Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual in the Press!

I love to see Professional Troublemaker in the press! The amount of attention the book has received in response to its release has been immense! I am so proud of this book and love talking about it, which is why I’m grateful I’ve had the chance to speak to writers for print outlets across the world in preparation for this book launch. The print landscape has changed so much since my first book came out, but regardless of whether the article is printed on paper or available online, or both, these articles give me the opportunity to be introduced to new audiences and communities of people who need this message.

As we move toward reaching my goal of helping ONE MILLION people fight their fear and live more audacious lives, the articles below give a peek behind the scenes at what I was thinking as I wrote and why this book matters so much right now. Be sure to click through to the articles and share them with friends or family who might find them helpful!


In a vulnerable conversation with the Harvard Business Review’s Kelsey Alpaio, we get to the bottom of fear in the work environment. Kelsey shares her experience with feeling uncomfortable negotiating salaries and speaking up, as I delve into how the book is sparking change in the way people handle their business and speak up for themselves.  Click here to read the article. 

Luvvie Ajayi Jones featured in article on

In this article, I spoke with Nylah Burton from Shondaland about why it was important for me to include my grandmother’s stories and assessing my wants. We also discuss the exhausting nature of being a black woman, and how this book can help black women get bold in expressing their needs to achieve financial wellness. Click here to read.

Daniel Wellbelove with Hemispheres writes a wonderful synopsis of some of the key points of my book, including prioritizing truth over harmony when troublemaking, weathering challenges, and the importance of adjusting our mindset. 

In a candid interview with the Chicago Tribune, Heidi Stevens and I discuss the power of writing an Oriki– a formulated ode-to-self that gives confidence and assurance. We also talk about one of my biggest public failures and why I decided to include it in the book. 

In this USA Today article, I talk with Jasmine Vaughn-Hall about my struggles with identifying myself as a writer and blazing my own path to writing the things I want to write about. I also give insight into why I chose my guests for the virtual tour.

This Goodreads article delves into why I love the podcast medium, my affinity for books, and talk about my favorite authors. We conclude the interview with explaining how I organize my at-home library and why books are magical. 

I talk with Adrienne Samuels Gibbs of ZORA about why we should be throwing humility away, recovering from “self-diminishing our talents”, success being a form of economic justice, and why it’s important to gas up your friends! 


And in Self Magazine, I was interviewed by Patia Braithwaite about how we experience fear, how it can hold us back and what fighting our fear looks like as we head into the beginning of year two fighting a global pandemic.


We’ll keep adding to this article as the press hits roll in! Meanwhile, if you have an article you saw and loved, let us know! Leave the link in the comments below.


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