Whose is this?

Whose Unicorn Tupac Tattoo is This?

Sometimes, people wanna get inked up and they cannot decide what to get. So they figure why not get five tattoos in one? That had to be what the person with the tat below did. O_________________________________________________o So… unicorn Tupac is busting out of this person’s arm, serving “you see me” …

Black History Painting on Horses
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Black Historical Figures Ride on Horses to Glory

I was minding my own business when one of my dope readers (@BeautyIntheGeek) emailed me talmbout how she went to the African Festival of the Arts in Chicago yesterday. It’s a great annual event and I usually go to load up on shea butter and to watch people rock their …

Malcolm X baptizing Tupac
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If Tupac Met Malcolm X, They’d Side-Eye This Painting Together

At this point in time, y’all already know I spend WAY too much of my time and days loitering on the Den of Iniquity that is Twitter. Yesterday was no different. I was minding my own business (O__o) when someone posted a link to a twitpic by Tyrese. It was… …