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In this New Year, Audit Your Life

Every year, I see a new year as an opportunity to audit myself, my life, my relationships. I think it presents to us a chance to look around and see what we have chosen, and how it either feeds or starves us.

And after the year we’ve just come through, I have seen the need to cut more than normal from my life. Everything is on the table. If it isn’t serving me, it needs to go.

If you’ve never done an audit like this before, I’m sharing what I’ve done this year to clear the things that aren’t bringing me life and energy so I can focus on what is yielding good fruit in my life.

Delete contacts you haven’t spoken with in a long time

I always start with my phone and my contact list. If you have a contact in your phone book that you haven’t used (or been in touch with) in 5 years, delete them. Or if you were to text them today and say “hey” and they might wonder where the hell you came from. 


No need to hoard the past.

Clubhouse has taught me that there’s a lot of people in my contacts who I need to delete. Because when they join the app, they send a notification asking if I wanna follow them. NO I DO NOT. Delete the contact of the friend you fell out with in college and have not seen or heard from since. No need to keep that info. Same for the ex who you dated 10 years ago and haven’t heard from at all and is now married.


If you don’t think, talk, or even just interact with this person, then there is no need for you to have their contact information. We tend to live our lives holding on to relationships and things that just add clutter to our lives instead of sifting out all people who add no value to our lives.

Delete social media friends you wouldn’t speak to on the streets

So after you go through your contacts, tackle your FB friends list and delete people who you wouldn’t speak to if you saw them in the streets. If you would do a Matrix backbend to avoid speaking to them if you saw them in person, delete them from your eSpace. Because frankly, you don’t even want them in your space in GENERAL, so they definitely don’t need to be the person you see when you open Instagram. 

Related to my new year audit: if you are someone who hasn’t spoken to a contact in your phone book for years, DO NOT TEXT THEM RANDOMLY. They don’t need to hear from you. And if you feel the need to reach out, use email. We are leaving toxicity in 2020, stop playing the mind games! 

Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t want or open

As the new year audit continues, you’re going to get 1,000 newsletters this week (including mine). Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t want, or never open. And unsubscribe from that store you haven’t shopped at in 1 year. Or unsubscribe from that store you NEED to not shop at because you’re on a budget. Ain’t no better time than to do it right now. 

*You deleting and unsubscribing the trash out of your life.

You can use to mass unsubscribe from newsletters. It’s a dope app for this. It is super easy and a free way to get your started on auditing your inbox. 

As I was sharing my audit tips online in the past week, I asked my LuvvCousins to let me know how many phone contacts they were deleting, and what else they were clearing from their electronic space.

My wish for you in 2021, wherever you are, is that you choose YOU. I hope you choose your joy. I hope you choose to honor your head. In Yorùbáland, our Orí (head) is our destiny, our being, our goodness. Our Orí is watched and protected by our angels and ancestors. Honor your Orí. That means you must leave what is harming you behind. You must not choose others if it means you are betraying yourself and your Orí.

Leave behind that relationship/man/woman/person who hurts you.

Leave behind that job that sucks the spirit out of you.

Leave behind EVERYTHING that does not serve you.

We are here, on this Earth, breathing. That GIFT of breath means we owe it to ourselves and to our Orí to do what we can to thrive. When we leave this plane, may we rest, knowing we LIVED, not just took breaths. We LIVED in joy.

So in 2021, may this be a year where we CHOOSE US, HONOR OUR SPIRIT, and THRIVE BECAUSE OF IT.

Sending all of LuvvNation a happy new year.

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  1. January 8, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Luvv this!! Especially the unsubscribe button on emails. I live for it.