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Lowkey Distant: Insecure Season 4, Episode 2 Recap

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Looking Back – Molly and Andrew are leaving their date night at a club when Andrew gets a work call.

Insecure Season 4

Insecure Season 4 HBO

When he hangs up, his face is tight! She asks him what’s wrong and he says it doesn’t matter. Their night ends with some doggy style and ass slapping.

Issa is scouting the area she’s using for the Block Party with Condola when she asks her to come get drinks that weekend. Condola can’t make it because she’s going out of town with Lawrence. Well, just put it out on the table, y’all. They admit it’s been kind of awkward between them but realize they shouldn’t let it stop them from doing good work. Issa points out that no dude who puts mayo on his fries should be their source of tension, and that breaks the ice for real for them.

Digging Deep – It’s Halloween and the girls are dressed up in the house. Kelli is Halle Berry’s character from BAPS. Tiffany is Cleopatra. Molly is Gabrielle Union from “Bring It On.”

Insecure Season 4

Insecure Season 4 HBO

Molly and Issa promise to have a 1-on-1 that weekend because they both haven’t been able to fill each other in on their happenings. Issa didn’t even know that Molly and Asian Bae have been smashing skin after their dates! Molly’s mad because dude doesn’t open up to her or let her in to see what’s underneath the surface. Sure, he’s FAHN with great hair, dimples but he keeps her at arm’s length emotionally, and she wants more from him, for them to go deeper. The girls aren’t of much help. And Kelli is preoccupied with how her costume hair is making her off-balance.

Issa and TSA bae are doing their missionary mumbo, and both are having a good time, finishing with deep sighs. But then homeboy realizes the condom isn’t on his peen anymore. It’s also not in the bed! Where’d it go? Deep in Issa’s Love Pocket. When she finally fishes it out, allthejuice splatters on the mirror. Mine eyes have seen the cumming of the glory of foolishness.

Getting Close – Molly calls up Andrew and asks if his Friday is free. It is, and he suggests they go to a concert but she declines that. She wants something more lowkey and personal: how about an evening at her crib? I see what she’s doing. Sis might be trying too hard on it but I see it.

Lawrence and Condola are on a date and when he asks for mayo, she starts laughing. She mentions that Issa did say he liked that dressing on random foods and Best Buy bae gets tight in the face.

Insecure Season 4

Now he wants to know what other topics related to him came up between them and she realizes this ain’t comfortable.

Later, Lawrence tells his homies he ain’t cool with it and a newly-buff GI-Joe looking Chad affirms that. You know he’s good for shenanigans in his takes. Derek tells him he moved every time he breaks up with a girl so he’s never had them problems. Should Lawrence text Issa to tell her to stop talmbout him to his new girl? They tell him nah, because ain’t no way that’s gon come across well.

Pushing Away – Condola and Issa are at a coffee shop discussing who they could get to headline the block party, when Molly walks in and sees the kiki-ing. She cuts her eyes in that “bish that’s MY friend way” she has been doing. Condola gets up to head out to leave when Issa asks her to stay and eat with them. That’s an invasion of the BFF date, because Molly is surprised and lets it be known when Condola goes to the bathroom. Issa says they can still have their 1 on 1 during Self-care Sunday. Miss Carter feels like third wheel as the girls cackle at their own inside jokes.

Insecure Season 4

Lawrence pulls up and calls Issa because SURPRISE! He’s in front of her building. She comes out and he tells her he doesn’t wanna be the topic of fodder between her and Condola. Issa’s cool with it and said she won’t let her know his first name is actually Martin. Wayment. Martin Lawrence? LMAO.

Andrew gets to Molly’s and she’s in the kitchen throwing down with some gumbo. He goes straight to trying to kiss her neck and she says she just wants to chill for the night. Less of the SEXflixing. Salty gumbo or not, they eat. They tell each other about their families. Well, she talks about hers and he tries to change the subject. He even suggests that they can still make it to the show, and Molly goes off, talmbout how she wants a man with depth. Oooo shit. He grabs his jacket and leaves.

Fronting – Issa is sitting in front of the club waiting on Condola to meet her there. While she waits, she calls Lawrence to ask if Condola knows they met up the other day. He says no and thinks it’s not necessary that they talk about it. Molly calls Issa, who sends her to voicemail and texts saying she’s at a concert so she can’t talk at the moment.

At work, Molly is in a meeting ran by her coworker Torian, who doesn’t give her much energy. After the meeting, he knocks on her door mad that she didn’t speak up in the meeting even though she had relevant info. She’s been spending her time sucking up to him instead of being a productive colleague. She apologizes about how she handled their last case and she’s been trying to make up for it.

Plan B – Issa and Molly go on a hike and the topic of Andrew comes up, of course. Issa tells her bestie that she’s always finding a problem with these dudes. She wonders if she wants to be happy, because “Aren’t you tired? Cuz I’m tired for you.” Well damn. Molly is salty and doesn’t have a chance to respond before her phone rings. It’s Andrew, so she walks away to talk. He apologizes for reacting like he did and admits that he is not used to letting anyone in and will need more time before he truly can. Molly’s all blushy and says she got time. She hangs up and when Issa asks her who it is, she lies and says it’s work.

