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Yes: Scandal Episode 502 Recap

Scandal has done one thing well in all its seasons, and that is to keep throwing curveballs where you don’t expect. We might have gotten better at solving the cases Olivia and them get but they have kept me on my toes. The ending of this episode was a good example of that.

President Poped

Poping the President – Sally Langston has posted the leaked pics of Fitz and Olivia frolicking in the White House for all to see and it is the talk of the town. President Ghost leaves an astounded Liv to go speak with Abby and Liz and they tell him he has to make a statement. He tells them that he will talk with Olivia besides him, and Abby almost cackles in his face. She knows her friend and she says “The President is about to be Poped.”

SURE IS. Because he returns to his room and she is gone! He calls her and she’s booked it out the underground tunnel, faster than he can say “Vermont.” OOPS.

Liv heads to Quinn’s, where she takes a wine bottle to the head and changes into a tshirt. She is not ready to face this. She just wants to work. Whenever it’s her turn to be her own client, she cannot deal. She runs.

Mellie’s Apology – The next day, President Ghost walks into the Oval Office and finds Mellie sitting there in a red suit. What does she want? She wants him to apologize to her. She thinks it’s better for her to be there for the optics so it looks like they are still together and she wants an apology because the divorce papers he gave her were “mean.” She still thinks they’re a team but what he needs to realize is that they never were. Fitz does nothing to have her back. Girl, bye. She does, however, read his ass. You wanna play? Let’s play. You placed Olivia in a dangerous position. You outed her. You thought you’d be making a grand gesture… She’s not just a mistress now. She’s America’s mistress. History will preserve her as such.”

Mellie America's Actress

Actual factual, Mellie Mel.

He tells her that he knows she leaked the pictures, but she counter-points saying she didn’t. Sure, as FLOTUS it will get her sympathy but as a Senator, it makes her come across as a sexless prude. Good point. It makes no sense for her to do it. Ghostie replies by telling her to get the hell out. Mellie walks away with a smirk because she got her bite back. That red suit ain’t for nothing.

Fixing Things – Afterwards, Abby rolls back into the Oval Office asking Fitz how they can fix this. What comment should she give the hungry press? Once again, he insists that he will do nothing without Liv. With his weak ass. He never makes a decision that isn’t agreed on by someone else first, even when he thinks he’s the one making a decision. VP Susan comes in huffing and puffing talmbout how of course the President would never cheat. “This whole situation is malarkey and doo doo.” Bless her heart. She’s way too honest for politics. I just wanna pat her on the head. Also, who says “doo doo” and they’re over the age of 5?

Back at the Olivia Pope and Associates office, press is parked outside, waiting to see her. Quinn is holding down the fort as always when Jake and Huck walk in. Huck says “He fixed me. Jake fixed me.” I was all BISH WHERE?!? So was Quinn, who calls bullshit, saying there is no amount of medicine in the world to fix Huck. Anywho, they wonder where Liv is and she tells them she’s on a case. Some rich, white kid (Gavin) is accused of killing his father because his stepmom found him at the bottom of the stairs and his elderly father laying in blood. Apparently, he pushed him. The boy was arrested but out on bail 24 hours later, in spite of the fact that he is accused of committing a 1st degree felony. Because: rich and white.

Rich and white

Now, he’s missing. Stepmom wants Olivia to find him and bring him back.

2-Bit David – David shows up in Mellie’s office with some federal investigators. They are there to scan her computer for evidence of her possibly leaking those pictures. Mellie looks at him and says that in case he ain’t know, he really isn’t working as the Attorney General of the United States in that moment. He is nothing but a “2-bit divorce attorney.” This is true. Folks stay having Lemony do their dirty, sleazy jobs. He gets no respect. She hands over her computer without a fight, saying she has nothing to hide.

Catching Gavin – Liv goes to North Carolina on his trail because of his use of his cards while on the lam. She’s wearing baseball cap because now her picture is plastered all over TV. Luckily enough, she runs into the boy as he walks into a casino. She sits down at his Blackjack table and sleekly handcuffs his leg to the stool he’s sitting on. Well played. Of note: the boy’s haircut is absolutely atrocious.

