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On Confidence, Courage and Color

Awards season is in full swing, and you KNOW the Grammys from this past weekend has been all over the interwebs. I wasn’t gonna watch it, at first, but I decided to anyway because well: FOMO. 🤦🏾‍♀️ And IDK about your timeline, but the live-tweets from my Twitfam are too …

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Shade, Snubbery and Sam Smith Slayage: My 2015 GRAMMY Awards Recap

What can be said about the GRAMMY Awards that can’t be said about any other out of touch award show? It was long, it was hella white and it snubbed Black and brown people. It’s their tradition and it is mine to complain about it. Consider this that complaint. But …

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I Have Many Questions About the 2014 GRAMMY Awards

The 2014 GRAMMY Awards were so long that when they started, gas prices were $1.56. Why? WHY WAS IT SO LONG?!? This is my first question but I have many more. And check out BuzzFeed’s 34 Best Moments From This Year’s Grammys post. I got most of these GIFs from …

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Pharrell’s GRAMMYs Hat Lived So We Could Roast It

Pharrell came to the 2014 GRAMMYs in a hat that looked awesomely ridiculous so the internet found its latest meme. I’m not sure if he lost a bet or if he wanted to make the braodcast more interesting but Thank you, FOREVER FAHN! And congrats on all the awards! There …