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DMX’s Rudolph Rap Has Brought Me Christmas Cheer

I haven’t been in the holiday spirit but I think that changed tonight. When someone sent me a link saying it was DMX singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I asked them to take it back. I thought it’d be terrible and I wanted no parts of it. And then I …

Soulful Christmas

My 10 Favorite Soulful Christmas Songs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas season! I actually do think it’s the best time of the year. Everyone is in great spirits. Being jolly and ish. Plus, my favorite color is red, so I’m thoroughly enjoying rocking it on most days without folks’ judging eyes on me wondering why I’s …

Antoine Dodson Chimney intruder

Antoine Dodson’s Chimney Intruder Is Just… iCan’t.

Remember Antoine Dodson? Yeah I had Dodson Fever when that whole foolery first came out. And I may or may not have had the Bed Intruder song as my ringtone for a hot, quick second. Antywho, I’ve been kinda off the Dodson wagon though, after I saw how he’s allowing …

My Life

Luvvie’s Christmas Sweater: Last Year’s Roast

Last year, I blessed the world by putting my avatar in a DELIGHTFUL sweater to celebrate the holidays. The Christmas spirit was RIPE in me. So y’all know I had to dress for the occasion! I presented the world with my sweater. And DAGNABBIT I looked ADORABO in it. But …