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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Scandal Ep 509 (Winter Finale) Recap

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Yo. Scandal’s winter finale was beautiful. I loved this episode and it reminded me of the 752 episode in how it tugged at heartstrings, without much action, but through the words. In case you forget that Shonda Rhimes and her team are master wordsmiths, this episode was a reminder.

Also, it was bold in where it went, with both Mellie and Olivia. Let’s talk about it.

Oh and I know I missed last week’s recap. Maybe I’ll post that next week. IDK. Sharrap. Lemme live.

Ornamental Olivia – Now that Fitz has moved Olivia into the White House, she’s doing her FLOTUS duties. Greeting kids coming for the Christmas parties, taking cutesy pics where she’s cuddling with the First Dog, ending up on covers talking about snacks and baking and shit. All the boring shit Mellie had warned her about. Most of all, her wardrobe is now full of dresses with embroidery and glitter and whatnot and she’s rocking festive red shoes. Our girl is out of her element.

Can I have this dress, though? Clearly it was made for me.

Can I have this dress, though? Clearly it was made for me.

At the main holiday party, a woman that Liv is talking to says she has a problem she needs solved. Liv gets all excited and the woman tells her she needs the recipe to some amazing cookie she had at a White House dinner. Olivia Carolyn, see your life. LAWD.

Holiday Cheer – Mellie walks into a laughing session with the dude Senators. The spending bill is why she’s there, because they placed funding for Planned Parenthood under “discretionary” and that means it could be taken away anytime. NAWL. She says she ain’t gon vote for it but Senator Gibson is not worried. As Liv and Fitz are getting dressed, he is excited that the spending bill is going to pass and she mumbles under her breath “crappy bill.” OOP.

Quinn calls Huck and leaves him a voicemail because he’s been MIA. Marcus walks into OPA with flowers because: Christmas! She ain’t feeling his holiday cheer though.

After a romp session, David presents Liz North with a gold bracelet and she laughs at him. He can’t even do fuckbuddyships right. You don’t get each other gifts! That ain’t in the rule book, Rosen!

No Dice – On the senate floor, Gibson is patting himself on the back for the $1.1. trillion spending bill. As they’re about to put it to vote, Mellie (in a red suit) interrupts. She stands up for Planned Parenthood, and says “As much as I’d like to get home for the holidays, I refuse to do it at the expense of women’s health.” Senator Grant pulls out a book to begin filibustering, because you know what ain’t discretionary? $5 million for the haircare of senators, $500,000 for Alaskan Salmon on one of the senator’s 737s. Everyone on the floor groans. HELL YEAH, MELLIE MEL. DO IT.

Mellie Grant 2

If the bill doesn’t pass by midnight, the government will shut down, so she has to filibuster for 16 hours. No eating, peeing or anything. What will the White House do? Abby recommends bringing in Olivia but Fitz says she’s busy. Mellie talks about the 38 million women who need contraceptive care in the United States. She grabs food off someone’s desk to eat, because it was already there. Olivia is watching the filibustering go down on TV.

Tom’s Order – Jake, meanwhile, is sitting in a car scoping shit out when he sees a beat up Tom walk out of a building. I thought Tom was dead! Lawd. Jake follows him to some car garage and hears a convo between him and Franklin (remember him??).

Franklin and Tom

Apparently, Tom’s job was to keep tabs on Rowan because he’s the only one who can stop whoever Lazarus is. Now that Huck got him. DIS TEW MUCH.

No One’s Father – “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is playing as Huck eats his sammich while holding Papa Pope captive in some warehouse. Eli asks him what he wants. Also, why did he save him? He knew Jake was looking for him and was gonna kill him. What is he doing this for? “I have so many sons. So many ungrateful children. There is no gratitude in parenting.” Then he brings up Javi. That is when Huck almost loses his shit. He claps back by saying “She chose him, the President, over you. Do you think she loves him or do you think she hates you so much that it’s worth being unhappy with him just to spite you? Or do you prefer Jake? Which white boy do you prefer being inside your daughter?”

AWWWWW SHIIITTT! I had to grab my wig. Huck took it there and ran it back!

He ends it with “I know what you want. Knowing that you want to die? It’s almost better than killing you.”

Huck Read

This is the most I’ve ever heard Huck speak and this is one of the first times he has gotten a proper opportunity to READ someone for filth. And it was sweet. And for the first time ever, Eli Pope looks on the verge of tears.

Not You – Liv is watching Mellie’s filibuster as Fitz whines to her about how Mellie is just trying to spite him. She disagrees and tells him that maybe just MAYBE this ain’t about him. Maybe the woman actually believes in fighting for the rights of other women to have access to birth control and other services provided by Planned Parenthood. EVERYTHING AIN’T ABOUT YOU, PRESIDENT GHOST. I bet he thinks that song was about him.

Girl Power – Liv’s job that makes her too busy to help address the spending bill situation? Doing place settings for a dinner happening at the White House later. She’s dropping off the cookies Senator Harding’s wife said she loved. As this is happening, there’s interviews happening about when “biology” will kick in for Mellie’s 16 hour filibustering? Because you know what’s important? Figuring out how long it will take for her to need to go pee. Not the actual issue that she is standing up for. Ugh.

