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Hella Questions: Insecure Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Where we left off on Insecure season 2, episode 1 was the romp seen around the world. Issa and Lawrence did a WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM. So what now?

20 Questions – Issa tells Molly about the tryst with Lawrence, and bestie got hella questions. Was it for getting back together? Was it a “I hate you?” What was it? But she gets no real answers because Issa is super confused about what it meant and why it even happened. Plus, Lawrence is barely returning her text messages, sending her one word responses. In my book, he continues to earn his “Fckboi of the Month” badge. Molly lays on her friend’s couch, and realizes she’s literally on the crime scene. Lawd, now she got exes acting up cooties on her. Issa gotta get free (from the peen bondage), quick!

Elsewhere, Lawrence is hitting the gym. There’s nothing like a post-breakup determination to look FINE AF, motivated by making your ex wanna facepalm anytime they see you.

Venting – Molly’s therapy session is going better than last time because this time, she’s actually talking. Our girl is going AWF about her job and how the dudebro she works with gets paid more than she does even though she does more work than him. She SHOULD be getting more for what she does, and her therapist points out that there’s a lot of SHOULD in how she lives her life. If these shoulds don’t happen, how cool is she with living a life different than she imagined? See? This is why therapy is priceless. But to Molly, she’s being challenged more than she is comfortable with, and she doesn’t commit to a next session. Uh oh.

New Tea – The girls all go to a museum event (because: bougie) thrown by Tiffany. Kelli’s still talking about the Wine Down gone wrong, but to her, it was “lit.” Literally. Issa mentions that Lawrence came over, and maybe it could be the road to them getting back together. Tiffany slides in the secret fact that her boo, Derek, lived in a hotel for part of the last year but now they’re good so there’s hope for Issa. OH WORD? You just not gon expound? Issa beats herself up for cheating on him, forgetting that he was basically a figurehead boyfriend for the last 2 years, making their couch into ass memory foam as he was unemployed. She doesn’t wanna move on, in case there’s still a chance they could reconcile. Kelli asks “does that mean he broke up with that girl?” ANNDDDDDD that is how Issa finds out about Tasha.

Insecure episode 202

They pull up her social media and like the good girlfriends they are, for their heartbroken friend, they shade the hell outta “the other woman.” Issa stops them, saying she doesn’t wanna be petty. I’LL BE PETTY FOR YOU. Cuz that’s the type of friend I am. But after a bathroom mirror rap, Issa is ready to fight for her man. She tells Molly to pull up Tasha’s pics. “Fuck going high I’m going low.” YES!!!

Issa goes to visit Chad, and after an awkward exchange, asks for Lawrence. He’s not there, because he’s at Tasha’s apartment, watching the slave era show “Due North” with her. They’re looking real couply, and when she invites him to her family barbecue, he gets all shifty. That’s when he confesses that he slept with Issa. She looks crushed, and tells him to leave.

Help or Nah? – At East 41st high school, Issa and Frieda go to see the vice principal because the students don’t give a damb about their You Got Y’all program. He promises to help but it’s clear this ain’t priority for him, overworked and all. Plus, he makes a really inappropriate joke about his Mexican students, and the two side-eye each other.

The next day, Issa and Frieda walk into the library, expecting a ghost town, but they see a whole group of students waiting for them. It’s cuz the vice principal got them a new faculty advisor (Mrs. Andrews). Aight, this could be good afterall!

Feelings – Lawrence needs to GTFO Chad’s place so they go see an apartment for him together. Lawrence confesses to his boy about telling Tasha about his ex sex and he gets lambasted for him. Thankfully, the place is a 2-bedroom, and Chad suggests that one of those can house his little feelings. Cold-blooded, bro.

cold blooded 2 gif

At home, in between flipping pages of Angela Flournoy’s “The Turner House,” Issa is Instagram stalking Tasha, checking out her pics and judging her whole life. She better be careful not to accidentally double tap, lest her lurking be discovered.

East 41st has turned around for We Got Y’all, so that should be good for their report to Joanne. Except the VP, who happens to be Black, is kinda prejudiced to the kids. Issa wants to leave that part out, and shrugs off Frieda’s concerns about him. Do they let it slide because he’s Black or do they include the fact and  tarnish their progress in that school? Issa picks the latter, and soon after, the VP makes another racist jokes that goes too far. Wanna let him slide now? I bet you don’t. He’s so out of line.

Outsider – Molly wants to crack the Old Boys Club so she heads to a hockey game happening, where her boss and some of the men in the office are attending. She gets a chance to banter with all of them, and she’s getting in good. The next morning at work, Molly tries to joke with the guys and fails. Try as you may, you ain’t one of them.

