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Someone Sent Me a Business Email Addressed “Hi Zamunda…”

I am Luvvie everywhere on these interwebs and offline. I am HELLA Google-able and easy to find. My site is called I am @Luvvie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. LUVVIE LUVVIE LUVVIE. So… two days ago, I get an email that made me roll my eyes so hard that ¬†needed …

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About Yoruba Names and their Meanings

As some may know, I’m Nigerian, specifically Yoruba. We’re in the Southwest part of the country, but we’re global because our culture and our people are all over the world. We’re over 35 million strong and we are everything. Yes, I’m biased. Anywho, yesterday, I started tweeting about how important …

Stupid nametag

Parents, Quit Naming Your Kids Foolishly

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Starbucks, and I looked at my cashier’s name tag. It said “Money Jones.” Well, I don’t remember her last name because I was too fixated on the “Money” part as her first name. I was judging her parents HELLA hard. Did they …