bad is going to give us all a heart attack before it wraps up these final eight episodes. Now that Walt knows that Hank knows he’s Heisenberg, what’s he gonna do? What’s Hank’s next move? I wanted to know after last week’s “Tread Lightly” tension-filled scene. But one thing I counted on was Hank realizing that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place for knowing that he was under the thumb of the monster this whole time. Let’s get into the major moments of this week’s episode. 

Stacks Trail – When some old dude is leaving his house at night and sees a stack of cash in front of his truck, it leads him to other stacks which then leads him to Jesse’s car. Jesse’s not in it but an open bag of money is. He finds Pinkman going around in circles in a rusty old round-about plaything.

Jesse RoundJesse round 2

Jesse is literally spinning (out of control) and it’s clear that he is having a complete breakdown and a case of “No more dambs left to give.” Dude didn’t even try to throw away the money and go home. He just pulls over to a park to wade in a pool of his own pity and guilt of all the stuff him and Walt have done. Poor Pinkman.

Hank’s Next Move – Walt walks out of Hank’s garage, gets in his car and gets a block away and stops. He sees Hank come out on the phone and knows he’s calling Skyler, especially when he fails to get in touch with her.

Skyler meets up with Hank in a diner, and he gives her a huge hug and tells her he knows Walter is a monster. He thinks she was a victim coerced into cooperating all along and wants her to sing like a bird into a tape recorder he brought. CLEARLY, Hank ain’t treading lightly like he was warned and he’s tryna bring Skyler along for the ride. He even tells her that Walt’s cancer is back but that might have worked against him because she doesn’t bite.

Skyler Diner2

When he tells her they need to go get her kids and bring them to his house, she asks “Am I under arrest?” Hank grabs her to calm her down but she makes a scene and jets out the diner.

Skyler is SHOOK because she knows how much a monster Walt is, and Hank is officially in SUPER dangerous territory. See why I still have hope for her? She knows who to not cross. Hank might be the law but Heisenberg is the danger.

To be noted, Hank and Skyler’s meeting takes place in the diner that we see Walt in on his 52nd birthday flash forward. I’m not sure the significance yet but ummm… remember that.

Storage and Saul – Walt thinks Skyler might tell Hank about his money stash so Saul sends his two goons to his storage locker to retrieve ALL this cash. When Huell and the other dude get there and see cash that is waist-tall, they lay on it.

Huell Money Breaking Bad

SO. MUCH. MONEY. They even consider stealing it and running to Mexico (yeah, aight). Meanwhile, Saul is helping Walt come up with solutions when when he suggests that Heisenberg make Hank go “to Belize” like Mike did. Walt is shocked because Hank is family. Oh. That’ll change.

When the guys get the money to Walt, it takes up 6 tubs! He hands a duffle bag worth to Saul for safekeeping and drives deep into the desert to bury the tubs of dough.

Marie’s Slap – Skyler is at home when the doorbell rings and it’s Marie, who was driven there by Hank. She ignores it until her sister says she’ll stay there for as long as it takes for her to let her in. When she finally does, they go into the White bedroom and Marie shoots off questions to Skyler, who just sits there in tears. Finally, she replies with “I’m sorry” and Marie blesses her with a resounding slap.

Marie Slaps Skyler

THEN, she carries her purple ass out the room and grabs Holly, the baby, saying she’s taking her. NO, THE HELL YOU NOT! Skyler wants her crying baby back and Hank hears the hoopla and comes in. He tells Marie to leave the baby and they leave. Back in the car, Marie says “You have to get him.”

Did Marie wale into the house with a wire, because if so I’m so glad that Skyler gave her nothing? Hank is so desperate that he’d surely send his wife in with some sort of recording device. It’s like Skyler said to him in that diner: “It sounds like what you want is to get Walt at all costs.” YUP! Also, Hank and Marie are currently acting on emotions only, instead of strategizing. They haven’t come up with any sort of plan and that is STUPID. If you find out your bro-in-law is a druglord, you don’t run in his house and try to snatch his baby from his wife. DUMB AND DUMBER!

Buried – Walt works through the night to bury the dough and does it. The coordinates are 34-59-20-106-36-52. When he gets home, Skyler is waiting on him to say she didn’t tell Hank a thing. As Walt undresses (into his tighty whiteys), he collapses on the bathroom floor.

When he wakes up, 5 hours has passed and Skyler is sitting next to him, like the real ride or die she is. She tells him she knows his cancer is back and he says that should make her happy. Her heartbreaking retort is “I can’t remember the last time I was happy.” She’s in hell and Walt helped put her there.

Walter White Skyler

BUT when he suggests he give himself up, she tells him that giving himself up is also giving the money he’s made up. Walt’s weak “Please don’t let me have done all this for nothing” was touching because that was the FIRST glimpse to pre-Heisenberg Walter White that we’ve seen in a while. All this started because he wanted to make sure his family was ok after he dies. And he looked super vulnerable.

