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Going From a PC to My First MacBook

This summer, I will not be satting down in one place for long because of my love of frolicking in hot weather. And I have a lot of projects going on, both for my 9-5, and for others, so I need to be mobile. Despite the fact that I have a BlackBerry, me needs a laptop. So after weeks of hard contemplation, meditation (not really), and wide eyes, I have done it. Countrymen, blogosphere, lend me your ears. I, Luvvie Ig Baby, is now the proud owner of a segzy silver MacBook.

Yes, I of the Love of PC and all things Dell. I, owner of 4 PCs in the past 7 years, is now the proud owner of a MacBook. *hears chorus of boos from PC-owners* LibraSong & KindredSmile have already booed me and said I was a Benedict Arnold, but like the blood pressure of a person, eating pork chops ALL their life, STILL I rise.

My main reason for getting a MacBook is because I wanted a laptop that was ultra-portable and could perform well. Being the gadget geek I am, I consulted my Gadget Bible, and got reviews on all these laptops. However, I was pretty tied to getting a Dell since they haven’t let me down yet, but there was no super light Dell that had comparable performance.

Yes, I know PCs make the world go round, yada yada blah blah blah.

Sidenote: After I bought my MacBook, and carried it a couple of blocks, my shoulder started hurting. Got home and my shoulder felt slightly outta socket. This lasted a couple of days, and made a creaking sound every time I made a sudden move. Who suffers a shoulder injury from carrying a 5 lb. laptop for 20 minutes? A mess is what that is. Jeebs be some weight training for me.

I think I shall name her Silverkins

The PC loyalist in me is pained to admit that:

  • This laptop is sleeker than a fast-talking Pimp with a slicky ricky hair do
  • It’s lighter than Gary Coleman’s shoe
  • Faster than a pregnant teenager
  • Segzier than a shirtless Boris Kodjoe
  • Doper than “The Corner” in Baltimore

Yes, yes y’all. This laptop is what I call “that business”. Sorry to my PC users. If it helps, I still got my Dell desktop. DJ Della is still my homie. *fist to chest*. I love my MacBook.

Luv Bulletins

I will be in San Francisco for most of next week for the Nonprofit Technology (NTEN) Conference (YAYYY for Nonprofit Geeks!), so I’m having another edition of Guest Bloggers Week. This time though, nepotism rules everything around me. I got my closest IGs and my ePosse to blog next week, and PLEASE BELIEVE that they are ridiculously foolish. In fact, I often debate (and seldom win) that they may just be more senseless than I am (*side-eyeing LibraSong*). They are replete of tomfoolery and habadasshery. (c) KindredSmile

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  1. luvtheshoes
    April 24, 2009 at 7:07 am

    I made the change to mac a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. You won’t regret it. The dependability, speed, and lack of virus/lock ups/general chicanery of PC’s will make you very happy.

  2. KindredSmile
    April 24, 2009 at 8:19 am

    First and foremost, +2 pts to luvtheshoes for the use of the word chicanery. That’s so awesome I forgot what I was gonna write about.

    Ah yes, your janky shoulder. I keep tellin you there’s not enough calcium in rice to sustain your skeleton, but you don’t listen. Maybe it’s time to rethink your love of Flintstone vitamins…

  3. Ms_Slim
    April 24, 2009 at 8:56 am

    I’ve still got my desktop as well. And I’ve got an Acer laptop that I absolutely adore. (Too bad the screen broke about a month ago – le sigh).

    I’m Anti-Apple. So I’m gonna have to booo you on this purchase, Ife. lol


  4. N.I.A.naturally....
    April 24, 2009 at 11:30 am

    Welcome to the glory that is Mac!! Macs were the best thing that ever happened to me. I co-sign everything luvtheshoes said…

  5. suga
    May 3, 2009 at 1:00 am

    All I can say is, you’se a fool for this: “…but like the blood pressure of a Black Woman, eating po’k chops ALL her life, STILL I rise (c) Madea.”

  6. October 6, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    lol @ Suga

    I was on my iPhone when my BFF told me about Steve’s passing. My family’s first computer was an Apple IIc, I played Oregon Trail for HOURS on that thing. I have gone through two iPods, my daughter is on her third (ppl love to steal ipods from your apartment and car, but I digress). I LOVE my iPhone and will be buying an iPad for my birthday and will buy a MacBook as a graduation gift to me once I finish grad school.

    Without Steve there would be no Pixar, and we know how I feel about Nemo and Up and The Incredibles.

    Steve is on his iCloud now and I, for one, will miss him.