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On Being Deserving, Disappointed and Deeply Rooted

When I tell you March Madness is in full swing? šŸ˜© Iā€™ve taken 6 flights in the last 2 weeks, and have flown coast to coast 2 times. Iā€™m behind on even posting about most things Iā€™ve done because as soon as I finish one, Iā€™m off to the next. …

the woman king
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The Woman King Being Snubbed by Award Season is a Travesty

The Woman King was one of the best films of 2022, so the fact that it was shut out of awards season (especially the Academy Awards), is a travesty, an injustice and a shame! The film was so good thatĀ I made a video when I walked out the theater. I …

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Chris Rock Shouldn’t Boycott the Oscars. I Wrote Some #OscarsSoWhite Jokes For Him

The pressureĀ for Black celebritiesĀ to boycott the Oscars is here, yet Chris Rock was hired to host this year’s show. Even Tyrese threw his hat in the ring, publicly asking Chris to step down as host.Ā Sir, were you even invited? Did you even get a ticket? How did you get here? …