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The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People

It’s another day and another way that America shows that it is not here for Black people even though this country was built on our backs and our blood fertilized the soil. Eric Garner was killed as he was in a chokehold by a cop who saw him selling loose …

EBONY Trayvon Covers
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EBONY’s Trayvon Tribute Covers and #BackwardsBoycotts on Twitter

EBONY Magazine’s September issue has four powerful covers, dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin. One cover has Trayvon’s family (mom Sybrina Fulton, dad Tracy Martin and bro Jahvaris). The others have Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, Dwyane Wade and their sons rocking hoodies with the words “WE ARE ALL TRAYVON.” …


George Zimmerman Wants to be Superman And I’m Not Buying It

Man, look. Folks (ABC, CNN and ’em) are reporting that George Zimmerman saved a family last week when their truck overturned on a highway last week. Apparently, a family of four were trapped in their SUV when Porky Pig and another fella came outta nowhere to rescue them. DUN DUN …

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There Was No Justice For Trayvon But We Cannot Be Silenced

This weekend, I was at a convening with 100 young Black leaders and activists, brought together from across the country by the Black Youth Project. We were there to talk about our advocacy work as well as issues affecting the Black community. And more importantly, we were there to talk about what …

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This Week Has Given Me Outrage Fatigue Syndrome

I haven’t updated since Monday and it’s because I’ve been so overwhelmed by everything happening this week that I haven’t been able to write. It’s been such a newsworthy 4 days and every time something is settling down, something else happens. You know when you have so many thoughts that …

Hoodies and Heels Party for Trayvon

“Hoodies and Heels” Party for Trayvon Martin? I Hate People.

I called it. I CALLED IT. The other night, I was on Twitter talmbout how I don’t want to see folks have a club party in honor of Trayvon Martin. I KNEW these raggelly club promoters would use this to try to bring folks to come drop down and get …