This part of the show reminded me of season 1 for a couple of reasons. Walter buried the money in the same location that him and Jesse would drive the RV to cook back in the day. Also, we see Walt in his tighty whiteys, like from the first scene of the show’s pilot.

This scene also confirms how Skyler is totally not the victim Hank thinks she is. She does have SOME (albeit, tiny) control over this situation. She’s advised him along the way, even after finding out he was Heisenberg. Her reasons are debatable as legit but behind every goon is another. And peep how he’s still rocking his wedding ring and she’s not.

Lydia and Chaos – Lydia shows up for a meeting in the desert with some dudes and asks to see their lab. It’s underground so they all enter and she isn’t pleased with the condition; it’s dirty. She says their predecessor (Heisenberg) would not have approved and that her Czech connects would not either so they better fix it. The guys are then told there’s a problem so they go back up and lock Lydia in. She crouches and gunshots go off for a bit.

Homegirl came to set them dudes up, it seems. The hatch opens and she tells Todd that she doesn’t want to see the bodies so he tells her to close her eyes. He walks her into the car, with her eyes closed all the way. Blood red soles under her shoes to match the blood she just authorized to be shed. Ooooo.

Lydia Breaking Bad

Lydia is going to play a big part in Walter’s doom and if that wasn’t confirmed before I feel like it just was. She’s basically the new Heisenberg, in over her head and trying to play a dirty game without getting dirty. But she’s calling some massive shots that are OFFing people and no matter how much she closes her eyes, she’s still responsible for them bodies.

Also, chick went in the desert rocking some Christian Louboutins like a real chic G. Props. And if you forgot who Todd was, he’s the one who killed the little boy who saw them steal methylamine from that train earlier in season 5. And he did it with NO sort of guilt, but Jesse carries it for both of them. Sooo Lydia and Todd are the new Walt and Jesse, except Todd has no dambs to give.

Hank’s Conundrum – Hank is sitting at his dining room table when Marie the Purple People Annoyer shows up and asks him when he’s going to blow the whistle on Walt. He tells her “The day I go in with this, it’s the last day of my career.” YUP! Because the biggest methlord has been in his face for years. He cannot win this!

Jailhouse Jesse – Hank’s back at work, looking anxious DINNAMUG when his colleague tells him Jesse Pinkman is in custody for trying to throw away millions of dollars in cash. Two officers are grilling Jesse, who is looking catatonic and as un-present as he possibly could.

Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad 3

The fellas take a break when they see they’re getting nothing and Hank volunteers to try his hand at making Jesse sing. The episode ends as he enters the room with Jesse.

How can Hank let Jesse know that he knows who Heisenberg really is while in that interrogation room, which has a camera in it? Also, if he finds a way to get this info to Jesse, will he get him to talk? IF Jesse talks, it’s because he truly has a death wish and knows Walt will come for him. If he doesn’t talk, it’s because he doesn’t feel like anything will come from it. He’d have nothing to gain or lose. Either way, Jesse Pinkman is ready to die, because living with the guilt of the things he’s done is hell enough for him.

Last week’s episode had Hank punching the crap out of Walt, and this week, Marie slapped the hell out of Skyler. The Whites and the Schraders are officially on opposing sides and they’ve definitely drawn the line. The war truly starts now because one of them will have to take the other down.

Did you watch this ep? Any thoughts on why it was called “Buried” besides the tubs of money ending up 6-feet under in the desert?

P.S. This tweet is awesome:

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  1. August 19, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Oh for mercy, this episode was fantastic! I understand why Marie snatched the baby, because I’d try to get my niece or nephew out of that house too. However, it was dumb as heck because Walt is the devil, and he would have murdered them to get his kid back. Skyler knows this.

    On another note, I always got the feeling that Marie felt superior to Skyler. It would have crushed her ego to know who they really were, and how incredibly stupid she sounded in almost every, single conversation she ever had with them.

  2. Candice
    August 19, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    This episode was a deep as that hole buried that cash. The episode title of ‘Buried’ was literal and figurative and I LOVED it. It’s like watching a serious game of chess. Genius. Ain’t nothing but a G thang, baby. Breaking Bad is a nice distraction until Scandal resumes in October. I predict that Walt will be the last man standing.

  3. milaxx
    August 20, 2013 at 3:55 am

    Lydia truly is the new Heisenberg. She went from paper pusher who didn’t get her hands dirty with Gus, to be so scared she was wearing 2 different colored shoes when she wanted Mike’s guys dead, to perfectly styled hair, a fly meth blue trench and red bottoms this week.

  4. Lyra
    August 20, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I’m so glad you pointed out the wrong in skanky Marie trying to snatch the baby. When she slapped Skylar I was like “Un Un, no she didn’t”, but was willing to let that go. However, when she tried to take that baby I ’bout near lost my mind. I was thinking Sky should have donkey kicked her in the face and grabbed her baby as Marie was sinking to the floor, but that’s the couthless in me. Skylar handled it well, but really, my momma bear was clawing at the big screen.