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Out, Okay?! – Insecure Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace

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Moving On Up – Issa and Nathan are checking out a new apartment together. It’s close to his shop. Two bedrooms. She thinks it’s perfect. He thinks it might be too big. They ask for an application and the realtor says he just rented it out five minutes before. Damb.

At work, Molly’s chatting with some coworkers when Taurean walks up. He’s acting kinda odd and tells them that he’s just been offered Partner. MAJOR deal. Molly hugs him and says, “Congratulations!” Him and Molly exchange some long glances. Yeah, it’s clear they’re messing around. 

Lawrence is at Chad’s, who asks him what he’s gonna get for Derek’s going away party. Lawrence says he might not go because Issa gon be there. Chad, being the observant dude he is, points out to Lawrence that he’s constantly letting life happen to him and since he ain’t fight for Issa, he has very little leg to stand on. “If that was me, nothing woulda stopped me from getting her back.”

Coupled Up – The DuBois’ going away party is at Tiffany’s parent’s nice a** house. Issa and Nathan come together, and she tells the DuBois and Kelli that they’re moving in together. Molly shows up holding hands with Taurean and introduces him to the crew. OK DEN!!! I like to see it! She thanks Kelli for helping with the estate plan and is planning on doing the same for Issa’s mom, Delilah. Nathan says he has to give Aric, one of his colleagues, his barbershop keys so he told him to stop by. 


Taurean is holding a box, and when Tiffany thanks him for the gift, he says it’s actually trash. He’s giving full awkward energy, and even Molly is side-eying him. They point to a trash can and Molly walks with him. Turns out, the box is full of edibles, but since there’s babies at that party, he figures its not the time or place. Molly offers to take one with him, so they do. 

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace

Lawrence and Condola come together, with Elijah. Soon as they get there, he sees Issa across the yard. And then sees Nathan join her. Oop. He takes Elijah as Condola (who noticed) runs to the bathroom. Issa also sees Lawrence across the yard. She almost burns her tongue with some mac and cheese bites, and Nathan notices who she’s noticing. He points it out. 

Ahmal, Issa’s brother, tells Tiffany he’s mad she ain’t invite no hot single gay guys, but she points across the way to a hot boy named Ronaldo. Five minutes later, the two are boo’d up.

Shoutout – Tiffany *clinks* her glass for a toast, and the Dubois shout out their friends individually, which causes some awkward moments. And then Dro shows up with a woman (who is not his wife) in tow in the middle of the toast, which causes Molly to do an audible “Oh shit!” Tiffany continues her speech, which shows she doesn’t really wanna go to Denver. Toast ends, and Tiffany grabs the girls, as the guys go to their own side to chat.

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace

Derek sits with the guys (and Chad who is mad he didn’t get a personal shoutout). It’s the first time we’re seeing exes and “presents” in the same space. The subject of barbeque comes up and Nathan tells them to leave that alone, but Dro is a fan of LA BBQ. Lawrence agrees and says people write off LA BBQ. Nathan: “Once people have Texas BBQ they know it’s good.” I don’t think we’re talking about food anymore.

The tension! Yikes! Ahmal interrupts them talmbout how “my man Ronaldo thinks I’ll look good with a Caesar.” He asks Nathan if he can cut his hair the day after, and Issa’s man loudly says he can’t cuz they’re going to look for apartments. You could feel the egg fry on Lawrence’s face. 

No Goodbyes – In the house, the girls are around the kitchen island. They don’t wanna say goodbye when Tiffany tells them they don’t even have to at all cuz she’ll be back for Molly’s birthday. In fact, what if they always planned to be in LA for each other’s birthdays? Molly is def tweaking on that edible she took as she’s cackling, at nothing. Kelli literally slaps her right and she confesses about her highness, which only makes Kelli mad cuz she didn’t get any edibles herself. As they’re cracking up, Condola walks in with Elijah, to grab his bottle from the fridge.

The girls leave Issa in the kitchen with Condola as she stumbles through congrats and “Y’all are doing a great job.” Condola responds well and returns the congrats on The BLOCC’s Art Walk. After a pregnant pause, she leaves. The girls are there, cringing from the interaction.

