Bobby Jindal Portrait

Was Brown Paint Busy When They Created This Bobby Jindal Portrait?

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana got his official portrait done and well, it’s missing two very important things: melanin, so therefore accuracy. Jindal is of Indian descent, and he is perpetually saying the worst things. He really must get his Land of Abandoned People passport soon. But this official portrait is …


I Have So Many Questions About This Painting

Sooo I saw the following painting on Facebook when Sam (@blunted215) reposted it, after seeing it on someone’s page with the caption “I almost cried seeing this.” I have so many questions about this painting. * Why is Jesus behind ol’ boy looking like He has to go to the …

Santa weeps into Jesus' arms

As Santa Weeps, Jesus Comforts. Glory. O_O

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was two days ago. The country came together to pay its respects to the lives lost on that fateful day that changed the world as we know it. We’re all cheering New York on for still standing. Whoever did this painting was also tryna #PayAmish. They …

Malcolm X baptizing Tupac
Famous folks

If Tupac Met Malcolm X, They’d Side-Eye This Painting Together

At this point in time, y’all already know I spend WAY too much of my time and days loitering on the Den of Iniquity that is Twitter. Yesterday was no different. I was minding my own business (O__o) when someone posted a link to a twitpic by Tyrese. It was… …