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Eddie Long, All-White Party and Youth Ministry Clothes: An Epic Roast

So a picture dropped the other day that blessed me tremendously. It was of three older Black men in all white. I thought they looked like what would happen if the three wise men decided to go to a Frankie Beverly and Maze Concert before they went to visit Baby …

Black Incredible Hulk
Whose is this?

Whose Mighty Mouse Swag Brother is This? Featuring Roast From My Readers

Yesterday, I was perusing Tumblr when I came across the picture of a strapping young lad, captured by someone on public transportation. I posted the picture on my Awesomely Luvvie Facebook page and the comments my readers replied with were better than anything I could come up with. I laughed …


Dontchu Hear Me Calling You, Miss Honay?

On the day I seent this vidjo, my life changed for the better. I proceeded to watch it no less than 20 times. And I cried laughing each time. My ace boon, Kiarri et moi watched it and DAHD together. Our conversation about it via gchat is below (this was …