Jake walks in right then, because wherever Liv is, he will come find her. They get in the car and the boy says he didn’t kill his father. Says they argued and his dear old dad wouldn’t give him the money to finish some house he was building. HOWEVER, why would he want him dead? He wants them to look at his stepmom, who was cheating on the old man. In their prenup, if she cheats, she gets nothing. BUT if he dies, she gets $1 billion. He says his dad had his will changed right before he died so they might be looking at him when she actually killed him.

Stranger Danger – Huck and Quinn are trying to get to the bottom of the case with Gavin. As they discuss, someone shows up. He’s a press guy holding a camera, and wants to know more about the accusation of their boss being the Presidential Mistress. Huck gets up and grabs a pencil and Quinn springs to action. She bends the guy’s hands backwards and takes his camera and dares him to even say he was on their premises. She punked him so bad. “If you don’t get out of here, I will kick your ass and tell everyone a girl beat you up.” UGH I LOVE QUINN SO MUCH NOW. And to a shaking Huck clutching a pencil, sir you ain’t fixed worth a lick.

Be the Adult – Cyrus is watching Abby struggling with the press and giggling. Fitz still refuses to give a comment so all she can do is tell the press that she will not anwer questions about the cheating allegations. Beene calls Red and says he wants to offer her advice.

“Be the adult. Bring Mellie back to the White House. How does leadership come? Is it given to you? No. You want to lead, be the leader. You want POTUS to fall in line. To behave. Be the adult. He will become the child. You don’t ask children when bedtime is and you don’t listen to children when they say they don’t want their vegetables. You threaten them and you make them eat those vegetables. Be the adult.”

Be the adult

I LOVE me a good Cyrus Beene monologue! He makes a great point, though. They have always treated President Ghost as the child because he is. He can do nothing by himself. He is the least powerful character on this show.

Huck Gone – At OPA, Huck thinks he’s gotten some info by digging up the old man who was murdered’s property info and Quinn flips out. He is supposed to be finding the man’s will. Our boy is off his game, man. BUT Quinn throwing this no fix thing in his face is gon get her messed up by him. She better watch out before he uses a couple of her teeth as dice. He tells her PEACE and leaves.

Pope Caught – In some janky motel, Liv tells Jake that Gavin’s story seems plausible. The boys walks into the room and turns on the TV. Before he can be stopped, he sees the story of the scandal, and Liv’s picture. He’s like “I’m not the only one on the run, huh?” Mmhmmm.

Liv is on her incognegro steeze with the hat low on her forehead when she goes to a diner with Jake and Gavin. The boy excuses himself to go to the bathroom and as he goes, he stops quickly at a table of women. Jake follows him. Liv gets a call and it’s Quinn, who is updating her about the will she found. Gavin was forging checks in his dad’s name and pops found out about it and was going to tell the cops. He died the next day.

A woman walks up to Liv and asks “are you Olivia Pope? The little guy was right.” That summagoat snitched, and as women swarmed Liv for selfies, Gavin slips out.

Being the adult – Abby is in the press room and when the press asks her for the umpteenth time about the scandal happening, she decides to be the adult. She tells them that the First Lady is still living in the White House and that she and her husband, the President are dealing with the matter privately. It was a comment when she was previously told to make one. Fitz blows his gasket as he watches and tells Liz North to fix it. Abby was the adult.

She goes to see Cyrus to ask what to do now, because she is getting a lot of heat from President Ghost, who is pissed. Cy tells her to do what Liv would want, reminding her that she knows her friend better than anyone else. She asks why he’s offering advice so freely. It surely ain’t from the goodness of his heart. What’s his angle? Well, he hates no one more than he hates Liz. An she hates Mellie even more than she hates him. This is to help get Mellie back into the White House. Unspoken but obvious: getting that to happen could lead to him getting his job back. Ah yes.