Cyrus eyeroll

Olivia gets a note sent to one of the women senators, asking her to meet her in the lobby. She wants the woman to ask Mellie a question so she can have a chance to go pee. “Mellie Grant is political quicksand and I refuse to go down with her.” Well damb.

Susan Ross visits David with a holiday gift. Limited edition whiskey. She looks at him all expectantly and he says he got her something: the gold bracelet that Liz rejected so properly. She’s all touched by it and looks enamored. NOOOO.

On the Senate floor, Mellie’s hair is pulled back and her shoes are off as she continues to read off all the ridiculous shit that is guaranteed to be funded by the bill. She’s bouncing from side to side. That “I need to pee” bounce we all know. Then, in walks Susan Ross, like a BOSS. She tells the President of the Senate to get up from her seat (because as VP SHE is technically the President of the Senate). She tells Mellie to yield the floor to her to ask a LONNNGGG question. Mellie thankfully does and basically runs off to go pee.

Mellie and Susan Ross

GIRL POWER FOR THE WIN!!! I am here for Susan Ross and for this solidarity she is showing Mellie.

Mellie comes out the bathroom stall and Liv is there. She tells her that she thinks she’s done but Olivia says “You’re the biggest bitch I know. Don’t tell me you can’t do this.” That gives our girl just the push she needs.

At the Cabinet Dinner, Fitz is holding up the food being served because Olivia isn’t there yet. He finally tells them to go ahead. On the floor, Mellie is running down the clock and says “I’m sorry I had to resort to theatrics to protect what is basic human rights.” At midnight, she wishes everyone a merry Christmas and the debate closes. The bill does not pass. She makes history by having the longest filibuster in modern times. The media reports that #IStandWithMellie was the #1 trending topic on Twitter.

Liv watches all this on TV in a waiting room. A nurse says “Miss Pope. Are you ready to begin?” Wait… what?

Family – Franklin is sitting down when Jake tells his ass to stand up and get on his knees. He tells him that he needs Ballard for Lazarus One and to bring B613 back. Franklin was the one who killed Elise but he looks at Jake and says “we’re brothers.” Too bad he ain’t buying it. Jake from State Farm sends one bullet through Franklin’s head. WELP.

Huck tells Eli he shouldn’t have mentioned his family. Command says “Family is a burden… Family doesn’t complete you. It destroys you.” Huck tells him the only reason he is still alive is because of Olivia.

Olivia, whose feet are in stirrups, is getting an abortion as “Silent Night, Holy Night” plays.

No Future – Fitz is in the White House bedroom, dinner over, when Liv walks in huffing, throwing her bag on the bed. She runs into her closet looking for something desperately, when she says “YES” as she grabs the hooch Mellie gifted her.

Liv Hooch 1 Liv Hooch 2

“Where were you, Olivia?… You were running. That’s what I want you to say. That’s what I want you to admit. It doesn’t matter where you were tonight. You just weren’t here.”

“I didn’t want to go. What would I, Fitz? So I could sit in the corner with the other housewives and force myself to watch you run with the big dogs across the room. Guess what? I am a big dog so I didn’t want to go.”

She tells him that he’s basically punishing her by having her be in that place because of her father, even though she released him to save her. He calls bullshit and says she did it so she wouldn’t have to marry him.

“Be your housewife? Your girlfriend? Your property? You stand there and you think about what I’ve been doing and about everything I have ever told you and you tell me who wouldn’t run.”

Honestly, this entire scene. I wanted to transcribe this ENTIRE GAHTDAMB SCENE. Let’s keep it going, shall we?

Fitz: You’re worse than Mellie. At least I knew the entire time unlike you. I knew where you came from but…

Olivia: Where I came from? We both know who your father is. I came from a palace compared to the man that raised you. At least my father loved me.

Fitz: You know who wouldn’t run? Someone capable of being in a relationship. Someone capable of being normal.

Olivia: If you were someone capable of being alone. Someone capable of not suffocating me…

Fitz: I wasn’t suffocating you. I was trying to show you…

Olivia: You were trying to save me!

Fitz: I was trying to save us!

Olivia: There IS no us! There is no this! There is no Vermont. There is no jam! There is no future! Not anymore.

Liv 1 Liv 2

Fitz: I was unavailable before. You liked me unavailable.

Olivia: I don’t know you available. She got this side of you. She did this part. I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to be everything.

Fitz: You coulda had something. Been something. Mellie. That’s what she said.

Liv sits there drinking hooch as he looks on. She passes him the jar. He clearly needs a gulp too.

Fitz: I hate that you’re always right.

Olivia: Me too.

Fitz: We tried.

Olivia: We did.

We tried

Ave Maria plays as Quinn walks into OPA and tells Marcus it’s just them two tonight. NOPE it is just HER because he’s about to leave. He’s off to his aunt’s place.

Abby is excited about being off for the holidays and is telling her staff not to contact her when she sees Olivia is leaving the White House. She is on the job and tells them to contact the Post.

Susan gives Liz North a scarf, and Liz notices the bracelet she rejected from David on her wrist.

