Baby Fed Up
Whose is this?

Whose Baby is This? Why is It Already Sick of Our Shenanigans

I’ve featured wise babies on here before. I especially love the one I’ve lovingly dubbed Jebidiah. They’re the mini humans who are brand spanking new but they show up with an attitude, like they’ve been here before and are tired that we still didn’t get ourselves together. Ol’ judgey newborns. I …

Luvvie Glossary
My Life

The Luvvie Glossary of Random Stuff I Say!

I have developed my own lingo because I’m random and I’ve found certain ways to express my emotions that are more colorful than what folks are used to. I forget sometimes that I’m almost speaking my own language so when I write and talk like this and folks look at me …

Michelle Obama Boehner side-eye gif
Famous folksPolitics

Michelle Obama’s Side-Eye to John Boehner is Everything

While I was running the streets yesterday after Inauguration stuff, folks emailed me, tweeted me, and Facebooked me the same link over and over again. It was to this Gawker post with Michelle Obama’s reaction to John Boehner trying to talk to her during the lunch. I. GAHTDAMB. LIVE. Madame …

chantal biya madame cameroon

Madame Cameroon’s Lethal Side-Eye

This picture really is my everything. I have officially found myself a new role model. She is Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon. Me and one of my besties, Kindred had roast tourette’s from looking at this pic. Luvvie: What do I say to that??? Where do I begin, …