Flawed Man – VP Susan is summoned to the Oval Office because the President wants her to take his place in some meeting he has the next day. She wants to protest because she’s schedule to speak to some high school kids but he ain’t hearing it. She starts to leave then turns back to ask how he could be cheating in America’s house. That ain’t what they elected him for. “Susan, I am a flawed person, just like everyone else.” “Mr. President, you don’t get to be just like everyone else.” ALL THE WELPS. Drop that word on him right quick! Again, Susan is too honorable for politics.

Beer and Spoon – Liv is back in the motel room, reassessing her bad decisions and feeling sorry for herself. Jake walks in with beer, because there was no wine in the little bodega he went to. Her pics are everywhere because all the diner folks have posted them. On a good note, there is a lead on Gavin. He stole a red car and they just need to track it. Liv wonders how she got there (because nobody’s s’posed to be here). She turns around and Jake spoons her as he gives her comforting words.

Jake Ballard Spoon

He takes being friend zoned to such epic levels. He is ALWAYS there for Olivia no matter how bad she plays him. Everyone should have a Jake. Someone who has your back in spite of the fact that you won’t give them none. HA! Liv says “Let’s face it. I’m basically Gavin.” Running from something you know you did? Sure. but your haircut isn’t terrible. She is running from the shame of loving Fitz.

What Would Liv Do? – Abby finds President Ghost on the White House balcony and points out to him that the photos of Liv in the diner also show she’s with Jake. Right. Most importantly, she wants him to understand that Liv will never be able to deal with the pressure that comes with being America’s mistress. “Olivia is doing what Olivia always does. She’s trying to stay out of the storm.” She is never going to face that music so he needs to deal with it on his own.

David later tells the President that they’ve swept Mellie’s computer and there is no evidence those pictures were ever on it. But the breach started in a network in her office. President Ghost shuts the door on him before he can continue. Mellie gets a call and it is Fitzgerald Grant calling to apologize. He wants her to come home. WELL DAMB. David goes to Abby’s office with the report and drops it on her desk. Mellie’s key code was used but it probably wasn’t by her. BUT he read some tea in her inbox. And there’s tea in that report he is leaving for her to sip.

Equality Now – Liz North walks into the Oval Office and is surprised to see Mellie stroll in too. She’s back in the White House. The First Couple is doing an interview together, to squash the rumors. Ain’t nobody tell Liz til now. Whoops. She finds Abby and says she knows she’s behind it. Red pulls her into her office and says she knows she leaked the pics of Fitz and Liv to Sally, and she could use it to destroy her, of course. Instead, what she wants is that she is no longer Liz’s underling. They must be equals.

Equals 3 Equals 4

Smart move, though, because Red knows she can pull that card anytime she wants.

Gavin Found – Quinn calls Olivia and says the car Gavin last stole was at some lake. It reminds Jake that he must be by the little house he was stealing money from his dad to build. They show up at the house and the boy is standing in the middle holding a nail gun. As if that’s a really good defense. Boy, bye.

Gavin admits to killing his dad because he’s called him “a little weasel” his entire life. Shut your weak-skinned ass up, Gavin! Shit. Nigerian parents call us idiots for breakfast. You don’t see us tryna end their lives. Poor, little rich white boy without coping skills. He hears sirens coming. His running is done.

Huckleberry Quinn Unite – Quinn finds Huck at a bar. She admits that she ain’t normal herself so she’s been mad at him because she kinda sees herself in him. Huck tells her that he missed her. AAWWW.

Yes – Olivia checks her voicemail and she has one from Fitz. He tells her that he gets it. “You don’t want this. I am going to deny Sally’s story and bring Mellie back to the White House because I don’t want you to throw away your whole life just for me. I love you too much for that.” In times like this, I do feel bad for Fitz. Because he loves Olivia SO MUCH that he constantly puts her first. She hangs up and back at the White House, he is looking pained as he sits down for the interview with Mellie. Jake asks her if Liv’s ready. She walks out the car in front of OPA offices and reporters swarm her. They ask her if she’s the mistress of the President of the United States. She pauses before saying “YES.”

