Go Unafraid (with Bozoma Saint John) – Episode 14 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, we’re diving back into our archives and re-sharing some of our interviews with epic professional troublemakers. This week, we’re sharing my interview with one of my besties, Bozoma Saint John. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 14 TRANSCRIPT Though she’s now the Chief Marketing Officer for Netflix, at the …

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Apple’s New iMac Pro Better Turn My House into a Home for that $5,000

Listen. I’m a fan of Apple products and I have given them A LOT of money over the years. Yesterday was Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and they announced a new slate of products. You know I was ready to see them offer the same products as last year …


Blackberry’s CEO’s Calling Apple Out for Lack of Innovation is Pot Calling Kettle Un-edgy

Sometimes, the pot calls the kettle black and you just wanna activate your side-eye. According to Forbes, Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Hines just said that Apple is no longer innovative and has lost its edge. Ummm… talk about someone sitting in a glass house throwing shadeful boulders. Sir… your phones were …

RIP Steve Jobs Apple
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RIP Steve Jobs. We’ve Lost an Icon.

I spend over 12 hours of my day in front of my MacBook. When I leave the house, my iPod touch has to come with me. I don’t remember the last time I bought a physical CD because I use iTunes for all my music. Apple Rules Every Gadget Around …

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Going From a PC to My First MacBook

This summer, I will not be satting down in one place for long because of my love of frolicking in hot weather. And I have a lot of projects going on, both for my 9-5, and for others, so I need to be mobile. Despite the fact that I have …