Peeping Jane – Issa’s stalking Tasha all over Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and she finds out where she works. She drives there, she sees Best Buy next to it, and that lets her know how this coupling began. Seek and you shall find. She goes up to Tasha’s desk and asks to make a deposit, but punches her in the face instead. I was like “NOOOOOO, ISSA. DON’T DO IT.” Then we see Issa is still in her car. It was just wishful thinking.

Finding Truth – Molly and Lawrence run into each other by his office, and give stilted greetings. Neither one of them knows how to really deal with the other. As they walk away, Molly goes back to talk to Lawrence. She tells him that Issa is broken up over their break up and she still loves him. Does he hate her? He says he doesn’t.

Issa is sitting in her car as Tasha walks by and she ducks so quick, a gust of wind shoulda been heard. Her phone rings and it’s Molly. Her assignment by Issa has been completed but she doesn’t have good news. Lawrence told her that he’s done with the relationship and he even found an apartment. Ouch, man. Freaking ouch.

Hurt Like a Mofo gif

New Possibilities – Molly is staying late at work to do a Skype meeting with Hannah, the mentor who just got transferred to Chicago. She tells her coworker that she’d love to help her with other cases, and Hannah says she’d love that, especially if she’d be open to splitting her time between LA and Chicago.

Lawrence goes to Tasha’s place, and she meets him outside. He apologizes for sleeping with Issa and says it’s done. She shrugs it off, but as he walks off, she invites him in to eat. Since he is a deacon in the Church of Leechtology, he accepts.

Moving On – Issa is at home, hanging her jacket when she looks over to the empty other side of the closet that Lawrence’s clothes used to occupy. With the hope that he’d one day come back, she left it empty. But fuck that. She takes half her clothes and hangs them up in that closet, with the attitude of her t-shirt, more appropriate than ever. It has Tupac giving the middle finger on it. She also moves her pillow from the side of the bed it was on, to the center. It’s just HER bed now. She even goes on Tinder to drop a dirty question to one of her suitors.

It’s a new day. Sometimes, you need permission to move on and it seems Issa got just that from Molly’s conversation with Lawrence. She’s on the road to healing, instead of pining for what may be.

One thing I just realized about Lawrence this episode: he doesn’t have anything to offer anyone, and his attractiveness (physically) is what gets him all this slack. He is truly no real catch, because he constantly takes wayyy more than he gives. When him and Issa were together, he was a couch potato for a good amount of the time. Then he ends up bunking with his friend, Chad. And then when he technically does Tasha wrong, he gets her pouting for a couple of days and then he’s back in her good graces. Her offer for food is accepted and I see why people call him a hobosexual. Lawrence has a sense of entitlement but nothing to really give right back to the people who are always catering for him. And unfortunately, there are too many like him out here, who think they are God’s gift to women when they are really nuisances with bed skills.

No SMDH gif

I just wonder if and when Tasha will realize she’s being used by a man who refuses to do the work to heal his heart and hurt. Her and her doe eyes and open heart will only get hurt by him, because he isn’t even remotely close to being over Issa, but he’s refusing to deal with that, in his machismo. Get out now, sis.

So Molly. I’ve noticed that she is wearing more dark clothing this season. The whites and pink suits she wore in season 1 have been traded in for green and navy, and I think it’s because she is trying to be taken more seriously at work. She’s put her dating life and Love Pocket on ice, so she is focusing fully on her career and it shows. I want that blue open shoulder dress she was rocking this episode, doe. This new, vampire wardrobe is giving me what I need! It’s like if Olivia Pope from season 5 of Scandal adopted a little sister. Eventually, we all give up our white hats.

Will Issa stay on this highway of healing? Will Lawrence get his new apartment for real or end up weasling his way into living with Tasha? Will Molly be able to break through her work issues?

We shall see.

P.S. Check out, where there’s all types of other goodies surrounding the show.

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  1. FLT
    July 31, 2017 at 2:56 am

    Hi, Love the blue dress Molly was wearing! Yes, I also noticed the color change in her wardrobe. Where can I buy it? I need it NOW!!! Thank you!

  2. ADMM
    July 31, 2017 at 6:20 am

    ‘Deacon in the Church of Leechology’ – that made my day. I never liked Lawrence. He just screamed low expectations to me from day 1. I’ll admit I have a bias because he worked my nerves as Blue on The Game but moving on. Yeah please let that one go. So Issa smashed old boy and Lawrence hooked up with side piece and a biscuit, came back and smashed Issa (raw on top of it) to back to the side piece. Nice and messy.