Yes 1 Yes 2

I literally said “HOLY SHIT” when I heard Olivia’s answer. This is HUGE. Liv stood in truth as Fitz does the opposite BECAUSE of her. Oh shit. She’s decided to stop running and just own it. What does this mean for everyone? Fallout.

Here’s the thing. Liv does what she wants, when she wants, and I’m not sure if she takes into account how things affect the people around her. The reason she hasn’t owned this relationship isn’t that she’s wanted to protect Fitz. She’s been protecting herself, which I understand. But to say “YES” when you know he’s currently, saying “NO.” It 1. makes him out to be the liar when he’s been the one ready to tell the truth all along. B. does not give him the chance to have a say in any of it and iii. Creates chaos that could have been created but controlled better had she just agreed to speak up with him.

BUT she is just tired of lying and running. It is about time.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. But let’s talk about Jake again. That dude is so down for Olivia. Jake is Aiden. Fitz is Mr. Big. You SHOULD go with Aiden but your loins don’t throb when you see Aiden. Big, doe? YES. Your brain knows you should go with Aiden (Jake). But your heart is attached to Mr. Big (Fitz). It’s a real dilemma.

Jake Olivia Spoon

Now, Cyrus. Well, I need him back in the White House and this might just be what brings him back. His smarts will be needed to deal with the fallout to come. Also, Cyrus will need to choose whose team he is on. Mellie is now hellbent on destroying Liv, but that’s his good friend. What is he gon do? Also, Abby has tea from Mellie’s emails. Will she use them to get Olivia some help in this? Information is the biggest asset here and she has more than anyone realizes she does now.

After my recap of last episode, some folks were in my comments, saying I am so biased and I am anti-Olivia and team Mellie. People seemed slightly butthurt about it. Let’s clarify some things. Absolutely, I am biased. This is my blog and this is a show I ALWAYS have opinions about. Also, I am not anti-Olivia. Just because I call her on some bullshit doesn’t mean she isn’t still bae. And I am fond of Mellie, because nothing she’s done has been more evil than anyone else on this show. Yes. I think Fitz is an asshole. He comes at her sideways OFTEN so I’m ready for her to clapback.

Whew! Let’s go! ROAR in the comments, Gladiators!

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  1. APayne
    October 2, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    WHEW! Chile, I feel like this episode had sooooooo much in it. Seems like the recap is longer than normal. I wall slid like all hell when she said yes.

  2. KayMac
    October 2, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    How in the world did Liv Carolyn keep her hair so beautiful while on the run?!?! I know she ain’t have nary satin wrap on her…

  3. October 2, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Hmm, Miss Olivia Pope, my girl…my homie. Lord knows I love me some Miss ‘Livvie and nobody bet not say nothin bad about her neither….how-so-and-ever, this heffa has karate chopped my last damn nerve.

    Now you want to go riding off in to the sun? Now you wanna be free and honest and your true self? Now you want to set the record straight?! If that ain’t about a bitch.

    I’m so tired of side pieces calling out their shitty ass baes in the name of keepin thangs 100. You wanna know how to be honest? Wanna know how to be true to yourself?

    Stop sleeping with unavailable men.

    Novel idea, I know, but let it marinate for a few. It works real well in the long run AND you don’t end up with paparazzi in your face as you’re on your way in yesterday’s borrowed psycho’s t-shirt.

    *adjusts bathrobe* but lawd knows I love me some Miss Livvie…

    • Nothing2Chere
      October 3, 2015 at 7:43 pm

      ^^^^^ All of this. Yessssssssss!!

    • whilome
      October 4, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      CO-SIGNED with half on the deposit and the payments being debited from my personal account!
      Ain’t nothing right about that relationship and if his ass was free, she wouldn’t even want him. THAT’s what the deluded sidepieces don’t seem to grasp: the WRONGness of what y’all doing is what makes it exciting. Wash his drawers for umpteen years, then holla at me.

