Do The Thing That Feels Bigger Than You (Behind the Scenes on Luvvie’s Next Book) – Episode 43 of Rants & Randomness

My people! I’m excited to be bringing you this week’s episode of Rants & Randomness.

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This week, I’m bringing you portions of the audio from an Instagram and Facebook Live I did last week. I don’t show up live very often, but I just finished writing my second book, and I’m sharing all the details on how I got my first book deal, how this second book deal came to be and how I was able to write it in the middle of a pandemic.

I’m answering questions on all things writing – including the tool I can’t live without to write my books and how to overcome obstacles like writer’s block:

⁣⁣We’re talking about why you need to do the things that are weighing on your heart and mind and why you need to feel that fear and do the thing that is on your heart anyway.

If you have something that has been sitting on your heart that won’t leave you alone, or words in your mind that you haven’t had the courage to put on paper, I hope this episode will be a resource for you to do the thing that feels bigger than you.

And a thank you to all of you – we just hit 2 million downloads! Thank you for listening, thank you for your support and for leaving reviews and sharing the episodes. We’ve got more good stuff to come.

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Download Episode 43 Transcript
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