Huck drops Eli Pope off at home. Command turns around and sees Jake, who tells him he was right. He wasn’t Lazarus. Eli tells him “Welcome home, son.”

Olivia is on her couch, back in her white. She gets a call and she tells the person to come on up. The elevator door opens and it’s delivery men, there to replace her old white couch with the missing couch seat, for a darker couch.

Quinn is on her couch, drinking a bottle of vodka by herself. Her door knocks and it’s Charlie! He got on reindeer ears and everything. Aaawwwww! With tears in her eyes, she kisses him. Surely happy to not have to spend the holidays alone.

President Ghost is sitting in the Oval Office, in front of the fire, drinking.

Mellie is with Baby Teddy and their daughter, in front of the Christmas tree.

Papa Pope invites Jake into his home.

Olivia settles in with her red wine, looking happier than she has in ages.

Olivia happy

She’s back where she belongs.

Wow. Just… wow. WOWWWWW. It’s one of the few episodes of Scandal where we aren’t left with a cliffhanger or something shocking us into sliding off our chairs. But it is incredible in its tenderness. The closure for many, the fresh beginnings and the uncertainty of what is next. I especially loved it for the writing. The dialogues in this episode were so dope.

Mellie and Olivia. Huck and Eli. OLIVIA AND FITZ.

LAWDT. I had to transcribe the main parts of their bedroom scene. That is the stuff Emmy Awards are made of. Let’s talk about THAT.

Olivia and Fitz cannot do normal, even when it is presented to them on a silver platter. They are finally out of excuses not to be together, but they always find some. Liv is no one’s housewife. Never has been and never will be. The reduction of role that happens as FLOTUS was killing her softly. This isn’t the person who was made to organize dinner parties, and she was clearly feeling like the walls were closing in on her. Liz North’s “it won’t last too long” prediction to Abby at the beginning of the episode was on the money. Now that she’s back at home, on her own couch, our girl smiled. A real smile that we haven’t seen in so long I forgot when the last time was.

Liv was right, though. Fitz cannot be alone. He needs people to prop him up, so I’m not sure what he will do now. The bad part is that everyone else has someone but all he has is his presidency to keep him company. Liv got the Gladiators. Mellie has her kids. Even Cyrus got his arranged boo (and baby Ella, who we ain’t seen in 56 years). JAKE. JAKE has someone now, in his dysfunctional relationship with Eli. Who/what does Fitz have?

As much as we roast Olitz, there’s something endearing about them together. Two people who are like magnets. They cannot stay away from each other but they cannot be together either.

But let’s talk about one of the major moments of this show: Olivia Pope’s abortion. Whew.

Scandal is an unabashedly feminist show, and it is in moments like this that I am especially thankful that the people behind it are not afraid to talk about what is important. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an abortion happen on Scandal. On a previous episode, Olivia stood and held the hand of a raped servicewoman who was getting an abortion.  This time, it was her opting to do this.

When the camera focused in on Olivia’s face on that table, I was like WHEW.

Olivia Pope Abortion

This isn’t a look of regret either. This is of a woman making a decision that is physically painful but she is standing on it. Every abortion is not followed by torment, and every abortion is not done by people who made one night stand mistakes. Here is a woman who is getting an abortion just because it is the right decision for her. Not because she doesn’t have the money, the support or the partner to raise a child. This is real life and the faces behind those numbers are real women who gotta do what they gotta do.

Olivia’s decision to support Mellie’s filibuster of the spending bill now comes with the layer of her realizing that some of the services provided by Planned Parenthood empower women like her to make decisions like this and have them carried out safely. Which brings me to my continued fandom of Mellie Grant. Every time I say that, some of y’all take to my comments to fight the air. I DO NOT CARE. I love Mellie and this episode made me fall in love with her character even moe. She did her Wendy Davis thing and stood up for 16 hours to make sure women are not being sold down the river in the national budget. She did it while rocking her power color: red. Remember that it is her go-to when she needs to make power moves, and she usually gets what she wants when she’s rocking red.

Mellie stood there and dropped some real facts on why Planned Parenthood’s funding cannot be optional when the government can find $1.24 million for tree-snake control in Guam. She is a Republican too, which is atypical for the platform she is supposed to believe in.

Back to the color red. It makes me think about the colors Liv wore in this episode as she did her duty as proper FLOTUS, and she stands in front of her coset, which is looking strange, she stares at the dresses hanging. One is pink and red, the other is red. She looks down and sees red shoes there and she looks more miserable than ever. The decision to have red be the color Liv is wearing is probably to show that she’s more Mellie than she ever imagined. For the first time, she really understands how Mellie could be who she is, because she was in the same cage.  And that is why she finally knows that her and Mellie are fighting the same battle.

You know what I was really here for in this episode? How the women supported each other and put aside differences for a greater good. An all too uncommon thing to see happen on TV, but it happens more than the world wants to admit. Because it’s more convenient to think of all of us as nothing but competitive wenches. Olivia believed in what Mellie was doing and she heloed her make it through those 16 hours by getting her a bathroom break. Susan Ross heard her cry and sprang to acton, showing up to save the day, even if only for 3 minutes.