      • SoulfliHoneyBea
        October 7, 2015 at 2:39 pm

        This comment is just to let you know I am jocking your first sentence from now until we don’t need co-signers. That made me laugh so darn hard!

    • syrich
      October 4, 2015 at 2:44 pm

      Leave It to Brittni, you have said everything that needed to be said girl. You can go sit down and sip your tea because Lord knows you have served us. I have never understood why side pieces always want to … All I know is that two wrongs has never made right.

      I have been done with Olivia since Shonda and crew started damaging her beyond repair last season. She still has gotten any therapy from being kidnapped and not replacing that dang cushion is nothing but a scream for help (and a reason to irritate the hell out of me. All that money and no cushion. Get yo life right girl. Okay I am back).

      You can’t lay up in another woman’s house and think you not going to suffer some consequences. No respect.

      Okay I know I am just ranting now. Sorry.

      Anyways, it was great meeting you Luvvie, thanks for coming to Houston. And I am so happy Scandal recap is back (better than the show). You are right your blog, your opinion and I love every one expressed here.

    • Sase
      October 4, 2015 at 9:12 pm

      I don’t like Liv and I really want Mellie to get her ass good and proper, for all the reasons you mentioned. But the person I dislike even more than Liv is David Rosen. Yeah sure I despise Fitz but something about Rosen irks me.

  4. Carriecnh12
    October 2, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Luvvie, Luvvie, what is worng this this show, I essentially ‘watched’ it by following people’s comments on twitter, why because I refuse to give ABC and Shonda my ratings points, and also because it is so predictable I knew the steps all the players would take without having to see the street, because its the same road the writers use EVERY. SINGLE. TIME, without fail.
    1. Olive would duck and run faster than Jerry with Tom on his tail,
    2. Fitz would be left gasping with a confused butthurt look on this face, wondering whys Liv isn’t standing beside him,
    3. Fitz would of course accuse Mellie of what ever infraction was committed at the time,
    4. Cyrus would give out good but essentially bad advise as it only benefits him,
    5. Huck would do some crazy ish, claim he was fine while still actively doing the crazy ish,
    6.Quinn would also do more sane but crazy ish,
    7.Jake would be annoying and a waste of screen time,
    8. The criminal was who we though it was from the very beginning, even though the writers try to make us think otherwise,
    9 and for the finale we would get the same temporary declaration of love and solidarity from Liv, only for in the next ep to take it all back in an overacted, underwritten scene, with her lip trembling like Whitney when she hits that high note in the Bodyguard music video.
    Same script, same cast just, different episode title.

    • ItsMeTho
      October 2, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      *gasp* Jake is never a waste of screen time. Your entire comment is sacrilege. I just needed to especially point out Jake not being a waste of screen time.

      • Nothing2Chere
        October 3, 2015 at 7:39 pm

        Lol!! The only thing I disagreed with was Jake being a waste of screen time. Everything else was on point. ☺

    • Legacydoll
      October 4, 2015 at 5:51 pm

      U are so right…BUT……the show is called Scandal!!!! I don’t know what we are/were expecting! What we expect Shanda to do! Lol. The show is not called “Beautiful Black Lady Who Dresses Fierce.” Hell, it’s called S.C.A.N.D.A.L. A show where our heroine is sleeping wit a weak azz repub prezident who is married. I hafta keep telling myself that sheeze. Lol

      • Brittainny
        October 6, 2015 at 11:23 am

        I can honestly say I would still watch the show if it had no scandals and was all about a beautiful black lady who dresses fierce.

    • thatfriendlyblackgirl
      October 7, 2015 at 9:00 am

      i dont understand. why are you wasting your time on twitter. and then writing a 9 point case as to why Scandal not your cup of tea?

    October 2, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    I knew last week when Liv was all up in the White House tramping around with Fitz like they Jay Z’s Bonnie & Clyde them shenanigans would get her in trouble. Now she all hunkered down at the Hoe-mo with Jake being her “Judy on duty” feeling all GOT shame. Girl bye!