    Um Miss Tiff, how YOU gonna drop that tid bit about Derek being a ward of Holiday Inn for a minute? Really?

    Loved.Chad. He is the realest and the worst all mixed up. Fck yo’ feelings lol.

    I know I am old when Issa made her reply on Tinder…I screamed NOOOO don’t you know folks gettin’ slayed out here meeting monsters on the ‘net? But what do I know? But all my alarms just rang out Safety!

    and yes we ALL need Molly’s blue dress like yesterday! Kandthankyou!

    • Pretty Introvert
      July 31, 2017 at 7:44 am

      Yes, yes. All of this.

  3. QuitaP
    July 31, 2017 at 11:48 am

    It looked like Issa replied to Luke James on Tinder. I know he’s supposed to be on the show this season. Wonder if he’s about to be Issa’s new man.

    Issa/Lawrence/Tasha give me SATC vibes. I really hope Lawrence isn’t about to become Issa’s Mr. Big. I want them to either get back together or stay broken up for the duration of the show. No back and forth. Tasha is SOOOO about to get her feelings completely hurt.

    Have Chad and Kelly ever been in the same room? If not, they need to be.

    Also, Regina Hall and Scott Foley are a coupling I didn’t know I needed in my life. Issa needs to write them a romcom!

  4. SEMorgan
    July 31, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    “Since he is a deacon in the Church of Leechtology”… See, that’s why I subscribe to all things Luvvie! Annnnnd yes, on dat blue dress!!!

  5. Z
    July 31, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    “Hobosexual” Lmao, I definitely agree that Lawrence really has nothing to offer. I guess you can say he’s a loyal person though.

    I did a recap as well, if you have a chance check it out!

  6. Arie
    July 31, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    If Lawrence ends up living with Tasha, I’ll be forced to get off the fence and fall into the #TeamIssa group. I have had sooo many convos with my boo about last season and why Issa gets a pass for her moment o’ ho-ism. I’ve also been known to vocalize the “what were they BOTH lacking?” conversation….but nawl. If he refuses to step out and get his own place and stand on his own feet, Imma have agree with Luvvie and pass out a “Fckboi of the Month” badge as well.

  7. Tiffy
    August 1, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    What the therapist said made me think about Jared and how Molly refused to make it work with him just because of his past made him seem less like what she wanted. Had he not said anything they would prolly still be together right now but ????????‍♀️
    Also, I don’t think Lawrence thinks he’s God’s gift to women. I think he is just passively taking advantage of people. He’s still taking advantage and f’in stuff up, just not with intent.

  8. ummhmm
    August 4, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    The assessment about Lawrence, I think, is premature. The show is about Issa not Lawrence. Not sure there is enough backstory to broad stroke his character. We know more about Molly than Lawrence.

    Him being down on his luck with a dream is not a bad thing. To get unemployment, you have to be employed. Sure he struggled, finding his way, but he is clearly educated and employable. And attractive. And financially stable. Don’t forget new booty said he still had a nest egg in his account, so while he may have been on the couch, I think he was contributing in some fashion. Although I will say, a couch sitting dude feels dumps. I also think its common to stay with a friend in a sudden breakup. He found and secured a place quickly thereafter. I hope that the writers expand on Lawrence this season so we can see why what was Issa’s draw. She still wants him, yahmeen – its more than looks and libido I’m sure.

    IMO Lawrence is honest (a hard pressed trait for many male characterization in the black film – and life) and I just think we have to do better than always throwing black men away with the ‘He’s trifling’ rhetoric. People go through things in life. If it was a Molly down scenario, we’d be Black GIrl Magic-ing it tripping on excuses to pardon. But men we don’t give a pass. I’m just saying. He took a great job, in lieu of building his dreams for his relationship. Not saying he didn’t loose charizma, focus and energy when unemployed, but who doesn’t?

  9. DeeDee
    August 5, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Lawrence is a representative of most single Black men. They think if the have education and a job, that’s all they have to bring to a relationship and the woman should be appreciative or risk being a bitch. I’m waiting on him to pull out the ‘ratio’ and tell Issa/Tasha that they should be happy to have whatever part he decided they should have.

    Issa needs to cut him off. She gave him 5 years. Cut her losses and move on…..

  10. August 6, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Jehovah God hates willful sins and immorality and those who approve of it will be destroyed at Armageddon shortly-Rev 16:14,16; Psalms 37:10;Jer 25:33;Gal 5:19-21;Heb 10:26 What Does the Bible Really Teach? chp 12