Liv’s pep talk was hilarious though. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you of who you be (if they don’t know).

Big Bitch 1 Big Bitch 2

This episode was superb. Where will they all go from here? What next for Olivia, now that she’s reclaimed her home? After all the fallout from her and Fitz’s relationship, how will they deal with it publicly? Because this seemed like a “no takebacks” thing. Until they both took it back.

And Papa Pope? Is he going to get back to B613-ing? What does he do now? He seems to have an ally in Jake so what does this mean for Ballard too? And Tom is still out there. That dude ain’t loyal to NODAMBBODY.

Finally, will Elizabeth North feel some sort of jealousy about David now that she knows Susan is in crush with him. We’ll find out in 2016.

Gladiators, ROAR in the comments!

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  1. LeAnna
    November 21, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Great episode and while normally Mellie drives me nuts (although less than President Ghost does, far less) I loved her in this. Right on! I am glad too that for once television via Shonda put an abortion in the script for a main character and not because it was because of rape/incest, but because this was the right decision for the character. I love that Shonda focused on Planned Parenthood and the discretionary fund and showing the seemingly ridiculous stuff that goes into the federal budget that is NOT discretionary but guaranteed. While normally I really like the soundtracks of previous episodes, it was a bit jarring to hear the Christmas music, and I don’t know how I missed that it was Silent Night during that important scene, but I didn’t notice it until someone else pointed it out and all I can think is, “There will be letters…” I don’t care. Great episode. And Luvvie, I have so missed your recaps this season, but I do understand that you’ve been extremely busy and really, good for you! Proud of you.

    • November 21, 2015 at 5:52 pm

      I’ve only missed 2 recaps this season! There’s 7 others. But yeah. I might go back to write those. And thank you! 😀

    • TiTi
      November 25, 2015 at 9:30 pm

      Shonda has had other main characters of her shows have abortions…On Grey’s Anatomy she showed Cristina getting one.
      I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. It would be a nice series finale finish

  2. Allison
    November 21, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    This was a heartbreaking episode. Liv and Fitz really love each other. But, it was like she predicted in the first episode, if they went in broken, they wouldn’t make it out together. They had so many issues to work out and they never got a chance to.

    But, Liv has smiled a lot this season, actually more than she has in the past four season. She actually smiled in the beginning of the last episode. It was a flirty smile with Fitz. Up until that wedding episode, Olivia did a lot of smiling.

    I guess it’s too much to ask Shonda to bury this B613 story. It always comes off as a show inside the show.

  3. Vicki
    November 21, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Yes! Why is Franklin (the actor) always a bad guy. He’s too good at it and I’m glad Jake ended his storyline.
    Fitz think he wants a powerful woman, but nah. Mellie and Luv know he is a sad little boy that needs direction. When I grow up, I’m turning into a southern white woman. I’ma have big hair, drink moonshine and reduce people to shreds. I will be Mellie now I have goals.
    Rhonda should go head and send you that dress and red shoes. Liv is over pretening to be Stepford.

  4. November 21, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    You will get no complaints from me on your last couple of paragraphs, because I am right here on the Mellie fandom ship with you. She had been sidelined and down in the dumps for the last few episodes, so I was happy to see her being a big part of taking the finale out strong. Shonda took a very bold stand for Planned Parenthood here and she’s not even sorry about it.

  5. Cheryl
    November 21, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    I too am a fan of Mellie’s gut-strength. Many folks are too young to remember the old Timex watch commercial with the tag line “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” That describes Mellie! She is made of STEEL!

  6. November 21, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    I really enjoy reading your recaps! Great job!

  7. […] the Awesomely Luvvie FB page | The post Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Scandal Ep 509 (Winter Finale) Recap appeared first on Awesomely Luvvie. Duplicating this content in entirety is expressly […]

  8. November 21, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    It’s been awhile since I’ve sung all the praise of everything in a Scandal epi. I actually stood up after this and clapped, in my home alone. It was that moving. It was that brilliant.

    Huck finally had his say and we had a chance to see that Eli truly loves his daughter. Liv even admitted it to Fitz.

    Liv wasn’t just in red. She was in adorned, patterned red. Not her at all.

    The Planned Parenthood and Liv abortion connection was WOW. How Liv supported Mellie through it and to see Liv had an investment as a woman in Mellie’s filabuster was just wow. And how they were connected through the hooch too. I wonder if Fitz wondered how did Liv know about the hooch. He’s so simple.

    Because Fitz can’t be alone will he try to go back to Mellie? Or will Liz dump David? Maybe Fitz and Cyrus will resume their previous bro-mance?

    Hopefully when we come back in February Liv will be back to fixing others instead of us calling Iyanla on her behalf.

    • ACas
      November 21, 2015 at 9:07 pm

      You have summed up exactly how I felt about this episode! I too applauded in my living room alone. Mellie has been my favorite since season 1. Bellamy is a wonderful actress.

  9. Gillian
    November 21, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    I loved Mellie and Liv’s convo during Mellie’s pee break. Great moment between those two. Fitz spending Christmas alone warmed the cockles of my heart.

