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#NoEdgesLeftBehind: Important Lessons from Remy Ma’s Nicki Minaj Diss Track ShETHER

I was minding your business on this quiet Saturday when Remy Ma derailed all my plans by dropping ShEther. It is her manifesto of shade, directed at Nicki Minaj. I am here, as a witness, to the annihilation of Onika¬†Maraj, in the hands of Reminisce Mackie. I stand before thee, …


Top THAT! The 80’s Were Awesomely Lame

The 80’s is one of those decades that is just RIPE for roast. A lot of what happened in that decade was just made for guffawing and the video below is nothing different. Watch this and see: “TOP THAT!” Yo. LMAOOOO!!! My throat hurts from the cackles that escape it …


Improper Music’s Proper Lyrics

Like a month back, I was clubbing with a friend for her birthday, and I admit that I’ve become a bit of a bore. I don’t dance until I can’t dance anymore when I go clubbing. What I do is sit down and people watch. This is fun for me. …