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Net Neutrality: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do

There’s an issue that we should be paying attention to that not enough of us know about: Net Neutrality. Long issue short, Net Neutrality is our ability to access information freely online. The world wide web is supposed to be an open space where we all have equal access to content (and foolery).

Net NEutrality

What’s been happening is that Net Neutrality is being threatened because there’s a plan by the FCC that will allow companies like Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner and AT&T to create an internet fast lane and a slow lane, based on what folks can pay for. The best comparison was PolicyMic’s, saying the government is trying to turn the internet into First Class and Coach. This means many of us will end up in the back of the plane, with no snacks and drink. It ain’t right and it’s certainly not fair.

It also means the companies who cannot afford to pay to play might be left behind.

How this affects you: imagine if your NetFlix bill doubled because they had to pay Comcast EXTRA so your streaming won’t be interrupted. Bloggers, imagine if your hosting price had to go UP just so your site could load at a decent speed.

Basically, this matters. A LOT. The FCC is accepting comments on it right now. THIS is where petitions are starting to matter, because they are being used to make a case directly to the FCC in favor of it. You can do your part and add to the comments that are being sent directly to them, in favor of #NetNeutrality. 

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