  10. Tantrum
    November 21, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    This episode was important to me.
    I had an abortion recently, it was the most terrible day of my life to date and I’m still recovering from the decision. But it was just that, MY decision, and I would want every woman in the world to have that option if they need it. No questions asked. Scandal did a great job with this episode and Luvvie did a wonderful job with the recap (As always)

    • November 21, 2015 at 8:52 pm

      Thank you! And sending you love and healing. You did what was right for you, and for that, you deserve props. <3

    • Risée
      November 24, 2015 at 6:21 am

      You are right Tantrum, every woman should have the right to make a choice that is right for her. I wish you nothing but peace and success as you go forward in life.

  11. November 21, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Let’s talk about the flashbacks during the argument tho! It’s like with every one we’re hit in the gut with all our frivolous hopes of who they could have been. It was like watching mama and daddy argue and realize that although we knew it wasn’t perfect, we thought we would be a happy family. No Vermont. No jam. Just emptiness and hooch. Whew!

    And. AND. The shot Liv took at Fitz?!? I had to Google “ineffectual” just to realize how deep that cut went.

    This episode was everything. Your recap made me go back and watch it another time.


  12. Kisha
    November 21, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    “Every abortion is not followed by torment, and every abortion is not done by people who made one night stand mistakes.”

    This. So much this.

    I saw lots of whining about this episode before I had a chance to watch it. This was as real as it’s been a long time.

    Oh and uhmm…Rosen needs to have a seat!

  13. November 21, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    It’s so refreshing to read comments by people who actually got the episode, got the beauty of it, the excellence of the writing and acting and the meaning behind the outcomes and actions of all the players. Reading my timeline and the comments on the Scandal Facebook page was making my butt itch! Thanks for a lovely recap and an informed Scandal watching community.

  14. Cat Luster
    November 22, 2015 at 1:35 am

    Real talk: I used to be Team Mellie purely based on being a newlywed. I got married in 2013 and while I’m an Olivia fan, there was many an episode where I was like, bitch please. NO. Mellie is the WIFE. And your side piece lookin-ass needs to get with the program. But, slowly but surely, throughout the last couple of seasons, I have been wondering when we would hear Bellamy Young’s name called out at an Emmy awards show. (I, like you, peep the writers hunting for that writing Emmy next year!) Mellie’s character has become one of the most layered, challenging, INTERESTING characters on the show. She has become the most HUMAN. The show’s exploration of what would happen to an ambitious first lady after divorcing the most powerful man in the world has been nothing short of masterful. And Mellie’s monologues in the last two episodes have given more depth to her grief and struggle in a way that has literally moved me to goosebumps. The writers have given Mellie a voice that proves she is not just A Bitch, she is THAT BITCH. And also, does anyone else see Shonda flexing her “I Don’t Need A Husband” muscles or is it just me? I get it, though. I happen to enjoy having a husband, but I also happen to be married to a man who is a feminist, which means I’m getting the kind of marriage that I want and need as a feminist. But I quite enjoy Shonda literally dramatizing her own perspective on being a wife through Olitz. It’s really quite beautiful.

    And you’re right. Huck read dat ass for filth. I was surprised he had that many words to give! Lol!

    • Amanda
      November 23, 2015 at 5:55 am

      This reply!!

  15. November 22, 2015 at 1:50 am

    I decided a long time ago that I was team Melie. Even when she sabotaged herself or others. Melie’s my favourite character because the way she acts and reacts is realistic. She doesn’t always make sensible decisions but hey that’s everybody, you know. I wasn’t surprised by the filibuster* , because at the end of the day, whatever Melie cares about, she’s like a dog with a bone on it. And get this… Olivia couldn’t live in Melie’s shoes for a year. She just cracked. That tells you a lot about Melie. She endured too much.

    Luvvie you already know your recaps are everything, so thank you.

  16. Lala
    November 22, 2015 at 2:49 am

    I lourved Huck’s read to Papa Pope, “You ain’t nobody’s daddy, and I am not the ONE!”

    I was so hoping that they would bring back Mama Pope, tho.

    • tacd
      November 24, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      Momma Pope is behind Lazarus…she has been in control of Tom the entire time…she’ll be back…

  17. emmesbabygirl
    November 22, 2015 at 2:50 am

    I’ve been Team Mellie since season 2 or 3. I don’t get why she’s disliked when she has been Team Wife since day one. I thought that was what folk liked? All of her dirt was on behalf of Fitzs’ dumb ass, who is far from blameless. Why does he act like he didn’t KILL Verna? Ugh. The sisterhood in this episode was the best present, that and Olivia going back home to her neutrals. Great finale. Thanks for the recap.

  18. Tracy
    November 22, 2015 at 5:59 am

    There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said by other posters. I came to be in the company of other women that get this is a feminist show, that get Shonda’s brilliance and get how awesome ???? Luvvie is.

  19. KayMee
    November 22, 2015 at 6:29 am

    I’m among the last of my crew who still love Scandal. Many were annoyed by the kidnapping and fell off. However, I begged those who dropped off to go back and watch this one. This episode alone shouts why it is so very important to have diverse voices and POV in television.