Issa believes her and says she broke up with TSA bae because “Plan B was becoming my plan A.” Besides, he got too many kids and his thick peen was becoming a liability.

Insecure Season 4

First of all, this chasm between the girls is widening by the second. Between their missed opportunities at connecting, the envy Molly is feeling about Issa’s growing relationship with Condola, and their recent dragging of each other in the guise of “keeping it real” their relationship is struggling. A lot of it is due to Molly’s unhappiness with everything. Her job is stressing her out, she finally found a dude she likes and he ain’t here for anything but the secks, and then her closest friend has found a buddy. All of that is showing up in how she’s showing up every day, and she’s not doing well at any of it.

Asian bae’s a commitment-phobe, but will Molly be able to get him to open up? Actually, that’s not her job. He needs to be in the space to want to do that. I don’t want her to fall into the trap of thinking things like open communication and honesty can be forced out of a dude.

Issa, for once, isn’t the one making the worst decisions. Although, this decision to not tell Condola is definitely gonna blow up in her face. I can see that coming a mile away. Lawrence is goofy AF for thinking it’s an unnecessary fact to share because you went to your ex’s house and you ain’t tell me? I don’t care the reason; it will come across as keeping secrets. Also, although I do like TSA bae for repping for the Big Boys, he might not be best for Issa’s vajeen. Y’all gon be one wrong move away from her being his sperm carrier and Lord knows that’s the last thing she can handle right now.

Bless all this mess.


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  1. April 20, 2020 at 10:26 am

    “Molly, you in danger girl” of losing ev-a-ry-thanng. It’s looking her friendship with Issa was based on Issa always being a mess and her being “right.” I’m afraid for her.
    When I heard about the weekend trip I couldn’t help feeling like most women who carried their man for so long only to be on the outside when he comes up. And don’t tell your old girl to not talk about you. Let that be you thing with you new one. Calling Issa like that means things are still cool between them which may not sit well with Condola. He should have listened to his boys, this time.
    Was Andrew’s call a work call? I wondered then and I wonder now, especially after Molly told Issa her call was a work call. Uh oh!
    That episode when by fast but it was so good.

    • glammie
      April 21, 2020 at 9:59 am

      But don’t you think that Issa and Condola should avoid talking about their respective experiences with Lawrence anyway. Imagine if Issa started dating one of Lawrence’s friends and he started dishing about her. None of us would like that…

  2. Absurdist1968
    April 20, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Totally appreciate Issa’s Spike Lee shout-out for Halloween. “Don’t you wish you had hair like this…”

  3. Crystal
    April 20, 2020 at 12:08 pm

    I felt like episode 1 showed why Molly was maybe not the best friend for Issa to have in her life because when she’s miserable, she wants Issa to be miserable too. And she didn’t get that Issa’s relationship with Condola showed maturity, not messiness. But episode 2 shows why Issa isn’t the best friend fo Molly to have right now because she tends to dismiss her feelings and push her to settle for less than she wants. In this case, she was right to at least discuss her feelings with Andrew. If she’d gone with Issa’s advice to keep her mouth shut, her relationship would have remained stagnant. Issa’s clearly okay with asking for what she wants in bed, so why is it not okay for Molly to ask for what she wants in a relationship–or in a friendship?

    • Shayla
      April 20, 2020 at 1:15 pm

      I think people’s reaction to Molly is the perfect example of why you need to pick your battles. When you bitch about everything, even when you do have a legitimate concern, people’s reaction will be “here she goes again” vs when you pick your battles and speak up, people are more open to discussion. Molly has a legitimate desire for a deeper interaction with Andrew, but she’s already canceled him when he called her out for being “led on” by Dro, got passive aggressive when he admitted he was seeing other people even though they obviously hadn’t discussed exclusivity. This was just one more thing she was bitching about.

      • Crystal
        April 20, 2020 at 11:58 pm

        Absolutely right. And I think that’s why Issa Rae keeps saying in interviews that this season will explore if people are in your life for a reason or for a season. Issa and Molly’s friendship is coming up against a roadblock because as a result of their history, neither one is allowing the other a clean slate so they can grow and not be judged for past mistakes.

  4. Linda
    April 21, 2020 at 6:55 am

    Molly is annoying me this season. She is coming out looking heavily narcissistic because if it’s not about her and her mess, she HAS TO sulk and acts out. Nah, Molly is trippin!! finally, Issa looks like she has her life on track, she is displaying a level of maturity and sound decision making we have not seen before and Molly seems to be displaced by not being the voice of reason friend anymore. Like damn sis, find a new function! Let’s try the super supportive, happy-for-you friend position on for size maybe? urgh

  5. glammie
    April 21, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Lawrence’s visit to Issa may well blow up but it shouldn’t. He didn’t go in the house, he stayed two minutes and his request was fair (I think). The situation between the three of them is complicated and loaded with mines. Establishing some ground rules is a good idea, I think.

  6. April 21, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Who is Issa dressed as for Halloween?!

    • Andrea
      April 22, 2020 at 6:32 pm

      I was wondering this as well!!!

    • Absurdist
      April 23, 2020 at 12:20 am

      She’s dressed as a Jigaboo from Spike Lee’s School Daze.

  7. Megan
    April 22, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Also wondering about Issa’s costume!