  6. nichole
    October 2, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    “nobody’s s’posed to be here” — FTW

    I want to get a bottle of bourbon, sit with David and just tell him to go back to teaching. The Executive Office is not doing him any favors. I want him to win something…anything.

    I’ve been over Fitz and Olivia. But I have faith in Shonda Rhimes that she has a plan. Wouldn’t this be a good time for Jeannine Locke to come back? She has a new story to share with the world.

    Liz is not winning. She came into the office all cocky but every week (only 2 so far) she is landing on her butt. I wonder how she would act if Huck turned up at her door?

    Looking forward to the new guy. And I would love for Jake to get some.

  7. October 2, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    I love Jake…lets get that out of the way. I think For some reason Olivia said YES because Ghost called her and said he was moving her back into the White House. Look, Mellie ain’t no better or worse than Fitz and WAIT till she finds out what Op Remington is FOR REAL. Olivia has commentment issues so she’ll never “be” with Ghost. Those are “my daddy is command” big time issues. For some reason I KNEW she would say YES! Love me some Quinn, LOVE HER! It’s hard looking in the mirror called Huck and see yourself. Ghost is the weakest man on the planet right now, with his self righteous judge mental self! Great Episode! They gonna mess around and make a monster out of the new, oh so innocent VP!

  8. Ree
    October 2, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Can’t Stand Fitz. What a wuss.

  9. CassRwnee
    October 2, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    “Judy on Duty”

  10. Lola
    October 2, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Fitz is the Fuckboy in Chief, but Liv is the fuckup in this case.

  11. ChelleB
    October 2, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Luvvie why do you think Fitz was weak for waiting to hear from Liv? They are in this thing together. He can’t President his way out of this knowing full well that as a woman her reputation is much more on the line than his? I think he did the right thing. Liv asked him to wait and he waited as any respectful person does of their partner..until Abby convinced him Liv wanted to run.

    A couple of things I find endlessly amusing and shortsighted when I see descriptions of characters on the show:

    (1) Cyrus says Fitz is a child so everyone says yes he is because warreva..but failing to realize it is that same “child” that kicked Cyrus and Mellie to the curb last season and kicked Mellie out again yesterday but brought her back last minute to try to save Olivia who he loves. She’s not pulling his strings, he’s pulling hers. She’s not back for her, she is (was) back to save Liv’s reputation before Olivia blew it all to hell with her YES! LOL

    (2) If Mellie was the one begging Fitz for a divorce and he held on and refused to give it to her for so many years would we all not call Fitz all kinds of abusive, manipulative, etc. Why then does Mellie get a pass. Is it because she’s a woman and the man is supposed to be “strong”. Why is she still holding on? Fitz does not want Mellie. He wants to get out. She has power on her own now thanks to him, Liz North and everyone else who helped her get it. She needs to go be great. You can’t keep someone who doesn’t want you because they feel trapped and lash out. That is what’s happening with them. Fitz has checked out (and did for 10 years before Liv even came on the scene) of that marriage. Let it go Mellie. Love yourself.

    (3) Why do we believe our leaders when they become leaders must somehow be less human. A human body is flawed. Why then must leaders live up to some ideal like Susan Ross suggested. Shonda is making a point here and I especially think so because I read a recent interview where she said there’s a flawed belief of this “role model culture” when really people are just people and we are all human and flawed. We crucify someone for all eternity because they made a mistake and just want to own up to it and move on with life? Why?
    Ok I’m done. Lovely recap BTW.

    • BLynne
      October 2, 2015 at 9:13 pm

      Hand clap for everything you wrote…. Fitz is only an asshole when pushed and Mellie has caused a lot of her own misery…. By not telling Fitz about the rape and then shutting down and keeping him in a loveless marriage… by scheming with others instead of being a team with him.. By using him and liv’s relationship when it suites her agenda and needs….. Fitz has been asking for a divorce since season one and to stop lying to the American public for years!! Susan Ross is a simpering idiot who is not looking at where she is at… Washington DC is the dirtiest scummiest place on earth ( I know I live there and work for the govt) Ppl will sell their mamas to make a deal… And she is trying to tip toe through the red and white tulips of America and scold the president for being human?? Have a seat sis. Liv needed to coordinate this better so that she and Fitz looked united and handled instead of all over the place….