    I loved when Liv said, paraphrasing here, “…watching you run with the big dogs , when I AM A BIG DOG”. As a fellow, “big dog”, not every woman wants to be (or is cut out to be) a dutiful wife and mother. He’s the POTUS, there was no way they could ever be equal partners.

    And all the YESSES to women supporting women. Despite as the messiness between Liv and Mellie, that bathroom scene showed mutual respect and acknowledgement of each other’s strength. Sadly, they both made the mistake of falling in love with the same asshat. On the opposite end, professional women who don’t support other women deserve a special place in hell. When the female senator stuck out her hand to congratulate Mellie after the filibuster and Mellie shaded her, I was giddy with glee!

    Finally, Huck. Chile. He stay on TeamLiv. Protecting her Daddy for her, while reading him for filth. He touched all kinds of nerves.

    Damn good television. Now watch me go rock back and forth while I get through the winter hiatus.

    PS. Where was Cyrus in this ep?

    • carmen
      November 30, 2015 at 5:28 am

      I agree powerful episode. Why are you dissing Fitz? Many Shonda followers submit that Shonda always portraits the men as weak in order for the women to be strong. I don’t think Fitz is a weakling. Some of his lines are not ideal but I suppose it’s purposefully written to highlight the strengths of the women. Fitz is juggling so many women and he does it well. He is there for them. They always backstabbing and betraying him. If I’m him I would’ve booted them all long ago. Neither Olivia or Mellie is perfect. They are all flawed, just like Fitz. His administration promotes women. Mellie withheld the rape from Fitz….for years…that led to their troubled marraige. Olivia don’t communicate or share and then she flares up when it doesn’t go her way. She’s an intelligent person and WH duties was a shock/prison to her? Give me a break. #teamFitz

    • carmen
      November 30, 2015 at 5:31 am

      Not forgetting Fitz was instrumental in Mellie becoming Senator.

  20. KathyMo
    November 22, 2015 at 7:33 am

    The first thing I said when I saw Mellie was, “She has on red. It’s about to go down. Somebody’s getting their ass handed to them.” This was epic, and educationally disappointing to know all of the things she was reading off was true.

    The best scene of the night, IMO, was Huck’s read! Oh my gah! I can’t even say anything about it other than it was perfect.

    When Jake FSF first came put the bushes, I thought he was going to kill Daddy Pope, but then he went on about how he was right and bluh bluh bluh, then I thought I believe maybe he’s going to keep an eye on him from the inside.

    Tom is creepy scary. I’ve always thought that. He is emotionless. Last week, I thought he was dead until Jake checked his pulse. When he didn’t put a bullet in his head, I knew he was alive and he was going to use him for something.

    I absolutely LOVE Susan and all her quirkiness. She and David would be such a cute couple. Too bad for her (and him) he likes powerfully aggressive women. I would love to see them as a couple. But the butt-hurt look on Lizzie Bear’s face was priceless when she saw that bracelet.

  21. November 22, 2015 at 9:23 am

    This episode was everything and I actually cried. Just like you said, it was “incredible in its tenderness” and Shonda slayed. As always Aunty Luvvie, your recap gave me everything I didn’t know I needed. YES for female empowerment and the supportive sisterhood ♥

  22. Natasha
    November 22, 2015 at 10:28 am

    As a die-hard Olitz fan, even I can say that I actually liked this episode. Shonda and co had made me sick of Olitz by the time this episode came along. But actually, their break-up was ‘handled’ in a good way, a way that is true to them. For a moment, it was beautiful to believe that there was this great love between them (which I don’t doubt that there is) and that they belonged together, but the fact is they simply cannot be together. And I love all the explorations of why that is, like Fitz telling Olivia she is unable to be in a relationship and her telling him, he can’t be alone etc. Ouch! I just read in an interview somewhere with Shonda that she had turned down marriage to someone, because she did’t believe marriage was for her, and you can well see shades of that with Olivia. Olitz worked because Fitz wasn’t 100% available to Olivia and the minute it was, Olivia did not like it, was not ready for it and didn’t know what to do about it. She ummed and arrghed and backed and forthed her way through that whole bloody season, to the point where it was annoying. So dare I say it, I’m quite looking forward to seeing Fitz by himself, seeing Olivia by herself and seeing them be better people by themselves, well until the next love interests come along, which I’m sure won’t be long. I reckon Fitz is going to have women throwing themselves at his feet, now he’s single again, but he won’t be interested and If Olivia knows what’s good for her too, she will just enjoy being by herself and fixing herself straight again. I’m sure they’ll stay friends and help each other out (workwise) from time to time, but that will be it. Good episode indeed. Huck’s read and the Olitz bedroom scene were full of the best phrases ever.

  23. Aisha
    November 22, 2015 at 11:25 am

    I can’t decide if I was more entertained by Mellie being a Bad Bitch or Huck giving Papa Pope the read of his LIFE. What an excellent episode

  24. Feminita
    November 22, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    So whose baby was it: the POTUS guy Liv just fired or the Rowan-sent lover who fired Liv after his wife got died? I’m wondering if DNA had something to do with the abortion decision in addition to her not being the mommy type.

