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Whose Sneaker Heel Mules Are These?

In case you ever dreamed of owning sneaker heel mules that don’t make any sense, there are now some Pumas that will make your dream come true. I present to you, the most confusing shoes I’ve seen in at least a year. #WhyItHappenFathaGawd #BurnEmBoaz #EndThemEmmanuel. Anywho, I posted them on …


These Puma Sneakers By Solange Are Dora the Explorer’s Dream

I’ve been a fan of PUMA shoes for years because they stand out and aren’t ordinary gym shoes (STAND UP, CHICAGO). I’ve had multiple pairs of their kicks, and I might even still own 1 or 2 in the back of my closet. When Solange Knowles was announced as their Creative …