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Fall Heard ‘Round the World

Okay so I’m not the most graceful of people. It’s part of the reason I’m not a dancer (that and my lack of talent. But semantics). There are countless F My Life tales from high school of when my feets failed me.

Picture it, Chicago 2001…

A young Luvvie was loitering in the school afterhours, being cool and whatnot (O__o). We had just finished leaning on lockers in leather jackets and tripping the uncool kids. You know, a regular day in high school. Anyway, me and my posse were chilling in one of the school’s 4 cafeterias and hangout spots. This was the Blue House and it faced the entrance to the school where the busses and the parking lot was. The incredibly cool school was glass all around so you could see outside from any most places. Well one of my friends was heading home so she left the posse to go to the bus stop. When she got outside, she yelled up to say “bye.” My back was to her but I heard her voice so I got up to wave, not knowing my bookbag was on the floor behind my chair, on its side. This all happened in slow-motion, and I will try to describe it to a tee.

*pushes chair back*
*stands up*
*swivels left leg to the side*

As I’m getting up and hollering “Bye gurl!”
*left leg gets caught in bookbag arm*
*ankle gets tangled in bookbag arm*
*loses balance and starts falling AND verrrryyy slowly*

*thinking oh crap*
*sees friend’s face go from 😀 to :-\ to :-O*

Longest 2 secs ever….



Posse: :-O

Me: *Gets up looking mad disheveled*
*permed hair askew*
*pride hurt*
“I’m alright”

*fall off chair laughing*

Then our Vice Principal, whose office is like half the length of a football field away walks over and says “Wowwww! I saw that. Are you alright?”
Me: “Yeah”
VP: *with smirk on his face trying not to laugh.* “That was a nasty fall.”
Me: “I’m fine”

To say my pride was hurt is an understatement. The only saving grace was that since it was afterschool, it wasn’t crowded. I’m not sure Humpty’s fall was greater than mine. But there were no Kings Horses or Kings men to put my pride together again. Twas on the floor in pieces. Lawdhamercy. I don’t even remember feeling any physical pain. My pride was way too hurt for anything else to matter.

Everyone had to compose themselves after a while because they had laughed so hard. I’m so glad YouTube ain’t exist then because it may have become the Y2K Scarlet’s Tumble.


But umm… AweLuvvers. Sharing is caring. Has something this bad happened to you before? A blog family that shares embarrassing stories together STAY together.

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