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About Kim, Kanye and Who Deserves Abuse

To be a woman who is worthy of being abused or harmed, you need to be pious, flawless, perfect. You need to be a saint whose never worn skimpy clothes, cussed or made a mistake. Kim Kardashian is none of those. Yet and still, she doesn’t deserve the harassment and …

Shyne Diddy Kanye West in Paris
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Shyne, Kanye and Diddy are the Trifecta of Tacky

I was on Tumblr earlier today when I saw this pic of Kanye West and Diddy walking out of a building in Paris. Kanye: My dude, where’d you get that leather button up, yo? It’s SICK! Diddy: Man, it’s actually 90% polyurethane, 10% lycra.  Kanye: And it’s 100% dope! Diddy: …