      • Cris
        October 3, 2015 at 1:51 pm

        So true.

    • Wedylous
      October 2, 2015 at 9:20 pm

      Brilliance. Absolute brilliance.

    • Cris
      October 3, 2015 at 1:49 pm

      I agree with everything you said, ChelleB.

  12. Milaxx
    October 2, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Liv knows in her heart of heart she and Fitz ain’t never gonna ride off into the sun. She just wants it so bad. Never seen someone who need therapy worse than Liv. Her love life is nothing but #teambaddecisions.

    Cyrus is right to treat Fitz like a child. He still does not realize that everything he has has been obtained/manipulated for him by others.

    I was worried about Quinn’s molar when she wouldn’t leave Huck alone. Of course he’s broken. They all are. B613 jacked them up. Sadly Jake is the only one who owns his dysfunction.

    If Jake can help Huck at least pretend to be human, then Quinn needs to let him be.

    Susan is to smart and good for all of them.

    Will we ever see Ella or Teddy before they go to college?

  13. SIPort
    October 2, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    The Aidan/Mr. Big comparison is on point. I hated Carrie for what she did to Aidan. I don’t hate Olivia, but she certainly doesn’t deserve Jake from State Farm.

    I loved Cyrus’ monologue. Cyrus – Goon that he is…I will always love him.

    As for LizzieBear…she’s outlived her usefulness.

  14. October 2, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    I was about done with Shonda and them right until that last scene because it was looking like Olivia was about to do the deed with Jake, and then Fitz called Mellie to come back to the White House. I was looking for something to throw at the TV! But when Olivia said “yes” I like to choked on my hooch. Whew. I did not expect that.

    Cyrus Beene put on his good hair and came through with sage advice. Heck, Daddy Pope already told us that this man is a boy, so yeah, that was the right approach to take.

    Speaking of Cyrus, where are Michael and Baby Ella? I figure that she must be about 15 in tv years and suspected her of hacking into the White House’s security cameras and leaking the photos to get back at her godmother for leaving her to be raised by a gigolo.

    I’m just glad that I started a new haircare regimen over the summer to protect my edges from this nonsense.

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  16. Saddie08
    October 3, 2015 at 6:20 am

    I love it that Fitz is an asshole one minute and loving in another minute. It just shows he is human and very, very flawed. However his character seems to be more cruel to Mellie since the affair between Mellie and Andrew (IMO). Even when he tried to be a team player you can tell he was just waiting for the election to be over and consider his dues paid in full.

    Now Cyrus is the true puppet master. Love him.

    I wonder what Shonda Rhimes have in store for future episodes. Will there be congressional hearings? Will the President resign? The fallout from Olivia’s Yes was brilliant but it put all of them in danger of going to jail.

  17. Saddie08
    October 3, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Just wondering if anyone else caught Sally’s mention of Olivia’s ‘seductress body’? Maybe I’m overthinking it.

  18. Ms_Sassy85
    October 3, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    I think Olivia was daydreaming when she said “YES” to the media. I think next week we will pickup from her sitting in the car with Jake. Just my opinion

  19. Carol
    October 4, 2015 at 11:37 am

    All this caping for weak ass clingy Mellie is hilarious. What was her brilliant idea to save the day? She was going to claim that it was not Fitz with Olivia in the White House residence but rather someone who looked like Fitz who is Olivia’s boyfriend. Hello? I think the pictures were pretty clear and not blurry so everyone saw it was Fitz. Mellie is an educated fool who talks of being brilliant but is an IDIOT.

