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America’s Dealing With Gun Violence Like a Lazy College Student

Yesterday, another school shooting happened and I had the nerve not to be immediately enraged and disheartened by it. It’s either I’ve become a robot, I’m suffering from Acute Outrage Fatigue Syndrome or these tragedies happen too often to punch me in the chest like they used to. I think …


WTF, Senate?!? You Had One Job! ONE JOB!

The U.S. Senate basically DEADED the bill expanding background checks for guns. 54 YAYs and 46 NAYs. The bill lost by 6 votes. SIX. GAHTDAMB. VOTES. The message that was just sent to 90% of Americans who supported this bill is “WE’ONT GIVE A DAMB WHATCHU WANT!” and “NRA PAYPALED US …

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Dear NRA, A Stadium of Seats Awaits You

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been tripping for a good while and they’ve been hitting their dougie all over the collective nerves of people with sense. They’ve more than earned this sternly-worded letter. Dear NRA, I’m beginning to believe that you have to be a dizzy dingbat to be …