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Dear Stacey Dash, Who Knew Clueless Was a Biopic?

I have chilled on writing ex-actress and current Faux News mouthpiece¬†Stacey Dash a sternly-worded letter for years, as I verbally chin-checked Raven-Symone. So this is overdue. Besides, so many of y’all asked me to that I was afraid that if I didn’t, you might pitch a tent on my eLawn …

Single Ladies
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VH1’s “Single Ladies” Was Not Good

I’m a fan and avid watcher of bad TV. I love shitty reality TV shows and often DVR them. I live-tweet them like my next pair of shoes depended on it. I LOVE BAD TV. But some TV shows KNOW they’re bad, and they’re ok with it. “Single Ladies” is …