  25. November 22, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    I agree with you Luvvie, this episode was powerful. As important as the Lawn Chair one. Many will not like it because it is not a cliff hanger like the typical mid-season episodes we are used to. This for me is the episode where I can confidently say that Shonda and her team have elevated their game. The complexity here is layered and thoughtful; the dialogue:-) And I just love how timely the subject matter is-what a way to call out politicians. Talk about a discussion starter!

    It is also rather interesting that Shonda and Oprah’s conversation about marriage were circulating this week as this episode also tackled what it means to be a wife from the woman and man’s perspective. Though Fitz is running to Olivia, what he wants or what he is used to is a wife like Mellie, and Olivia could never be that. Could you imagine Olivia being raped by Fitz’ father and he not suffer some serious consequences by Olivia? I would not be surprised if Fitz and Mellie reconciled. They are a better match than they care to believe.

    But what is most interesting in this episode is the writing team’s ability to flesh-out such complex characters and give us insight into all of them in one episode. We learn much about Millie, Liv, Fitz, Huck, Quinn and even Rowan here. I will be on pins and needle till Feb 11th…

  26. EpDal
    November 22, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Although I absolutely loved this episode and was wowed by it, I definitely felt some kind of way about Olivia and it was not positive. I came to the realization that even were Olivia to wait on the President to finish his term, she would have never been satisfied with Vermont and being a housewife. So that fantasy was more so in the mind of the viewers than it was for Olivia. And and so you can say that we’ve kind of been bamboozled by the fantasy. And it is sad because things were sacrificed so that she could get in the White House. A marriage was annulled, people were shifted around and all along she knew that this wasn’t for her. In essence what Fitz said was true…Olivia was more content to be the side piece. But she didn’t own up to it. A smart and intelligent woman can understand on the front and what she will have to be to her partner. Even if he were not the most powerful man, women have a large role to play. The everyday woman is everything – the cook, cleaning, nurturing, office date, financer, etc. So what was confusing about that Olivia? Why go for years back and forth with someone and at least not be honest about the role you want to play in their lives?

    • Stace
      November 23, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      Second your comment! Like Fitz said Millie was a bitch but atleast you always knew who you were getting with Millie. Olivia loved the thrill of the chance and the naughtiness of a forbidden romance…She enjoyed the servicing without having the contract and when time came for her to commit and sign on the dotted line she was like ‘Thanks, but NO THANKS’. Fitz got what he deserved not know about the 80/20 rule. Millie was ride or die albeit she had some missed up motives for some of her shenanigans but RIDE OR DIE none the less. No that she got a taste of freedom and flexing her own muscles NO WAY she is going back to Fitz. She better not!

  27. Jessica Williams
    November 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    No problems, I been #TeamMellie since season 1! She was calculated, but good at it! I’m glad she finally gets a win! She’s been losing way too long. I’ve always loved Liv as well, but just not with Fitz.

  28. joan
    November 23, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    For some strange reason the strongest emotion I felt after this episode and the proposal episode was one of strong dislike for Olivia.
    I am a not fan of Olitz
    I have wished for a new love interest for Olivia in past seasons.
    The constant make ups to breakup is exhausting and not very enjoyable to be honest not after its being done for the one millionth time!!
    I just am not looking forward to the whole merry go round starting again.
    Back to Fitz or a new relationship please let it last for a little longer than a couple of episodes, because I think the way her love life is being portrayed is reflecting very negatively on the character of the lead who is supposed to be likeably isn’t she?

    • AGDoren
      November 24, 2015 at 12:24 pm

      I am still a fan of Olitz, but I would like to see Olivia in another relationship or have her more directly express what she wanted in a relationship to a more neutral party like a friend that she hasn’t slept with. Even if that means she doesn’t actually want a relationship or a traditional relationship with a man.

      I only had time to watch the first half of the episode, but a half-hearted attempt to me, doesn’t count as trying. And I say half-hearted, because there was no way in hell Olivia playing first lady was going to work, no matter how good she looked doing it. So for the two of them attempting a situation that didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell and then declare it can’t work is kind of absurd.

      overall though i enjoyed the what I saw of the episode and look forward to watching the rest.

      • Yvette
        November 25, 2015 at 9:47 pm

        This response-yes! A half-hearted response by both of them to their new reality. Olivia has the ability to be first lady…but does she want to? I think she’s been clear–not at the expense of everything else she already was. She loves being a power broker. As good and as powerful as Michelle Obama is, her professional life was put on ice when Barack took office. Her personal power had to be redirected to more acceptable things-childhood obesity, for example. Hillary Clinton got skewered for being the main push for national health insurance during her husband’s presidency-she was checked for wielding power.

        Fitz was trying to placate Olivia into the first-lady role by letting her wield her power directly in the Oval rather than behind the scenes as she did before– which would have ended the day he reminded her he had a country to run.He thought she’d be so happy with her new status in life (his crack about where she came from) that she wouldn’t mind giving everything up-by moving her lock, stock and barrel into the White House. After all, isn’t the White House-and being with the ‘Most powerful man in the world’- everybody’s dream? Liv left the White House before when she felt it was taking more than she wanted-it wasn’t just about Fitz’s married status. If he’d had any insight, he’d have realized that she still needed to do her own thing. Liv needed more than to be an ornament, conforming to his/someone else’s idea of what the First Lady was. And they needed to have a normal dating/getting to know you relationship, because they’d skipped that step.

