Blackberry’s CEO’s Calling Apple Out for Lack of Innovation is Pot Calling Kettle Un-edgy

Sometimes, the pot calls the kettle black and you just wanna activate your side-eye. According to Forbes, Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Hines just said that Apple is no longer innovative and has lost its edge. Ummm… talk about someone sitting in a glass house throwing shadeful boulders. Sir… your phones were …

Blackberry Bold 9700

Dear Blackberry and RIM, For Shame

I’ve been Blackberry user for almost four years, standing by my phone steadfastly through the storms. Even that one time where my trackball popped out and ended up in 6 pieces. How something so small could have so many parts is beyond me. Then I upgraded to a Bold and …

My Life

I Love My Blackberry

Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I’m a geek addicted to all things web, web 2.0 and social media. I’m currently being paid to be a web geek (I LOVE MY GIG), so all aspects of my life call for me to be in front of …