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On Iron Fists, Individual Paths and Inner Child

The madness of my March schedule has yet to cease (just made it home at 1am 😩), but I’ve been energized by the spaces I’m in. I just got back from the Leading Women Defined summit, founded and curated by Debra Lee, and lemme tell you. A time was had! …

Go the fuck to sleep

Go the F*ck to Sleep! Best Bedtime Book EVER!

Adam Mansbach was tryna get his kids to go to bed one night, and it took over 2 hours for them to finally go to sleep. So he got on Facebook and jokingly told folks he was gonna write a book called “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”


Dear Amazon, Selling A Pedophilia Guide Book??? AWFUL!

I wasn’t even planning a sternly-worded letter this week. But as usual, something popped up to make one necessary. An evening post? Yes. It’s on THAT level of serious. I was on Twitter when I saw this tweet: I clicked on it, and what do I see but THIS: Dear …