        I think they really do love each other. I think they will get back together. Eventually they will both want to make whatever sacrifices they face at that time for their love and each other.

  29. darcenia
    November 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Great recap as USUAL, and I love the Carly Simon reference. And yes he probably does!!

  30. AGDoren
    November 24, 2015 at 11:41 am

    hmmm…so I only had time to watch the first 25 min, Olivia & Fitz were just getting started with their fight. Mellie had a great moments in this episode and I cheered for her. I’m not a big supporter of Mellie for president or married to Fitz for that matter (they treat each other horribly), but I do enjoy what she brings to the episode and I was happy to see the women working together. I wish Shonda would figure out something to do with the OPA associates, Quinn is grating on my nerves this season and I’m one of the few people who never disliked her. Still not a fan of Jake, but I don’t think anything will ever make me a fan of Jake. Did enjoy Huck telling off Rowan.

    Um I didn’t get to see the break-up obviously, but I find this a bit confusing. It’s pretty obvious that Olivia was never going to be first lady. So I get her moving out, but I’m lost on why it means a break-up. I don’t see how those two playing president and first lady counts as trying when it was obvious that it would never work. Maybe it will make more sense after I see whatever this fight was.

  31. Sheila
    November 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    I too loved this episode but I left feeling a little sad for Fitz who has proven his luv for Liv over and over I say to him FORGET HER SHE IS NOT WORTH IT NO ONE IS!!!! Nellie was great and I do love the VP she is the best great winter finale so love how Shonda incorporates issues of today in the show. I wonder will LIv tell FItz about the abortion

  32. Lincoln
    November 24, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    While I loved the pep talk in the bathroom, I felt like what really steeled Mellie’s spine about their conversation was Liv saying she had to go to the state dinner. Mellie seemed to get this look on her face like she was remembering all the mind-numbing stuff she had to do as FLOTUS. Then it looked like she was ALL IN on the filibuster.

    I love Susan Ross. Wish she’d give up this David Rosen thing though. What is it about women on this show who stay thirsty for guys far below their level?

  33. howlingbanshee
    November 28, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    So…still no new apartment or house for Olivia? Back to the same unsafe place?

  34. SIPort
    November 29, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    I loved this episode. It will rank among my favorites.

    I loved Olitz breaking up.

    I loved Huck reading Papa Pope.

    I loved Mellie taking a stand.

    I loved the Vice President coming to Mellie’s rescue.

    I loved David being a dunce and giving the bracelet to Lizzie and the VP for all the wrong reasons.

    I even loved the odd symmetry of Jake going into the house with Papa Pope…it was creepy, yet, fit.

    The abortion was a WOW moment.

    It was right for Olivia, but nothing vindictive.

    I do hope that you review the episodes that you missed.

  35. SaraG
    November 30, 2015 at 1:39 am

    Okay, I know I’m in the minority on this, but I hated this Scandal episode to the point that I can no longer be a fan. I thought I would quit watching when they did that senseless kidnapping plot and had Olivia auctioned off like a slave, but I continued. Even though I’m pro-choice, I felt the abortion scene was cold and heartless. If there was any indication that Olivia had one ounce of feeling for her decision, I must have missed it. The only emotion I saw was her smiling about being at home in her apartment, with wine, a Christmas tree and, finally a new couch. They could have shown us why she made her choice. Also, the use of the song Silent Night during her procedure was disgraceful and insulting to the meaning of the song. The writers seem so intent on forcing these issues down the throats of viewers that they have lost all respect for those of us who believe in and respect Christ. I enjoyed Mellie’s performance and the idea that she was protecting a cause she cared about. But, the idea of a republican supporting women’s rights and fighting for Planned Parenthood is ludicrous. It’s almost as ridiculous as Olivia, a black woman, shacking up in the White House with a white President during the age of social media and cameras everywhere. I’m sick of the music blasting through almost every scene. Even though, its music that I love, sometimes it doesn’t seem to fit the scenes and it’s too damn loud. I’m tired of Olivia stomping around, barking orders as if she has real power when in reality, her momma was right when she told Olivia she’s just the help. There was an opportunity to make Scandal a show about a black woman with power and dignity. That seems impossible now.

    • Beverly
      December 23, 2015 at 11:32 pm

      “If there was any indication that Olivia had one ounce of feeling for her decision, I must have missed it. The only emotion I saw was her smiling about being at home in her apartment, with wine, a Christmas tree and, finally a new couch.”

      This scene really bothered me too.

  36. Elie
    December 5, 2015 at 8:17 am

    This episode and season, and the last two seasons for that matter were epic fails. Schizophrenic writing, unbelievable plotlines and characters that have simply devolved into caricatures. I wish we could go back to the episode where Olivia discovered that Jake s spying on her and reset the plot. This is not a show I look forward to seeing or one that I would bother to rewatch. I’m done.Shonda- Good look fixing this cause your show is a hot mess.

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