    Aiden was boring as hell like Jake. I have friends who marry the Aiden types because in theory they are the type of guys you should marry then they end up divorced because of dead boring marriages. The couple starts to dislike each other because they know something (the spark) is missing and they are not happy.

    Too many people make the mistake of settling rather than waiting for the right person even if that person is flawed. Relationships are messy and the perfect guy/girl does not exist.

  20. syrich
    October 4, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    I forgot to say “I LOVE JAKE!!!!” You are right Luvvie he is Aiden and we all remember how Carrie did Aiden so wrong. So I am hoping that before Liv destroys Jake, he will find refuge in my arms (did I say that out loud?) Jake is everything strong, silent, sexy and dangerous in all the right ways. The only reason for me to continue to watch Scandal is to see Jake from State Farm. I keep hoping the Gladiators would return, the essence of why I started liking this show, but I don’t even care anymore. Scandal is losing me the way, Greys Anatomy lost me many many many moons ago.

  21. Alta
    October 4, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I laughed loudly at “He takes being friend zoned to such epic levels.” Someone said Olivia is Jake’s Fitz and I sighed.

  22. October 5, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Let’s do it. Roar Follows.

    Liv is my girl. Period. However, she is that well dressed, well educated, well mannered friend who always falls for the dude fresh out of jail. Or her boss. She wins everywhere else, but can not get her romantic affairs in order; which leads me to my primary issue right now and really for the last three seasons. Liv needs to be winning. We did not fall in love with a Pope with no power. Her bite is supposed to be worse than her bark. All the failing and weaknesses of the past three seasons are not giving us what we need. Here bite is missing. The final straw was Steven getting her away from kidnappers. Boo. Hiss. Do better. I need her snapping and clicking, kicking ass and taking names, Poping! If she stays in this slump, it will not be enjoyable. Her side chick status is her flaw. Her professional situation needs to be impeccable. Period.

    Quinn is forgiven. I officially accept her as a Gladiator. We are now Goons in Law.

    Huck. Let’s get him a mood stabilizer, like Prozac. Some horse therapy and time in the outdoors. He needs fresh air. He also needs wifey to take him back so he can acquire purpose. A purposeless Huck is dangerous. He needs a mission. Preferably, provide for and protect his family. He needs some Normal. Stat.

    Jake will win in the end. Or, some as yet unintroduced hottie who will come in and steal Liv’s heart and not because he was sent by Papa Pope. He will hopefully not be a murderer, like all Liv’s other boyfriends have been. Except for Senator Ex Fiance who got read for filth and dismissed when Fitz was on his bed of attempted assassination affliction.

    Mellie. The red suit. The great hair. Win girl. Get your Senator Swag popping and get ready to run for President. Side note: The little VP who could is going to be a problem. She has actual integrity. She is naïve though and just like Ned Stark, may not live to see who sits on the Iron Throne. Mellie, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to divorce Fitz, go cougar on those DC bishes and snatch up a young king maker and then get married and let your king maker Queen you. I’m on your team. Get what you want. You don’t want or need Fitz anymore. He wishy washy. You are ascending.

    Cyrus. Where the baby Cy? Where. Is. The. Baby?

    Abby. I feel like you are tiptoeing near the edge of betraying Liv. I’m watching you. You and your glossy red hair. Be careful. Make your next move, your best move…because you should be planning to tell Liv who put her business in the streets. Not colluding with that broad. What happened to Over a Cliff?

    David. Grow a pair. Or steal them. You used to be my white hat fellow. Now you just get walked on by everyone; pull a legal stunt that blows folks away and makes them respect you! Or move the hell on, because DC is eating you alive.

  23. Erzolisae
    October 6, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    So, I am not buying this “Yes” business! I think this is one of those TV leave you hanging things that they get us with! I could be wrong, but I think she is going to say something like “Yes, yes I am the president’s mistress in the eyes of America” BUT… and it’s the but that will fix it all as Liv often does. We shall see.

  24. mtag
    October 8, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    I know I’m early, but I can’t not croon: “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” THE Jam from back in the day!