Dro’s by the bar when Molly runs into him. She heard he got a divorce and he said he wanted to tell her himself cuz he wants them to be closer. FOR WHAT?!? They exchange small talk and high ass Taurean walks up, which prompts high ass Molly to then introduce Dro in the most TMI way (his open marriage, their hooking up, their breakup). All in TWENTY seconds. HA! Dro is weirded out and leaves them there while the two have zero weirdness about what just happened.

Issa walks up to Nathan and kisses him. He’s feeling some type of way when Aric texts him about being outside. He leaves her by the food, and she feels all the tension he just gave off.

Hyped Up – Condola is sitting by herself with Elijah when Lawrence walks up. She says she talked to Issa, and it was short, but good. The baby is starting to fuss, and she says she’s gonna go home but Lawrence can stay to enjoy his friends. She still calls him Eli and he still calls him Jah. She walks off and Lawrence sees his ex across the party and cannot take his eyes off her. 

Nathan gives Aric the keys and his friend asks if Molly is in there. She is and boo’d up. Nathan then mentions how he’s bothered that Lawrence is in there. Aric tells him not to take any shit, and if he needs to, they can roll up. LAWDDD.

Taurean and Molly, still high, got munchies for days. They decide to go directly to the source, instead of waiting for the staff to bring them small bites. They end up in the kitchen, stuffing their faces with any and everything: burgers, mac and cheese, desserts… it’s pitiful and hilarious. They notice staff coming and they go run and hide in a closet, like little bad a** kids. 

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace

Molly says she’s worried about how good things are with them and it scares her. She is not used to things going well like this, and she’s afraid of getting hurt because she really likes him. Taurean admits that he hated her at first, and now likes her. He says he’s not getting sick of her. They kiss, and well, do the thing you might do when you end up in a dark closet with your mutual crush.

Face Off – At the party, Issa and Lawrence literally almost run into each other. He asks if they can talk and wonders why she called him the month before. She says “That was a mistake. I shouldn’t have.” He says he understood why she ended things: there was chaos happening in his life then. But he’s different now and things are different. He wants to know if things would have been different if he fought for her and how he feels. 

He asks “Are you happy right now? Yes or no. Cuz I realize I am not happy when I’m not with you. I love you, Issa.” BRUH. Issa is stunned into silence, and twenty feet away, Nathan shows up wondering what’s going on. Issa walks towards him and Lawrence insists they were having a conversation. Nathan is amped, and goes towards Lawrence, and Issa’s trying to calm him down. Taurean shows up in time to grab Lawrence and the whole scene is terrible. The party stops. Things are not okay.

Let’s get right into it: Lawrence is ridiculous. What in the actual hell would make you think in the middle of a party, is where to tell your ex, who is in a committed relationship, that you are still in love with her? What in the self-centered, egotistical, entitled hell, would tell you it was appropriate to cross that boundary simply because your foola** didn’t use your chest eighteen months before when she broke up with you? You didn’t have to tuck your tail between your knees then. You could have taken initiative and fought for her THEN. But instead, you pitied yourself and said nothing. And NOW, here you are, on some last-ditch effort, in public, at a place where her CURRENT boyfriend is. The utter disrespect. 

Ursula ain’t steal your voice, Lawrence! You coulda used it a while ago!

Does he actually want Issa or is he pining for something he should not be able to have? Not sure, but what I know is that the place and how he did it, wildly inappropriate. And if Nathan would have punched him in the face, I might have cheered. 

Also, Chad is not the person to take advice from. Lawrence got hyped up by his friend, whose advice was not bad, but it was ill-timed. The decision to pick right then to be vulnerable about his feelings feels cruel, for a woman who LOOKS to have moved forward with her life. To do what Lawrence did at that party is to cause chaos, even though he thinks he’s just being honest. There isn’t honor in that. And to then act as if Nathan had no right to get mad. YOU COMING AT HIS GIRL. TF?!?

Out of pocket. Like I said. I’m not necessarily Pro-Nathan but I am a member of the Anti-Lawrence Hive, cuz he keeps engaging in f**kboy activities. NAWL.

One more episode left. Issa’s gonna need to make a choice, cuz ain’t no letting this pass. I hope she makes the right choice. Maybe the right choice needs to be CHOOSING HERSELF. 

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    *This* is the correct post. Let’s try it again.

    This story could have been inspired by this Twitter thread:

  2. Shayla
    December 25, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    Tasha said it best in season 2 when she told Lawrence he’s the worst kind of guy…a f-boi who thinks he’s a good guy.