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Introducing My Latest Site: Awesomely Techie!

I love technology and I’m a not-so-secret geek when it comes to all things digital. When I’m not keeping track of the foolery happening in pop culture, I’m teaching people how to use technology to make their lives easier or further their goals. It’s definitely one of my passions and …

tmobile sucks
My Life

I Switched to T-Mobile and Now I Have Bad Service

I’ve been with U.S. Cellular since I got my first cellphone in 2002 and I loved them. They were based in Chicago and had amazing service. I even had reception when I was underground in the red line. WIN! My calls seldom dropped and even though I travel a lot, …

RIP Steve Jobs Apple
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RIP Steve Jobs. We’ve Lost an Icon.

I spend over 12 hours of my day in front of my MacBook. When I leave the house, my iPod touch has to come with me. I don’t remember the last time I bought a physical CD because I use iTunes for all my music. Apple Rules Every Gadget Around …

Hidden App for MacBooks

MacBook Thieves Beware! You Might Don’t Make It!

Ok so y’all know I’m a tech geek and I love my gadgets. Between my Blackberry, MacBook and iPod touch, I’m always connected to the matrix. This is a good AND bad thing but I’m addicted. I love my gadgets like they’re my children, so I’d hate if anything ever …